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Valentine’s Day help for creating the happy, loving relationship you deserve


Protect-your-heart-300x200If you’re the survivor of a toxic relationship, here’s a lifeline for moving forward and creating the best life possible.

This week, clinical sociologist Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW, is offering Lovefraud readers her annual Valentine’s Day special event.

Lovefraud readers can access four digital books at specially discounted rates from February 13 to February 15.

The Kindle edition of The Five Step Exit: Skills You Need to Leave a Psychopath, Narcissist or Other Toxic Partner and Recover Your Happiness Now, is available during this promotion for 99 cents.

The Kindle edition of The Wise Lesbian Guide to Getting Free From Crazy-Making Relationships and Getting on With Your Life is available during this promotion for 99 cents.

Both of these books can be found here:

Dr. Amber Ault on

Two newly released brief books focused on toxic relationship dynamics are available for free during his same period:

Triangulation by Redwood Alter McKinnon

Hoovering by Redwood Alter McKinnon

Both of these books can be found here:

Redwood Alter McKinnon on

As a special Valentine’s Day gift, Dr. Ault is offering a $25 discount on an individual coaching session to Lovefraud readers who take these three steps:

  1. Download one of these books
  2. Review the book on
  3. Send Dr. Ault a note on the contact form at saying you’ve reviewed one of these books and that you heard about it at

In order to have the love and kindness you deserve, you’ll need insights, skills, and vision. These books are designed to help you cultivate all three. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to commit yourself to creating the happy, loving relationships you deserve.


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