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Victim of rape commits suicide after trial testimony

Violin teacher Frances Andrade, 48 testified against Michael Brewer and his ex-wife Kay Brewer for sexually abusing her while she lived under their care at age 14 and 15. Andrade was advised by the police not to seek therapy during the trial, and was called a “liar” in court. She killed herself before the guilty verdicts were returned.

”˜This feels like rape all over again’: Violinist driven to suicide by ordeal of trial after being branded a ‘liar and fantasist’  on

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Ox Drover

This story makes me grind my teeth and raises my blood pressure. I hope these monsters go to jail for life, but the way the sentences are doled out now days, they may get a slap on the wrist. I wish this poor girl peace in the afterlife and a hot spot in hell for her abusers.


So sad, its horrible the mind trip and psychological damage these people can inflict on people, poor girl. 🙁


Donna, thank you for posting this very tragic article. That a beautiful and gifted human being was so distraught that she took her own life is the saddest thing imaginable.

I recall how I was attacked by the first exspath’s attorney during hearings, and it was an absolutely DELIBERATE attempt to cause me to break down during testimony so that I would appear unstable. Attorneys are PAID TO DO THIS.

Whomever “advised” Mrs. Andrade to NOT seek counseling therapy during trial should be drawn and quartered. During legal actions is the time when the disordered play the most heinous games and the person(s) that so advised her should be dismissed – fired – SHUNNED.

Very, very sad waste of a beautiful human being.


Thank you Donna for highlighting this terrible story. How tragic she couldn’t bear to live any longer. It just makes me think , if only. I particularly agree with Truthy……why was she so ill advised re counselling. What a waste of life. We let her down. ..and her son who now has to live without his mum. Terrible

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