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Waitress, 24, allegedly scams widower, 84, out of $100,000

Anisa Llega

Anisa Llega was arrested in scam. (Arlington Police)

Anisa Llega, 24, an immigrant from Albania living in Arlington, Massachusetts, was arrested and charged with scamming a senior citizen out of more than $100,000.

Donald Hodgins, 84, or Arlington, thought he was helping the young woman out especially when he gave her $30,000 for brain tumor surgery. But Llega wasn’t in the hospital she was on vacation in Miami.

‘I thought I was saving her life ”¦ I was a sucker’: Waitress, 24, arrested after ‘conning 84-year-old widower out of more than $100,000 by faking terminal brain tumor surgery and blowing it in Miami’, on

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Vacationing in Miami, eh? I hope they send Anisa Llega on a PERMANENT “vacation”—all the way back to Tirana! We’ve got more than enough home-grown con artists and predators here already. We don’t need to import any foreign ones in addition.

Just the same, although Donald Hodgins lost a lot of his money to this female, he’s still much luckier than Michael Beach, a 59-year-old widower who made the mistake of inviting an even deadlier predator into his home in Cordell, Oklahoma:

Kathryn Hicks charged with murdering widower she met on Craigslist

…For his money, of course!

Rosie Jackson

Psychopaths prey on the most vulnerable people in society – especially the elderly and disabled.
Spread the word. Warn people of the dangers of letting anyone into their lives, let alone their homes. A “helpful” neighbor might just be “helping himself” to banking records, tax documents and personal information that can be used for bank fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft and even phony wills. By the time the con artist “cashes in” the only witness to his scheme is dead, by natural or “unnatural” causes.
If a neighbor wants to “help”? Hand him a rake, but don’t let him in the house until he’s thoroughly checked out.

I agree, Rosie. Knowledge is power!



Her picture is telling. She has dead eyes, and a little smirk. No fear. She looks self-satisfied.

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