Webinar preview: Understanding the language of a narcissist during a divorce or custody battle

Using tools like deception, projection, control and delusion, narcissists are skilled at twisting reality. They leave you anxious, confused and questioning your own sanity. Take this course and learn how to ignore the crazy-making and stand firm in your truth.

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From the presenter, Tina Swithin, author of

In 2008, I heard the words, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” (NPD) to describe my then-husband, Seth (not his real name). It took a few years for the reality of those three little words to really sink in.

Looking back, the red flags had been waving in the wind since our very first date. Those flags grew larger and more vibrant during our marriage. As it turns out, those same red flags that had been lining my path for years were dipped in highly flammable kerosene. I realized the danger only when they exploded near the end of my marriage. I was unprepared and left nursing third-degree emotional burns.

The more I learned about NPD, the more I began to understand my ex-husband’s communication style. I learned about projection and deflection, two commonly found tools in any narcissist’s toolbox. I also came to realize that unlike the liars I had known in the past, the narcissist lies even when there is no reason to lie.

As it turns out, the reason that I was so bewildered by Seth’s communication style was that we were speaking completely different languages. I spoke the English version of “human” while he was speaking the non-human “Narc-ish.”

I am convinced there is a Narc-ish dictionary hidden deep in a dark, musty hole somewhere in a faraway land, from which narcissists hail. The secret language can only be decoded by those who aren’t fooled by the narcissist’s stealth ability to inflict confusion and chaos with it. In this course, I’ll teach you how to defuse the chaos and decode Narc-ish.


  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder during a divorce/custody battle
  • Conflict and the narcissist
  • The narcissist’s toolbox
  • Getting the narcissist’s mask to drop
  • Co-parenting vs. parallel parenting
  • Decoding and understanding the Narcissist’s communication

This webinar is available immediately. For information, click the link below:

Understanding the language of a narcissist during a divorce or custody battle

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I have not been in this situation but Tina sounds right on.

Hi, first time here but getting a legal separation from 30 yrs of this. He lives upstairs & I do downstairs. I would like to put up a curtain so I have privacy for every time he comes downstairs for food & beer. My question is this something that would make him happy thinking I resorted to doing this? Please advise & thank you.

Hi smarter welcome. i would think if a curtain would help you, it would be good whether he likes it or not.

Thank you Sunnygal, first of all for taking the time to respond & for giving me peace about it. I really have no idea how to navigate this site to just read comments & be able to reply. This is very unlike any support site I have ever experienced.

smarter you can post your situation in the forum section for feedback.

Um, I did tell my story under Divorcing your narcissist makes me feel….
But not sure if that was a forum but thank you so much

mine turned the 3 sons against me; he wasn’t in the courtroom for the final hearing of the divorce decree (too painful for him, his lawyer told the judge)..cried and wailed when our youngest 2 sons (HS twins) were offered to live with me or HIM..of course they listened to HIM and lived with him, until both went to the military after HS.

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