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What is wrong with Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder yesterday for killing her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Authorities said she planned the attack in a jealous rage. Obviously something is wrong with her, because when normal people kill in self-defense, as she claims, they aren’t as vicious and gruesome as she was. But what is her diagnosis?

A defense expert diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. A prosecution expert diagnosed borderline personality disorder. A psychiatrist writing for Psychology Today evaluated whether she is a sociopath, but pointed out that her antisocial behavior seemed focused only on her victim.

I thought she was amazingly calm in her interview after her conviction, when she said she’d rather die than spend her life in prison. That is certainly a sociopathic attitude.

Whatever her disorder, she has certainly kept people glued to their televisions for months.

Jodi Arias convicted of first-degree murder, on

Jodi Arias says she prefers death penalty in post-conviction interview, on

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It astounds me that they are reluctant to call a spade a spade.
Firstly, we have no idea about her family of origin and their dynamic. But given that she fits every diagnostic criteria one can safely say that she has strong ASPD traits…She is a card carrying example of a Cluster B personality disordered individual.
The fact that we do not know about her psychosocial background before age 15 should not deter the mental health community from using her as an example to demonstrate the potential these people have to hurt and to destroy. Atleast the mainstream media is beginning to ask questions…


Scott Bonn
FBI expert stated she was a textbook sociopath and also stated she is really a walking embodiment of sociopathy in many ways


I would love to see if she can be made into a textbook example of how these cretins operate!!! Surely the public can be educated on the financial drain these people are to society at large….Thank Goodness there is atleast some recognition. Can we leverage this to enhance public awareness? Ideas?

I have to admit that I didn’t watch the trial…after the O.J trial I swore I’d never spend that much time watching a trial on TV again!But I did hear comments from neighbors who watched;like her going from a sensuous blond to a brunette wearing glasses,constant lies;smirking at times,etc.At one time I thought cameras in the courtroom interesting….perhaps to a brief point!But when massive amounts of money are spent on trials,it practically makes the defendant a celebrity!They know the camera is on them!They’ve made a name…even if they go down “in a blaze of glory”!Jodi was able to make $1000 for artwork she created from her jail cell!What is this communicating to future criminals?!!!

It’s hard to know EXACTLY where Jodi fits in the personality disorders!Before she murdered Travis Alexander,her life didn’t seem “disordered”.She just seems like an obsessive person that was afraid of losing Alexander,and didn’t want anyone else to have him.As for her claim of preferring to die than be in prison for years,I think she’s still thinking she’ll get out of this somehow….which makes me think she’s narcissic.

Tea Light

I worry about the Cleveland victims when the grand jury hearing and the trial happen. There are things they endured that I’m sure they wouldn’t want the world knowing and discussing. At least there is zero chance of Castro being able to benefit in any way from his crimes. No publisher would surely touch anything he might offer to write.


I think he is the sociopath and he messed her up so bad she took him out. I think he was the malignant narcissist and she had about enough of it blacked out took him out… how else could it be explained for it to be that bad? I think he projected his disorder onto her.. psychological abuse


Spirit 40 , I like you have not watched slot of the trial. And no matter what his death was unnecessary! But the more I heard the more I felt like Travis might not be a physco but was playing the game on her a little too well. The reason I felt this way is because of the phycpsco I was with, he hid the “relationship” but made it real to me, when it all came out I was used for Sex,Money, or anything else he needed. He dis-respected me behind my back. We were having sex talk and he had the phone on speaker( unaware to me) he would be around a guy and call me up and pull a trick so I would jump and go to him, to show them how I would jump for him. So I think Jodie started realizing, he didn’t care about her much less love her, she was only good enough for sex, and if course women make love and I understand how she felt. She probably loved him so much and jested wanted that feeling of somebody loves me and the closeness you feel afterward. I’ll bet He said or did something that just made her snap. Like everything flashed in front if her, what he made her think it was going to be and then the TRUTH hit her in the face.

That is a real possibility.All of us here know the feeling of finding out you’ve been betrayed.I can even imagine her blacking out and murdering him.BUT that still leaves some unresolved questions.Like the gun that disappeared at her grandparents’ home right after her visit (same type gun used at murder scene);covering lies with more lies.

I still say there is a choice other than murder.We’ve all been through horrible stories.We didn’t choose murder as the “way out”.Through Lovefraud,we’ve been educated about sociopathy and other personality disorders;found the necessary tools for healing such as NC and support of those who understand.Even though we’ve had to learn about trauma bonds and break them,it is possible.

Jodi,to me just didn’t act like a zombie(when I did happen to see her).I mean she didn’t act like she had been through trauma or that she was even remorseful for killing Alexander.I don’t want to be with my husband,but neither do I want to kill him.And yet I WAS A ZOMBIE WHEN WITH HIM!The antics she pulled while in the police questioning rm-commenting about forgetting to put on makeup,standing on her head-were deliberate performances.She got irritated in the courtroom.She wanted things to go her way.She had the celebrity attitude.Thankfully I’m not her judge.But she just doesn’t seem like the victim.


Blossom yes I agree with you .I don’t want to be with my husband,but neither do I want to kill him.And yet I WAS A ZOMBIE WHEN WITH HIM!

I was not married but sometimes the energy that is around them is so draining that you become unable to function. I suggest Reiki . I plan on doing it frequently it helps as an alternative and charkra work.


Could it be they are both disordered


As dorothy2 suggests… Perhaps. The bottom line I have learned while being in a healthy relationship is… No matter how upset, hurt or angry one can get, it is never ok to lay your hands on another person in that moment. So, with that said, she is responsible for her physical actions. He may also be responsible for what he did with her. I read an article which referenced the narcissist usually has a following of ex’s and a few people who will think the world of the person, and will not believe negative actions about the person. I apply this to Travis, who had glowing reviews from his ex girlfriends. My ex spath has a few women who stand by him. However, the crazy making we experience with the spath can make us act or become “disordered” ourselves. So the legal term, insanity, is used to dismiss behaviors that we cannot be held accountable for bc we are not of right mind in a moment. Does that mean as a group, our experiences with our expats could have driven any one of us to the point Jodi was at? I don’t know about all of your experiences, but I could not, even in that moment. I felt helpless for a while, but the last assault woke me up to his nature and I never looked him in the eyes again as I realized it was not a relationship dynamic we had, it was a sick individual inside him. So, my heart goes out to both of them (even though he is dead), and yet, they seem to both be accountable for it going that far… Without him alive there is no real way to truly find out the extent to what he contributed.

I do believe that odi should be given life in prison without parole and without ability to earn money while there… That’s ridiculous. She has to carry with her that she took a human life, no matter how atrocious the situation was. Killing her will leave her off the hook, so to speak.


Blossom4th: “sensuous blonde?” Brunette with glasses…
there are “sensuous brunettes” you know…some even wear glasses…

😉 (wink)


Jodi Arias appears to be a full blown criminal psychopath. Forget the borderline personality disorder. She wants to commit suicide likes she wants Travis back among the living.

This woman epitomizes everything about psychopathy. Arrogance, narcissism, manipulation, pathological lying, promiscuous sexual behavior, and lack of remorse.

What really bothers me however, was her domestic abuse excuse. And who is that STUPID woman from California Alyce Lavolette or whatever her name was on the stand as a DEFENSE witness. I watched part of her testimony and I thought I caught a glimpse of a narcissism on her part as she testified. Leave it to California to have folks like this to be the “expert” witness.

This farce of a defense has probably done horrendous damage to many women that DO live with an abusive man. All the work that domestic abuse shelters do seems to just fall away after this episode.

Thanks Alyce! You are the champ!


I read those articles at Psychology Today; I think JA has psychopathy.

My personal experience interacting with individuals who have Cluster B pds, that need to get revenge that I’ve noticed in them is closely associated with narcissistic pd; npd traits are a good portion of the Hare psychopathy checklist, which is currently considered the “gold standard” tool for diagnosing psychopathy in forensic populations (which JA now is.)

So, all psychopaths (or sociopaths) also have narcissistic pd, but not all those with narcissistic pd are psychopaths.

That deep need to “get back” at someone who has inflicted an ego wound is due to the narcissistic pd, but getting revenge in such an extreme way as MURDER, particularly one so over-the-top in cruelty, well, it has to be due to psychopathy.

And I think that if the genders had been reversed, and a male had stalked and murdered a female in that way, the trial might have lasted maybe a day or two.
The public is much more willing to condemn a male for an obviously planned murder than to entertain the idea that women are just as capable of being cruel and sadistic. It is much rarer for women to kill out of a need for revenge using weapons and violence, but it is quite possible. (Females who kill more often use poison, if I’m understanding what I’ve read correctly.)

Dr Hare spoke in a documentary about psychopaths, saying that “A psychopath regards fellow human beings the way a cat regards a mouse; we are just potential supply sources to a psychopath. A cat gives a mouse a slow death by torture, finding amusement in its futile attempts at defense and escape. The cat will continue batting at the dying captive for a while, then it gets bored and either eats the mouse or wanders off. This is predator behavior. Hare has described psychopaths as intra-species predators.

So, if there was a vote, mine would be for a diagnosis of psychopathy. It would be really interesting if JA were to be evaluated by Dr. Robert Hare; I’d like his take on this individual. I’d also like to see JA undergo one of those brain-scans I’ve read about, also; it seems that there is a “signature” brain structure for psychopathy. I bet she’s got that “signature” brain structure.


I am the mother of a daughter like Jody arius. For years I cried, begged and tried everything I could to get my daughter help. She would accuse the doctors of sexually molesting her to get out of the appointments. Even with family sitting right there with her. She would lie. So I do not blame Jody’s mom. I wish there was help, a cure something to stop them. But there is none. My heart breaks.
Until then what do we do?



There is strong evidence showing that extremely violent psychopaths (murders) come from good homes and the lesser “sociopaths” come from more dysfunctional families.

Welcome to Lovefraud! I hope you find the comfort and support you are in need of,here!

I’m so sorry to read of your pain.Parents cannot be blamed for everything.Once a child is old enough to make up such wild accusations and excuses,they are old enough to know what they are doing and to resist the help their parents try to get for them.

There are a few other mothers on this blog that are facing the heartbreak of coping with a sociopathic child.So keep reading and posting here!


thank you blossom4th. My daughter is now 30 years old. I have had no contact with her for four years. I moved 2000 miles away because I couldn’t watch her destroy lives any more. I would like to hear from other mothers on here. How do they cope? I am going to read all that I can. I may not be able to help my daughter but perhaps I can get some kind of understanding. hugs


I guess here is the place to post a question that I actually came here for. My mother’s sister has a very dysfunctional family. Her three children are or were drug abusers and alcoholics. Both her daughters had children out of wedlock. Her son did jail time for statutory rape. The daughters claim that their father sexually abused them, but I am not convinced of this. However, her son does show signs of sexual abuse. He was a bed-wetter and although strongly homophobic, introduced me to sex.

The daughters live in a two-family house paid for by their parents. Their son was given a large some of money to buy a house, one that was sold in a divorce. He blew the money on drugs.

My mother has a rich cousin who occasional gifts both my mother and her sister large sums of money. Two nights ago, I learned that my mother received a gift of $3000 from her cousin. My mother told me “I don’t need that money, I am going to give it to my sister.”

Her sister’s fortunes changed and she is on Social Security but barely makes ends meet. She owns a house that is paid in full yet refuses to get a reverse mortgage. Why? She uses to bait of inheritance to control her miserable children.

I was furious at my mother. We have a joint account and tomorrow, I am withdrawing the money and investing it.

I want to get my mother disengaged from her controlling sister and her miserable children. I told my mother that she needs to stop subsiding them but I simply fear she still will send her sister the money anyway.

What do I do?



All anyone here can do is offer suggestions. I would suggest that you searchd the articles in the archives here. Read posts here. Read Donna’s book. Read as many books as you can about sociopaths, narcissists, and other personality disordered people.

I would definitely continue to separate your finances away from your mother and your aunt. You probably won’t be able to change that dynamic. Your mother’s need to give money to her sister is probably a very old dynamic that you won’t change.

All you can do is continue to read and educate yourself and protect yourself. Then, if your mom asks for help in changing the dynamic with her sister, you will have plenty of information to offer to her.


Thanks. Agreed. What I am going to do is monitor my mother’s finances an make sure any gifts are not excessive. I am not overly concerned at this one gift, but I suspect that there is more going on. In fact, there is a part of my mother’s finances that does not add up. Not huge, but $500 a month over years does.

I am the executor to my aunt’s will, Prior to this, I would not have considered taking the executor fee, but now I am. If my cousins don’t like it, they can piss and moan all they want.

Tea Light

BBE, firstly, I’ m reading ” introduced me to sex” as consentual. I very much hope that was the case although your cousin is …well. A cousin. I hope no coercion was involved BBE given his criminal conviction in later life. That does not require any response, of course. Regarding your mother. Unless your mother is suffering from dementia or another illness thatiimpairs her judgement, I would say that you may have to accept her decisions are hers to make, as frustrating as it may be for you. If your mother is comfortable and not being defrauded or embezzled, all you can reasonably do is ask her not to support these dysfunctional relatives whilst respecting that it is her right to do so if she wishes.


He was older but it was consensual. However, to hide his own shame he would publicly embarrass me. In addition, when I was even younger, he would physically abuse me until I was old enough to beat him up — I am much bigger, so I could beat him up when I was 10 and he was 12.

It gets better. To help out one of my cousins, my mother asked me to set-up internet access and an email account for my cousin’s oldest daughter under an account I had that allowed for multiple users. I never really monitored the account but one day I logged in and found full-frontal nude pictures sent to her by some boy in her school. These pictures could have gotten me in serious trouble and I immediately terminated the account.

The whole lot of them are a mess.


If Dr. Seuss covered the Jodi Arias trial

Poem by E. J. Montini
The Arizona Republic
Friday 24th October 2014


Her name rhymes with nefarious.
(We claim we do not care-ious.)
But the media would not dare-ious
Ignore the trial of Arias.

Her position is precarious.
Of that we are aware-ious.
She should not have a prayer-ious.
Yet still we sit and stare-ious.

Our reasons are quite various.
From serious to gregarious.
Some ‘fans’ are just armchair-ious.
(About this I despair-ious.)

Young Jodi has a flair-ious
For making people curious.
But people, she’s a murderess.
And killing should … repulse us.

This tale is Canterbury-ious.
A horror most nightmare-ious.
But lucid folks will swear-ious
That ‘news’ is found elsewhere-ious.

Our readers are aware-ious
Of all the tricks of Arias.
In front of cameras glare-ious
They know she is contrary-ious.

The way she flips her hair-ious.
Is not Madam Bovary-ous.
Of acting skills be wary-ious.
Of feigned tears please prepare-ious.

But if the world is fair-ious
A jury will declare-ious.
Her life post this affair-ious
Is spent in solitary-ious.


It was very clear to me watching the videos that she is a sociopath. Her laughing, headstand, and singing before she was charged, and her asking if she could make herself look good for the mugshot were giveaways. But I felt pretty certain after watching her flat affect during her testimony and that smirk breaking through every once in a while. And the creepy act of sending flowers to her bf’s grandmother was the piece de resistance. Who does that? From what I know of the borderline pathology, those behaviors were not consistent with that.


Actually, the evidence lines up much more with her story than the state’s. She was acting in self-defense against a violent man, known to lose his temper and one who had degraded her many times before. She knew what he was capable of. After she fired the first shot, it’s likely that fight/flight responses, driven by the amygdala, not the rational brain, took over. Her flat affect during testimony is something that her legal advisors would have told her to do. I remember the case of wrongly convicted baby murderer Lindy Chamberlain (her character was played by Meryl Streep in a movie) – because she was told to be as emotionless as possible, it was used against her. The public was sure she was guilty. I myself was told to appear that way at family court appearances. When you consider the context of Jodi’s story and all the evidence, her story is highly plausible.

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