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What price justice?

In this era of tight budgets at all level of government, the state of Missouri now provides judges with information about what the sentences they are considering in particular cases will cost.

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Ox Drover

Though I am I think preaching to the choir, I want to know what the PRICE OF NOT LOCKING THEM UP IS.

What is the price of another woman beaten black and blue in front of her children? Of another person killed? What is the price of a child neglected or abused? How much will be pay to prevent a pervert from raping or killing again?

I realize that incarceration or probation/parole comes at a PRICE in terms of money and labor….but I also realize that NOT INCARCERATING criminals in our society comes at a COST to the citizens of the nation as well.

In terms of money, what increases my car insurance? what increases my house insurance? The people who are NOT incarcerated who rob and steal increase these prices.

If a person is put into prison for a SIGNIFICANT period of time for a SIGNIFICANT crime (violence against people or property) the tax payers don’t have to pay another cop to arrest them AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. There is not the continual trials, and defense attorneys hired for them at public expense…. they are just convicted ONCE and given a significant sentence so actually, we might SAVE money by incarcerating them for a SIGNIFICANT period of time.

Plus, if we forget this carp about “rehabilitation” (PRISON DOES NOT REHABILITATE) which is proven by (if nothing else) that 60+% of all parolees do NOT EVEN COMPLETE THEIR PAROLE AND GO BACK TO PRISON before they get off parole.

Let us give SIGNIFICANT terms to SERIOUS offenders (even first time offenders) and on those people who have done lesser Crimes or without violence, let them WORK to repay the person they stole from or harmed, if they don’t have a job, then under supervision, at public back-breaking labor—and if they don’t want to cooperate or don’t show up, then give them a SIGNIFICANT sentence so we as a society don’t have to mess with them again.

Funnel the money saved into community programs and education that will have some success and redemptive value

These “short term” jail/prison sentences and then RINSE AND REPEAT over and over do NO good for anyone and do NOT do any rehabilitation or benefit for society except while those people are off the street.

Last night Arkansas had a “Morgan Nick Amber Alert” for a 17 year old girl who was believed to be in the “company” of a 22 yr old male and it described the truck and license number and the man’s name. Nothing else was said about the circumstances. Just from that though, I KNEW what had happened, this girl had NOT run away, or been nabbed by a stranger, but had been kidnapped by an x BF–and sure enough, that was exactly what happened. Fortunately just when he crossed the state line into Texas he stopped for gas and she got away….so he is now on a FEDERAL WANTED LIST….but the young woman is SAFE!

Funny thing is, I didn’t need a “crystal ball” to figure out what had happened to that girl….just a little bit of knowledge about psychopaths and their need for CONTROL! It would be nice to see the news media call him that, but I doubt that they will.

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