What teachers need to know about sociopaths and abusive dating

The smartest way to deal with love fraud is to prevent it, to teach people how to spot it before they get hooked.

That’s why I love presenting to students and teachers. Knowledge is power, and knowledge that sociopaths exist, and that they usually start their lying and manipulation in high school, gives young people the power to protect themselves.

The newest program offered by Lovefraud Continuing Education is geared directly towards teachers and other education professionals. It is a video of a presentation I did last year for the Association of Student Assistance Professionals of New Jersey.

School systems often require teachers and other school professionals to be on the lookout for dating violence. But violence is usually the culmination of an abusive relationship not the starting point. In this program, I teach educators the Red Flags of Love Fraud, so they can help students avoid dangerous involvements in the first place.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • What is a sociopath? How do they behave?
  • Why high-achieving girls hook up with low-achieving, aggressive boys
  • What to do when a dating partner threatens to commit suicide
  • How to respond when students are suffering from dating abuse
  • How genetics and the environment contribute to personality disorders

If you’re an educator, I urge you to take this webinar. Upon completion of the online course and test, you’ll receive a certificate for one hour of continuing education instruction. Please check with your local authorities to verify acceptance of the credit.

More information:

Love Fraud, Abusive Dating and Sociopaths Vital information for educators and school professionals


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