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What would John Wilkes Booth’s score have been on a psychopathy test?

john wilkes booth

John Wilkes Booth

“Many people assume horrific crimes indicate the perpetrator has a disturbed, even deranged, personality,” says Dr. Kent Kiehl, a psychologist at the University of Mexico and one of the foremost experts on psychopathy.

As far as horrific crimes go, one of the most famous is the killing of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. So, was Booth a psychopath?

In his new book , The Psychopath Whisperer, Kiehl applied the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) to historical information about Booth. The result may surprise you.

Was John Wilkes Booth a Psychopath?, from Real Clear Science.

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Hi I have a question….I was with a sociopath for 2 years….it was pure torture ….still trying to heal….it been about 4 months since our break up….He moved in with another woman shortly after me….she is very rich….like millions rich….will that change him??do sociopaths change over night?…will he treat her better because she has money ??…he was always looking for a hand out….I’m so angry that he’s living the life after he’s hurt me and so many people before me…thank you….please someone give me their opnion.


Lisa, this is pretty easy to answer. No, if this ex of yours is a genuine sociopath he’ll never change. A few of them may mellow—just slightly—and become less obnoxious in middle age, but then only if you’re lucky, and it’s not real change. They can never be trusted. If this guy’s history of previous behavior is as bad as you’ve described it, I see no reason to suppose he’ll ever reform.

Will he treat his new girlfriend better because she has money? Possibly, for a time. But if he does, so what? If he did, it wouldn’t mean he loved HER any more. It’s her money he loves. Treating her well would be purely self-serving, manipulative behavior to stay on her good side for as much as he could get out of her. I sure wouldn’t want to be in her place. I’d hate to think someone didn’t love me for myself, that they were just buttering me up because I had something they wanted!

Anyway if he does treat her better for a time, even that isn’t guaranteed to last. He may abuse her anyway because that’s the way he is. Or he might devise a way to screw her royally out of a large chunk of her fortune, then skedaddle with the cash, leaving her high and dry. Again, I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes! Take it from me—and hundreds of others on this site alone—you’re well rid of him!

Thank you, I believe you are correct. He just turn 60 and is always looking for a hand out. I find myself praying for her. I have forgiven him to set myself free, but I guess for a moment I was angry that he has hurt me and so many other people and he ends up with a life of luxury. With that said I was always told you reap what you sow eventually. Thank you for your response.



Your ex is mimicking his new target victims every action, belief system and vocabulary so she thinks the are “soul mates”…but in fact he is just conning her….my bet is he will switch to his dark side once he has her hooked with his love bombing, then he will come up with some way to con her out of money then he will discard her with a new supply victims.

He will never ever have a healthy normal relationship no matter who he is with so dont think you did anything wrong, you did not…everything is a con game to him whether he is conning for a place to live, money, sex etc. If he is 60 he has a verrrryyy long history of conning women and anyone who enters his path of destruction.

Donna (this site creator) has very good videos at the top of this page under the red/gray tab for you to watch. They are paced full of explanations to their evil ways. Also check out, after for more info.

Read up on “no contact rule narcissist” (just google) and do a search on lovefraud also…this is the rule you need to follow to break the emotional bond your ex created…..he will most likely be back to “hover” (google) to suck you back in his con game all along while being with this other woman. So be prepared to block him now from all means of contacting you.

google also: gas lighting abuse, sociopath smear campaign, sociopath triangulation


It hurts to be discarded and made to feel like you meant nothing to them but…I moved out just over a week ago and mine moved on the next day with women he denied knowing. I’m absolutely sure these women know nothing about each other. I had to move because he drove me nuts but it still hurts to know he just replaced me. I can intellectualise it but emotionally it hurts. I’m hanging on to the belief that one day I’ll be grateful and I hope you do to x

Hi, yes it is a blessing in disguise that he is gone….you deserve much better than that. I do believe when we let go and forgive it sets us free, and I also believe these type of men will end up very unhappy people and feel all the pain they caused others. You are going to make it, it will take time, but we are survivors….xo

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