While her baby lay dying, mom goes shopping

A Toronto woman was convicted of manslaughter for failing to seek medical attention for her badly scalded 19-month-old son. Melissa Alexander said the child pulled a bowl of hot water on himself, but experts testified that his injuries were consistent with being immersed in hot water. Then, as the baby lay screaming, Alexander went shopping, leaving the toddler’s 3-year-old brother to babysit.

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Toronto woman convicted of manslaughter for infant son’s scalding death on

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EB, around here you can drive down the road and look out into a cow pasture and see the daffodils blooming where there used to be a “home place.” The flowers go wild and nothing can kill them, they shoot up each year to show where an old house used to sit.

I wrote an essay for an English class once about those daffodils and how they make me think of some woman who was dirt poor, washing her diapers in a cast iron pot in the yard, working like a galley slave to feed her kids, and yet she wanted some color about her in the early spring when everything else was GRAY and dead looking and those were the first things that bloomed and she loved beauty, though there wasn’t much of it in her life. Even now, with her long gone, food for the worms, her need for something beautiful, even if it was just a few daffodil bulbs still lives on to mark the place she lived and worked and probably died. Her need for something bright and beautiful gives us hope for tomorrow—and joy today. Every time I pass by some daffodils out in a field, gone wild, I think of that woman and say a prayer for her soul. Her blood runs in our veins and we can see those flowers the way she did, that things will get better.

Oxy, I can picture that woman in my mind,
you really made that come alive…
and it’s the condensed version!
I love flowers. xoxoxo

Hi Schic,
thanks for the post last night. sometimes it is that only one sentence that you write that can drastically change my way of thinking and I will remember ” we knowingly cannot live the lie”.
I have my ups and downs and when I am down I quickly need a leash effect on me, to stop thinking in the magical direction and looking at the reality.
thank you Schic. I cannot deny reeling back at times to think that the dream with him may have come true, he will change etc.
this place keep me sane.


WOW, what a BEAUTIFUL story and post! This one I’d like to print!!


Lisa, Thankx.

Hi, Witty, So glad to see you back! Weve all missed you!
Glad the boy is no longer living with you, at least you can now EXHALE, breathe, and live your life without him in it.
EB so sorry to hear youll lose your house.Is junior going to be living with you?
Its so hard to let go of the house that had good and bad memories in it, but money worries are the PITS, like a permanent dark grey blanket over your head. At least now youll have that weight off your mind.
Star, One step, Chic, Petite, LL,Love to all of you hope your all having a good day.Oxy, I love the story about the woman and the daffodils.The chinese say,”The world is full of beauty, but not everyone sees it!”
Lotsa love to you all,
Mama gemXX

Yea, Gem, Jesus said “they have eyes and see not, they have ears and hear not” speaking about the Pharisees and the descriptions of these men Jesus was talking about sounded a whole lot like psychopaths and politicians to me…well, isn’t “Politician” another word for psychopath? LOL

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