White collar sociopath Bernie Madoff: The movie

In God We Trust, a documentary about Bernie Madoff from the perspective of his long-time secretary, premiered yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. In the trailer, the secretary, Eleanor Squillari, says that she worked for Madoff for 25 years and never knew about the fraud he was perpetrating. Lovefraud readers who were also unknowingly involved with sociopaths for decades can certainly relate.

Madoff through his secretary’s eyes (video), on

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This is actually very interesting to me…. For all of us who were duped for long periods of time, in my opinion it boils down to two really fundamental issues about who WE are:
1 The factor of emotional blindness that comes from making a controlled stict even overly protected as was in my case or abusive childhoods….
2 The issue of having what Sandra Brown refers to as having “super traits” ie the excess empathy, the need for excitement, the resourcefulness,the extraversion…All in excess of “normal”..
That is what allowed us to stay controlled and functional for such long periods of time!!!
And I say controlled but functional because when I hear abut this lady who was this monstor’s secretary I see me too!!!
I knew he had LOTS of issues, I knew he was not all “normal”…but I excused and I cared and I coped…definitely went through several periods when I thought I needed to leave but then the love bombing would happen and on and on…Until he had no use for me.
I believe this secretary was blind to Madoff….and I bet you dimes to dollars that temperamentally she’s a whole heck of a lot like most of us here.

I was married to a multimillionaire, white collar sociopath,who works for a huge investment company in Boston.He has conned the courts in Worcester Ma. in our trial of 12 days. He now has control of all my savings and our marital assets. I cannot even get my financial statements due to all the loop holes that were in the judgment,which he designed and the judge signed. We got switched to a female sociopath judge(not by chance) because “money talks” (as per a Boston newspaper). My X always told me he had the power in our courts since his billion dollar company has the “right” connections. I cannot believe how badly I was railroaded with all his false claims about parental alienation and turning me into an abuser with bold face lies. He does not want the children,but only to humiliate them, so that they stay away,and then he can blame me as the “alienator”. He is a extremely sly, controlling, devious, vindictive,man .Im wondering if he will destroy me someday (as he has promised). Although,he’s too smart to bloody his hands,but certainly rich enough to influence someone to do his dirty work. I’d like to believe he won’t, but I know how talented and crazy he really is about controlling me in all ways. Its very scary. I know he already influenced the cops once when I called them to our house ! don’t know what to do and have no faith in our justice system,especially when our courts fall for such charming, and yet dangerous people. Any suggestions? This should be a movie,its seams unreal.

I had too much patience and have paid a heavy price… raising my children in a tornado!

Sorry for what is happening to you!! I know how the railroading feels…. I was also married for 28 years to a what I thought very financially capable person. He made close to a million a year too!!! When we divorced I was left with judgements that I cannot collect,unemployment and homelessness….You cannot make all this stuff up!!!!!
My only sanity during the divorce was and still is the fact that I have a sweet kind lady who is my attorney. She is not one of those bulldog screw the #@% attorneys, but she maintains her dignity and loudly calls every lie out. That does not neccessarily translate to $$ in the bank but it sure leaves you less traumatised. At the end of the day you will be granted what the legal system allows…and can collect. Surround yourself with strong women friends. And trust that you will do what needs to be done with a little help from your friends. Your children if they have been raised with the mad man may be impacted. As OXY would say, knowledge is power and the more you read the better off you will be. These are BIG life lessons we are learning and will demand big changes in you. Be brave(I try)…and take care of yourself physically.

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