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Whitney Wolfe, Tinder co-founder, alleges sexual harassment against her former boss, Justin Mateen

tinder logoTinder, the rapidly growing way to meet people on your mobile phone for dating and/or sex, was hit with a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit from Whitney Wolfe, former vice president of marketing and one of Tinder’s co-founders. Wolfe alleges that after Justin Mateen joined the company as chief marketing officer and her boss, they began dating. When the relationship soured, he became jealous and sexually controlling. Wolfe says Mateen then told her he was taking away her “Co-Founder” title, because having a young female co-founder makes the company seem like a “joke” and “devalues the company.”  The complaint also alleges that Wolfe was repeatedly called a “whore” by Mateen. (Check out the complaint here.) According to the complaint, Wolfe is seeking compensatory damages, including lost back pay plus interest, lost fringe benefits, future lost earnings,  lost equity, and damages for emotional. Wolfe also seeks punitive damages. Former Tinder Exec Files a Bombshell Sexual Harassment Suit, from Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Sounds familiar. I walked away from a state job because of a sexual predator who drove me crazy. He ultimately ‘won’ as he reported his dissatisfaction with my work, and knowing that he was a powerful enemy, I left the day I was spoken to by my supervisors. The head honcho was actually very nice and was good to me. He actually felt very badly and shook my hand, ‘Thank you for trying this job, Barbara.’

Two years away from receiving a pension. Two and a half years after leaving of trying different jobs and quitting out of anxiety and feeling physically awful…abusive boss in one case without with ‘nada’ communication skills…travel distance and flaky work in another…

Husband had an aortic aneurysm before Thanksgiving of 2013. We had to draw from my state retirement…we still are.

I am a home health aide/caretaker for an international company as of last week. Pay is minimal. Of course.

I am not entirely blaming this man…I was not right for the position…but he raised sexual tension with me daily for months, and I felt that I was on a tight rope walk.

They are out there…always will be. What does society do for women in this position? And considering that our very constitutional rights are being severely retracted and decimated, any horny Tom, Dick, or Harry can take full advantage of our reduced status.


We who know are trying to educate society but we have a long way to go. The Equal Rights Amendment was defeated in the 1970’s. We who fought for it are still trying to do all we can. Society is still sexist and psychopaths are still mostly men. Society has become ripe for them to get into positions of power using their phony charm, intimidation and lies. They are rampant in law enforcement, the legal system, politics, even judges as well as powerful corporations.

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