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Who has the problem–the bank robber or his wife?

A Minneapolis police SWAT officer confessed to 12 robberies—including at least two bank robberies—apparently hoping that he would be killed and his wife could collect a $250,000 life insurance payout.

The wife, however, falsely claimed to have cancer, and also claimed that the couple’s daughter was molested. Did she push her husband over the edge?

Read Atty: Minn. cop turned robber wanted to be killed, on

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Ox Drover

Well, in actual fact, they both have some problems, I think.

First, I think HE is/was married to a very narcissistic psychopath who seemed addicted to outrageous lies in order to get sympathy and attention.

He was working in a very high stress job after doing a stint in the war, in which it sounds like he had a good chance of having picked up a pretty good case of PTSD, only to come back from the war and be back with that woman.

It is obvious, to me, that he does not have (at least not now) good coping skills; as robbing places to commit suicide by cop for his wife and child to have the insurance money. is not a really good or logical plan.

I imagine the man will go to prison where one would hope that he could get (but not expect him to get) some psychologicall counseling for his what I imagine is PTSD. He has legal consequences that well never go away in this life time even after he gets out of jail. He will also have emotional, social and mental consequences until he is able to heal. Doing real healing in prison is possible, but I would not bet the farm on it.

As for the wife, she will move on to the next in what I think is a long line of victims, dragging that poor child in her wake.

This is a “high end” example of a “dysfunctional” family with a psychopath in the mix but I really think that most people here at LF can relate. We all realize at some time or other that the decisions we make (wise or not) based on what the psychopath “pushes us toward” are still OUR responsibility and just like this man gets the consequences of the poor decisions he made (prison) I still have a great deal of empathy for him, but he’s the one who must now start fixing himself. SHE on the other hand is NOT fixable, and yet she is “free.” Somehow that’s just “not fair” but it is the way the world works.


Short answer: both.


That’s a Hot Mess if I ever saw one.

It’s always the child who suffers the most, though.

Bearing in mind that I know nothing of these people involved other than what I just read in this article, based upon it, the arrested man’s wife is assuredly a sociopath.

As for her remaining free, what about the daughter’s mysterious illnesses? Can you spell “Munchausen’s by Proxy”?

That woman is reminiscent of my sister, and her daughter of my niece who is now a young woman suffering the aftermath of a lifetime of mysterious illnesses. I stood by, albeit with suspicion, but did not act to stop the abuse. I hope, but will not hold my breath, that someone along the line in this case looks into that child’s medical encounters — now, while she’s still young, and alive.

super chic

I agree with Rosa, it’s a hot mess.
The man sounds like he was beaten down
by the psychopathic wife,
but I don’t like the idea of him
threatening the tellers with a weapon.
He could have just stood in the middle of the street
waving a gun around… oh well, I don’t want
to say the rest.


Just look at the shock on that guy’s face! I hope the prosecutors get their way and he does the 9 1/2 years in prison. That should be enough time for NC with her … so he can finally heal … figure out he was manipulated by a Spath spouse (say that 3 times fast LOL) and free himself from the grips of that master manipulator I would think prison would be a much better living situation than staying under the same roof with a female Spath. Next time, he probably won’t be so lucky.

Ox Drover

Dear Wini,

The problem is that in 50 years inside prison he is not going to get the space or support to heal that this poor man needs I think. The whole situation is so horrible and for the child, the worst.


What is the long version of “Batshit crazy”?

I don’t think I’d take either side. Too, too weird. Obviously both have issues that are over my head!



Oxy, unfortunately, you are right again. I was thinking about it from our perspective … he being locked away from HER would be the best thing that happened to him … unfortunately, he wouldn’t have any of us to blog with to comprehend this reality.

I’m shaking my head about the child. The poor little dear. I know adults who had bad mommies like her … and 60 plus years still hasn’t helped them heal from the likes of these monsters.

Ox Drover


“crazy as a sheet house rat” is the correct “technical” term I think.

It also may be a case of what I call “gasoline and fire” relationships where BOTH parties are turned toward being HIGH IN PSYCHOPATHIC TRAITS.

However, the reports (if true) of her pathological lying for No real “reason” that we could understand point pretty positively to HER being a psychopath.

With HIS history of being in high stress combat situations in the war it sort of leans toward him maybe having PTSD, however, also many people who are “high risk takers” and also psychopathic traits are in COP type “high risk” jobs so either way, but, and here’s the rub, there’s no way we can know how badly if at all this poor guy has PTSD or something else that would make him go off the deep end.

Some of us (victims in general) have participated in some criminal or other bad activities because of the Stockholm Syndrome, look at Patty Hearst. It is difficult for me to draw a line and say “is a person who has Stockholm syndrome” and PTSD totally “responsible” for their participation in that sort of thing, or should they be shown some MERCY?

Or, is this guy just another psychopath who was iinvolved with a psychopath and is USING HER ABUSE OF HIM as an excuse for HIM BECOMING A ROBBER?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Scary question, that. In this case. Truth stranger than fiction? You bet!

Looking forward to you upcoming book review. My time to go is coming.

I observe that someone is triggering spam out of his email and that there are more changes apearing on his my space page. I know he isn’t likely to be working on these things trhough Truelinc but somebody is doing something…..

And apparently nobody is watching.

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