Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry? marathon

The Royal Wedding is all over the media, and the Investigation Discovery network is doing its part by airing a marathon of the series, Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry? The premiere episode of the series, of course, features Donna Andersen, author of

Although the series never comes out and says it, all 12 episodes tell the story of someone who was married to a sociopath. The wives were married to the Green River Killer, the DC Sniper, and various criminals, rapists and con artists. There’s even one husband with a story to tell.

The marathon starts Saturday, April 30 at 5 p.m. and continues through Sunday May 1 at 10:30 a.m. (Eastern Daylight time). Donna Andersen’s episode is called Don Juan Down Under, and airs Saturday at 9 p.m., Sunday at midnight, 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. Be sure to watch the trailer. It features Donna Andersen as the “queen.”


The series is now running on the Foxtel Crime and Investigation Network. For more information, see:

Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry?

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But Skylar my psychopathic teacher started with the rage.
I just ignored him and put a bit of constipated face to him (unconsciously but i’m sure i did because he’s a shit of teacher) and that demon gave me a coward, private rage “lesson”.

Did he walked in raging or did he start teaching and expecting adoration?

Skylar, I think he expected adoration, at least interest. And really, i never found that creature interesting. He is not just extremely bad teacher but he gaslights, twists and complicates things on purpose, and i didn’t get it what it was happening, why it was so hard to me to put up with him and his subject. When he attacked me, having already had the experience with the german psycho, i understood why i didn’t understand him in the classroom.

Most of people memorize and parrot, i wanted to understand, i expected him to teach but he’s not able to, he just parrots.
I missed the theatening signs most of people catch. I missed them. That must be my vulnerability towards these creatures. Or at least it was?

Yes and when he saw the look on your face he went into a rage.
Sometimes I think that it is not an inability to sense the monsters, but more of a misinterpretation of what we have sensed. Your extreme dislike for him may have been your subconscious telling you that he was a bad person. But that can be too frightening so instead you interpreted it as dislike of his teaching style.

Skylar, he had already started a smear campaing against me. That’s why i noticed some rejection in another teacher who is married to a woman who also teaches there and is a friend of the psycho.
Lately i’ve been nicer to him and less avoiding (because it’s true i avoided him because he transmitted me very bad vibrations but i didn’t know why).
Now he behaves almost as if nothing had happened. Almost, because he still studies me. And he knows i know. I wonder if he’s really offended because i know he’s a psychopath or a rattlesnake. But i’m not afraid of him, or much more less than before.


I”m curious. How much longer do you have to put up with this?



I don’t know it. I don’t know anything because he says nothing. My 1st term exam is technically fail, for little but fail. However he has allowed me to do the quizzes of this 2nd term (continiuos evaluation most of people passed, but as he fucked me in the 2nd quiz in the 1st term, not wanting to take some activities and attaking me “This way you’ll learn to give me what i ask when i ask it!!”

The 24th of May there’s the 3rd and last quiz of the 2nd term. I’ll know what’s going to happen in June, i suppose.

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