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Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? now On Demand

If you’ve missed my appearance in Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?, you can now catch the show whenever you want on Comcast On Demand.

If you have Comcast cable TV, here’s how to see the show:

  1. Go to On Demand
  2. Click the on-screen button for TV Series
  3. Click All TV Series
  4. Click TV Series T-Z
  5. Click Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?
  6. Click Bleep: Don Juan

Other episodes from the series are there as well. Although they don’t use the term—even cut it out of my quote—just about every one tells the story of a woman deceived by a sociopath.

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I just saw the “Who the (bleep)” program w/ Donna Andersen. It was very good as well as the other stories in this series. After spending lots of time (mostly passively) at Love fraud reading articles and comments, it was really special to see Ms. Andersen in this show. Thank you Ms. Andersen for all you’ve done in bringing awareness and creating a place for psychopath victims to go.


I saw it too!

I have been familiar with some of the stories that I have read here on LoveFraud, but it was very chilling to see the entire story put together on TV.

Thank you!


It seems we don’t get the channels which air your show where I live. Hopefully it will be picked up by other stations which broadcast here sometime soon.

That’s really too bad that they cut out “the term” from your quote. Did they at least let viewers know that you have a website or book?


Its also on Cox Cable’s On Demand. Once in On Demand, select Freezone, Cable TV Showcase, Discovery Networks, ID Discovery, Favorites, and Who The Bleep episodes are displayed.

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