Why the jury did what it did and why we recoil from Casey Anthony

This excellent analysis was written by a former FBI agent. Read The not so obvious lessons from the Casey Anthony Trial on PsychologyToday.com.

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Skylar, online forums are a “new” venue in human history. It provides a cloak of anonymity that few othe conventional methods of communication can. A person can present ANY persona that theywish to, often with multiple ID’s and email accounts. These people have found the interwebs to be the MOST perfect of all trolling grounds.

Additionally, online trolls can harass, bully, and intimidate in a way that they would not be able to in Real Life.

yes, you’re right. We know when someone is just trolling better than most people do, I believe.

That story about the seniors reminds me of my spath. Hehad no political beliefs or cares when I met him, but when radio stations began to broadcast “Hot Talk”, he suddenly became very interested. He realized that politics could be a way to enrage other people, like nothing else could. He chose the conservative republican platform to work from because those are the ones who use “hot talk” radio shows in our country.

Then he proceeded to train himself and his buddy, H, to use the “talking points” just to get people mad.

He said, “people shouldn’t get welfare because it makes them lazy and then they don’t want to work when everything is handed to them. For example someone like me, wouldn’t work if I got welfare.”

I said, “but spath, you don’t work, all you do is sell drugs.”

He said, “Well, that’s work.”

Later, when I started a business, he still wouldn’t do anything legally. He had to break the law no matter what he was doing. Even if it would have been easier to follow the rules, he would do the opposite. I just thought he was extremely stupid and hoped he would eventually grow up if I kept helping him.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish someone, ANYONE, had told me about spaths. 🙁

Truth, we posted over each other.
Yes, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are actually spaths online. They use the pity ploy to make us care, then cognitive dissonance kicks in. Cog diss makes us say to ourselves, “I care about her so she must not be a spath, because I wouldn’t care for a spath.”

That’s the basis for almost all the tricks that the spath pulls. He understands cog/diss.

Skylar, I think I agree that they somehow “understand” the cog/diss, on some level. Either by instinct, or by education, it is a useful tool for spaths.

Oddly enough, the exspath began reading spath books a few years ago after I had read a few to help me sort out other issues. For the exspath, they were textbooks in how to launch crazy-making and gaslighting, as well as all of the other known tactics. What he didn’t have on an instinctual level was ramped up by “researching” sociopathy.

G1 – I’m glad you found this and posted. I did not see this way back when it was originally posted.

I really enjoyed the article by Navarro and I too want to read his books. If anyone did read them and can give a thumbs up or down I’d be interested. Matt’s feedback was great and I believe what he said about educating the public. Civic lessons, a functional knowledge of the history of our country and the philosophy behind it and most definitely logic are so important. It is truly a missing component and I won’t start another political rant here but I do believe that dumbing down education is intentional as it makes the general public more controllable.

Funny enough I read about a “Tobisha” National No-Print Day on a blog for graphic designers and printers earlier today (I am in that industry as well as political work) and from a history perspective print has been the key to raising the standard of living of humanity. It was the (I hate to say this) but the priesthood and the feudal lords that wanted to keep the written word and knowledge to themselves in order to control the serfs. The printing press made mass education possible and allowed us as human beings to not have to constantly reinvent the wheel but to be able to build upon the knowledge that came before – and to share it with the greater world. Back when the world was run by S/N/P’s and regular people barely had a fighting chance to rise up from the muck.

Truth – your comments about children not getting to choose whom they are born to makes me feel teary eyed. I am sure you all remember that Susan Smith who was in Texas I think and rolled her two baby boys strapped in the car into a lake to drown them. I was in college at the time and kept thinking to myself – I wish I had known – I would have taken them – I would have raised those precious children. It still upsets me to this day to think of them.

I hate to say that now – after the knowledge I have gained here at LoveFraud – I do sometimes wonder if the children of the N/S/P’s would not have also turned out to be the same to some degree and so taking them in would not have saved them so much as allowed them to in turn harm others – which is a terrible thing to wonder – but the thought has occurred. If Donna or Liane reads this I would love for you to add your thoughts about that.

Anyone else watched the Youtube video of Penelope Soto and her courtroom visit? It sent chills down my spine. She reminded me so much of Casey Anthony. The same arrogance, her failure to take court seriously, the lack of remorse or embarrassment, and after her behavior earned her a trip to jail, the smartass comment. I swear, she coulda been Casey.

lol, yes I saw that, if that judge had been judge judy she would of got life~!
It didnt make me think of Casey but it did remind me of Lindsay Lowhand.

moondancer. did you think she came off as spathy? she seemed creepy to me.

she definatley came off as stupid, spoiled..reminds me of a rich spoiled brat..
not spathy but narcissist for sure..

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