Why the jury did what it did and why we recoil from Casey Anthony

This excellent analysis was written by a former FBI agent. Read The not so obvious lessons from the Casey Anthony Trial on

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Anyone else watched the Youtube video of Penelope Soto and her courtroom visit? It sent chills down my spine. She reminded me so much of Casey Anthony. The same arrogance, her failure to take court seriously, the lack of remorse or embarrassment, and after her behavior earned her a trip to jail, the smartass comment. I swear, she coulda been Casey.

lol, yes I saw that, if that judge had been judge judy she would of got life~!
It didnt make me think of Casey but it did remind me of Lindsay Lowhand.

moondancer. did you think she came off as spathy? she seemed creepy to me.

she definatley came off as stupid, spoiled..reminds me of a rich spoiled brat..
not spathy but narcissist for sure..

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