Why traditional therapy doesn’t work with disordered people

Most therapy is about offering insight. The general idea is that if you can look at your behavior differently, understand why you may be doing what you’re doing and how it affects other people, you can change.

This works with people who are distressed by their own behavior or their situation. It doesn’t work with individuals who have character disorders, because they are not distressed.

Dr. George Simon teaches therapists a more effective approach to working with disordered individuals. He’ll be presenting this approach in a Lovefraud Continuing Education webinar.

Character Disturbances and Disorders

Part 1: Key differences between neurosis and character disturbance in nature and therapeutic approach
Monday, Jan. 30, 12 PM to 2 PM ET

Part 2: Effective intervention strategies for character disordered individuals
Thursday, Feb. 2, 12 PM to 2 PM ET

Psychologists and social workers can earn four hours of continuing education credits upon completing both parts. The cost is $98.

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My one experience with couples counseling (with my psycho ex, at HIS insistence) was NEVER GO to any couples counseling with a disordered personality partner. He made us go, to fix ME (like taking a broken something to get repaired, to run better); but when I wanted to discuss HIM he stonewalled the therapist, denied to her face, what I was telling. Nothing I said, made any difference during our sessions (save to make HIM very angry at me, once we left her office)..part of our counseling was to have a ‘date night’ once a week. The date night was the evening after our weekly session with the therapist; so our ‘dates’ were him haranguing, raging and criticizing ME during our supper dates, for the ‘dirty laundry’ I was airing to the therapist the day before. I quit the date nights, shortly before we quit the therapist sessions.

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