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Wife says she was a ‘pawn’ in alleged $22.5 million McGill University hospital kickback scheme

Pamela Porter wants to tell the world that she knew nothing of her husband’s involvement in an alleged $22.5 million kickback scheme over the McGill University Health Centre’s new superhospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. So she has turned herself in to Montreal authorities.

Porter and her husband, Dr. Arthur Porter, were arrested in late May of last year while travelling from their home in the Bahamas through Panama. She spent almost 10 weeks in Panamanian and Quebec jails before getting out on bail, while her husband is fighting extradition and remains in Panama’s infamous La Joya prison.

Porter is due back in court September 15, 2014.

Dr. Arthur Porter’s wife calls herself ‘pawn’ in fraud case, from CBC News.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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The scale of this fraud is mind-boggling. Multiple people are involved. Did they think no one would notice the $22.5 million?


i think Bernie Madoff and the guys from Enron would call this chump change. So… maybe they did think no one would notice. Magic thinking seems to be the norm with sociopaths.

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