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Wisconsin sociopath convinced woman to plant hidden cameras in women’s locker rooms

Two years ago, Christina Walker and her 10-year-old daughter uncovered what turned out to be a massive spy cam operation in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Karl Landt persuaded his co-worker,  Melissa Wenckebach, to plant the spy cams in the women’s locker room at their employee recreation center. Then, Landt convinced Wenckebach to do the same thing at a community swim club.

She placed the cameras and retrieved them hundreds of times.

The two are now in prison. But this recent report, about a law that Christina Walker is advocating for to protect children, includes Wenckebach tearfully describing Landt’s sick manipulation tactics.

“I was videotaped in my locker room:” Pre-teen pleads for tougher law after hidden camera nightmare, on

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My heart went out to the woman in the video.
The thing that bothers me is that the general public won’t see her as manipulated. So sad.

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