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Wojciech Janowski charged with killing billionaire mother-in-law of Monaco

Wojciech Janowski
Wojciech Janowski

As billionaire Helene Pastor, 77, was leaving a hospital in Nice, on the French Riviera, in May, she was shot dead.

Two men; a 31-year-old and a 24-year-old originally from the Comoros islands and living in Marseille’s rough northern districts were taken into custody for doing the actual shooting, but it was Pastor’s son-in-law, Wojciech Janowski, 64, who was charged  as the mastermind of the contract killing plan.

When Janowski was taken into custody, he confessed to his involvement in the murder plan. However, as Janowski appeared before a bail judge, his lawyer said that he had “retracted his statements made while in custody” and “denies having ordered” the killing, according to Mail Online. The lawyer said that during questioning, Janowski did not understand ‘all the nuances’ of the French language and  did not have access to a lawyer or interpreter.

Son-in-law of Monaco property heiress shot dead withdraws ‘confession’ to killing after saying he didn’t understand ‘all the nuances’ of French language, from Mail Online.

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