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Woman, 22, fakes terminal cancer to manipulate her lecturer, costing the woman her money, job and marriage

Elisa Bianco

Elisa Bianco was jailed for scamming her lecturer. (Facebook)

In a shocking story from the United Kingdom, Elisa Bianco, 22, of Fowey, Cornwall, created a bogus sob story about dying of cancer to manipulate her female lecturer, Sally Rettallack.

Bianco kept the ruse going for four years, eventually costing Rettallack thousands of pounds, her job, and even her marriage.

Then, after Rettallack’s husband left, Bianco set her up online with a “recently widowed” doctor who didn’t exist.

Bianco was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. Her disgusted father said she deserves to be punished.

Scheming student faked terminal cancer and cost her college tutor her marriage, home and job, on

Dad of lying student jailed for wrecking caring lecturer’s life says daughter “deserves to be punished,” on

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Even after hearing about these scenarios for nearly 8 years, it still amazes me that anyone can spend so much energy destroying another’s life. Imagine if all that energy were put to constructive use….a few months in jail is a mere slap on the wrist.


My husbands ex, gathered her brother, sister,mom and dad together for a family meeting with the two 8 and 11 year old children she had with my husband(her ex) to tell them that ‘she was dying of uterine cancer’! This was in 2004, and the kids are now 20 and 24 and have nothing to do with my husband, their father at all!In the contrary, they continue to cause him all the grief by lying and manipulating him and the people around them. They lied and watched their “mother” defraud 24k from a church she joined just for that reason, and lied right along with her by telling the church members that their dad was a “deadbeat dad, and they had zero income”, at that time she was receiving $4400.00 a month from us between child support, spousal maintenance, and bills paid for her! She has been dying from just about everything! She showed up in court this past Dec 8th with a surgical mask on and a cane! This is what they do, and how they do it…lie, manipulate and they are pro’s at it! She has threatened my life, my job, and has pulled and continues to try to pull whatever she can to screw up our lives, and they have been divorced for 112 years! It never ends…never, they victims that fall prey to here tactics and lies never stop coming, she simply moves on to the next prey! I have spent the best years of my life thinking like her, waiting for her next move, just to protect us and what we live for! Dealing with a sociopath is pure Hell! Think before you leap!

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