Woman accused of killing her 3 kids starves herself to death

Blanchette children

The children of Sonia Blanchette, Lauelie, 5, Anais, 2, and Loic, 4, were found dead on Dec. 12, 2012.

Sonia Blanchette, of Quebec, Canada, apparently didn’t want to face trial for the murder of her three children, ages 5, 4 and 2. So she starved herself to death.

Blanchette had lost custody of the children in 2012. The court originally said she could see them every two weeks under professionally supervised visitation. A few months later, the court allowed the visits to be supervised by Blanchette’s mother.

During a visitation on Dec. 2, 2012, Blanchette asked her mother to leave. When the grandmother returned, the children were dead.

Sonia Blanchette, accused of killing her 3 children, starves to death, on

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I wish there were more details in the CBC news stories, about how the children died, and what the ‘undisclosed wounds’ the mom was hospitalized. There is something ‘off’ about the dad’s reactions and even granting an interview.
I wish there was more background on why the mom wasn’t allowed unsupervised visitation.

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