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Woman allegedly groped by court marshall files lawsuit

Monica Contreras went to court in Clark County, Nevada to finalize a divorce matter. Afterwards, she says that a marshal, Ron Fox, ordered her into a witness room, supposedly to search for drugs, and then touched her buttocks and breast and told her to lift up her shirt.

When Contreras told the hearing master, Patricia Doninger, what happened, Fox arrested the young woman. Contreras pleaded and cried, but Doninger ignored her, playing with Contreras’ two-year-old daughter.

Fox was eventually fired. Contreras has filed a federal lawsuit for civil rights violations.

Cover-up alleged in family court, on

Victim of Family Court groping incident files federal lawsuit, on

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If the hearing master ignored horrific abuse of federally-protected civil rights right in front of her, it makes one wonder what other things she turned a blind eye to.

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