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Woman allegedly set on fire by her boyfriend

Naomie Breton of Latana, Florida, was allegedly set on fire by her boyfriend and the father of her child, Roosevelt Mondesir. She says that if a judge had granted her a restraining order it wouldn’t have happened. Read:

Burn victim back home; remembers every detail of assault, on

‘The only way I saw to keep myself alive was to take off my shirt’: Woman who became human fireball after she was ‘set alight by ex-boyfriend’ speaks out, on

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Perhaps if the US press showed more of the actual terror and harm done by these attacks, instead of sanitizing everything for the news, there would be stronger outrage and demands for change.

How many times is it going to take before the judges have “sufficient proof”?


My ex got back in touch with me today by email. I havent had any contact since March but I knew he would be back.

For some reason I could feel it in my bones and I had nightmares about it this week. I told people, its so bizarre – my gut knows even when I have no logical reason to know hes ‘around’. I also had sensed prior he has been away for a couple of months and in his email he said hed been away travelling. How odd is that?? We have not social connections so there was no way of me knowing. I told my friend yesterday I knew he was around again and he emails today!

Frankly Im terrified. Theres just something about him that is off. He wants to be friends -yeah right. People think Im crazy when I call him a sociopath but they dont know the half of it.

The only good thing is most people who know me see me as a nice girl, kind and a good person so no matter what I do get support even if it is just humoring me. But no one understands this miserable little evil man is capable of though. I dont want to end up like the poor girl in the article. What should I do? This ‘connection’ thing is freaking me out as well -does anyone else get this ‘knowing’? Its like my senses are so heightened on a sub conscious level for a reason -is it a survival instinct or am I just freaky?


Joss, I DID have premonitions months before the exspath was revealed for what he was. It came in the form of dreams that were focused upon death and uncomfortable transition. Since then, I routinely have nightmares and despairing dreams that leave me unsettled for the day – sometimes, for longer. Perhaps, it’s the psyche’s attempt to process information and prepare us. I don’t know, but it’s uncanny and frightening to me.

As far as this email goes, I’d suggest No Contact – no resposne and no friends responding on your behalf. Block his email address AND his phone number – any door that’s even slightly open is an invitation for a sociopath to barge right through. It is an impossibility to manipulate, coerce, or further damage silence.

I’m sorry you’re having this experience. Stay strong and resolute to protect yourself, at all costs.

Brightest blessings


G1S, I detest the terms, “alleged,” and “allegedly” in cases like this. Um…, if the boyfiend didn_ do this, was it the Easter Bunny, then? I’ve heard allegations that the Easter Bunny has rage issues……..jeeeeeeeez.



I understand the concepts of “innocent until proven guilty” and the accused having rights, but when the courts will not permit prior acts to be presented as evidence, and then claim that there is insufficient proof, the scales of justice are very tilted.

How many innocent people are harmed or murdered because of this?

It doesn’t help that so many people misuse the courts, like my P sister and S mother did, to make false allegations against somebody. Of course, look at what they are – not wonder the courts don’t know who to believe sometimes.

I spent my son’s whole childhood trying to get his P father to pay his fair share of child support as well as provide the court-ordered health insurance. The courts wouldn’t look at his prior actions. Each time, it was treated as if it were a new case with both sides being entirely innocent.

The legal system is based on codes that existed before records were readily available. We have those records now.

What I hate hearing is that certain evidence won’t be heard because it is “prejudical.” Isn’t that the point? That this is what these people do?


Joss, I had many premonition dreams… Towards the end of the relationship, during the devalue and discarding, I was half a world away and had dreams of him ‘putting himself out there on the market’ in Costa Rica (instead of being in Nicaragua)… Afterwards it turned out that he was there at the times I had these dreams. Those dreams involved literally me searching him with a sateite view and zooming into Costa Rican pacific coast. I even had a warning dream about the spath the moment he had literally set his eyes on me and that the bond it would create would be based on drama and illusion.

There’s only one other person I have ‘communication’ and ‘know stuff’ dreams about, but these are all positively orientated. They’re more like something or him visiting me in my dreams to tell me “hi, I’m fine and I wish you well.”

Anyway, when it comes to spaths, our body and subconscious wants to warn us about these dangerous people. And it will use dreams for that. Do not doubt those dreams, but use them for your own good. You’re having them so you can prepare yourself for when the spaths do whatever they’re up to. When you’re not taken by surprise it is easier for you to pretend at least to be unaffected.

And clinical research reveals that pre-event intuition exists and is pretty normal, or at least our bodies can do it. We’re just not conscious of it.


We pick up on subtle clues all the time. Perhaps it is our animal/instinctual side.

I had a feeling last night that I should start applying for other jobs, which I did.

I got a call from a recruiter just now in response to one of those emails.

He told me that his company has a contract with my current company, and my currently company is planning a massive lay-off nationwide in the very near future.

My boss had a meeting with me and two other people earlier this week. She spoke directly to them and maintained eye contact with them even though I was sitting closest to her.

Towards the end, after she had done this throughout the whole meeting, I felt she forced herself to look at me and make up things to say so I would feel included.

Those kinds of things aren’t accidents. There are reasons why people won’t look at you directly in the eye or act like you’re not present.

Ox Drover


Becoming attuned to the body language of people is very important. We grow up seeing the body language and sometimes noticing it consciously but other times we don’t consciously recognize what someone is “saying” but we know it is “off” You picking up on this and what the head hunter told you is a good indication that you should be looking for another job.

Psychopaths can in general control their body language because they do not have the EMOTIONS to go along with them that normal people do. That woman (assuming you are right) feels badly about what is going to happen to you, so she has difficulty looking at you….but a psychopath would not have that problem. In fact, the psychopath might actually enjoy the thing that he planned to do to you or was forced to do either.

I read the book “Body Language” years and years ago and became somewhat aware of what body language communicated…I wish I had used that awareness more…but my son Patrick is such a good liar because his body language follows the lie, my son C is a pith poor liar because his body language gives it away. My adopted son D can mask his body language so that he doesn’t give away what he is thinking. He isn’t a liar but he can be very PRIVATE. I think this is partly what he learned at an early age because of his bio father’s rages.

Grace, sorry that you have another stress added to your life, in job insecurity…unfortuantely people in QA are some of the first to go, and really they should be the last…good luck with your job search.

Ox Drover

The thing I noticed from this and many other stories of women who were attacked by someone who had previously threatened them is that they almost always said “I never believed it possible for him to do something like this”

I also never believed that my son Patrick could MURDER…he was a thief, and a liar, etc. but I never believed he could KILL. Because WE couldn’t/wouldn’t behave like that, we don’t think others will.

I have said in anger “I could kill you” but I would never DO that…so I would think that others could say “I want to kill you” or “I will kill you” and not really “MEAN” it seriously.

I no longer believe that though and I take every threat seriously and I watch my tongue myself…I don’t make threats of any kind that I don’t FULLY MEAN.

The best test of future behavior is past behavior and if someone has been VIOLENT in the past they WILL BE violent in the future.

So when someone shows you what they are, BELIEVE THEM.

This case is made worse by the judge’s refusal to give her a restraining order. I don’t think it would have stopped him in this particular situation, but at the same time, I think it would have shown the courts were LISTENING.


Don’t the police always take threats seriously? They don’t think it is a joke if somebody says they are going to kill someone.

Oxy, thanks. I have a few irons in the fire already. It’s always something.

Ox Drover

G1S No, they don’t always take threats seriously….though they are seeming to more and more take them seriously. But the thing is you have to PROVE that they really did threaten you. Or that it meant a threat.


G1S, uh…….no, law enforcement doesn’t always take threats seriously, even if the person doing the threatening gives a detailed plan on how they intend to cause harm. Law Enforcement has even been known to LAUGH in a victim’s face while taking the complaint.

Ox Drover

Truthspeak, Yea, the Easter Bunny is mad because he has to lay all those eggs! LOL

Yea, the poor woman was ALLEGEDLY burned too. Wonder if her wounds will be allowed as evidence in court or is that “too inflammatory” (pun intended!) Wonder if they will allow the video of her on fire?

Because my husband was burned to death and my son and 2 of our friends severely burned in the aircraft crash that killed him, I have a particular horror about people who get burned in any way. The wound care is so painful in those that survive…that the after effects are worse I think than the initial burn which is somewhat dampened by adrenaline.

I hope that they put this man away for a LONG TIME….but I don’t trust the criminal justice system….Now about THAT for an oxymoron?

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