Woman allegedly set on fire by her boyfriend

Naomie Breton of Latana, Florida, was allegedly set on fire by her boyfriend and the father of her child, Roosevelt Mondesir. She says that if a judge had granted her a restraining order it wouldn’t have happened. Read:

Burn victim back home; remembers every detail of assault, on

‘The only way I saw to keep myself alive was to take off my shirt’: Woman who became human fireball after she was ‘set alight by ex-boyfriend’ speaks out, on

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G1S No, they don’t always take threats seriously….though they are seeming to more and more take them seriously. But the thing is you have to PROVE that they really did threaten you. Or that it meant a threat.

G1S, uh…….no, law enforcement doesn’t always take threats seriously, even if the person doing the threatening gives a detailed plan on how they intend to cause harm. Law Enforcement has even been known to LAUGH in a victim’s face while taking the complaint.

Truthspeak, Yea, the Easter Bunny is mad because he has to lay all those eggs! LOL

Yea, the poor woman was ALLEGEDLY burned too. Wonder if her wounds will be allowed as evidence in court or is that “too inflammatory” (pun intended!) Wonder if they will allow the video of her on fire?

Because my husband was burned to death and my son and 2 of our friends severely burned in the aircraft crash that killed him, I have a particular horror about people who get burned in any way. The wound care is so painful in those that survive…that the after effects are worse I think than the initial burn which is somewhat dampened by adrenaline.

I hope that they put this man away for a LONG TIME….but I don’t trust the criminal justice system….Now about THAT for an oxymoron?

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