Woman beaten by ex for breaking up

A 36-year-old woman from Carseldine, Queensland, Australia,  had to fight for her life after she was brutally beaten with a baseball bat by Glenn Matthew Cable. When she told Cable she was breaking up with him for lies he told her, he stormed her house and beat her in front of her children.

She was in critical condition for several weeks. Even with much reconstructive surgery, she will be permanently scarred physically and emotionally.

Cable, 42 was found guilty of attempted murder and will be jailed for 15 years.

Glenn Matthew Cable, 42, jailed after found guilty of attempted murder and jailed for 15 years, from The Courier Mail.

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Jan7, for comfort, there was a silver lining for this poor woman….following the attack her ex-husband took the role of carer for her and their children and they fell in love again and reunited the family.

I hope that you too find a silver lining to your ordeal.

According to the report “Stalking in America” by the DOJ, over 75% of all reported intimate partner attacks happen AFTER the target partner has left the relationship. 81% of those were stalked first.

It is SO important to have a safety plan and to have people you can rely on if you need to send out an emergency message. Sadly, this happens EVERY DAY in America.

LisaH, Is there anywhere someone can get an example safety plan? I guess many people involved with a psychopath who dumped them has then been stalked by them. At the time you think it is because they want you back until they turn really nasty.

Yes! The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a good outline here:

You should personalize it to your own circumstances and expand on it as much as you can. Also, watch this for a great app available free for your smartphone:

Thank you for the info.

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