Woman charged with sending ricin to frame her husband

Federal prosecutors have charged Shannon Richardson, 35, of Texas, with sending letters containing ricin to President Barak Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a third man. They said she attempted to blame the crime on her husband, Nathan Richardson, who had filed for divorce before the incident.

Texas woman indicted in ricin letter-to-Obama case, on

Watch an interview with Nathan Richardson, who says he met his wife through a relative and exchanged e-mails for several months. “From there we met, and it seemed like a really good connection,” he says. “Which now I’m thinking it was all just an act, of course.”

‘It was like a really bad dream,’ on

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I’d say this woman was taking drastic measures! And the husband seems like a typical spath victim.

I’m thinking the same thing as Shocked.Shannon decided to discard Nathan before he had the chance to divorce her.She also wanted to hurt him;”slam” him,while she fantasized her acting career would
flourish as her name became better known.Shannon has been living in a fantasy world for some time!

Great line: “I don’t know. She said Georgia, but that came out of her mouth, so…”

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