Woman charged with abusing child and streaming it over Skype

Jennifer Mahoney, 32, of Manalapan, New Jersey, was charged with sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl and streaming the encounter via Skype to a man in Texas. Read:

Federal complaint against Texas man sparked probe of N.J. babysitter accused of sexually abusing 5-year-old girl on NJ.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Welcome G1S, I know from whence ye came and I was a persona non grata there as well because a former board member there who was a psychopath herself so I left there….I also met MiLo there and was really glad to see her come here where things are much more open and there is such a great community of people here that will envelop you in their arms. The former board member was finally recognized as a psychopath by SOME of the experts there and pushed out but not before she had damaged many people that would have been great assets for the site and run them off.

Glad you are healing and have been a friend of MiLos for a while, she is a wise woman and a supportive friend. Again, welcome to our community!

Oxy ~ I am now one “damaged” cookie and decided to go NC. Unfortunately, with that decision, I leave behind several (there are not many left) dear friends, like G1S that are in crisis right now. It pains me beyond belief that I can no longer support them, or even let then know I am alive and well.

I am thrilled to see G1S here.

PS Oxy – I am almost waiting for the iron skillet, or at least “I told you so”

Milo and Oxy,
I think I know the site you are referring to. I went there before landing here. I didn’t pay appropriate homage to the moderators so I was severely chastised for quoting some wisdom from another blog. I was told that giving credit is not enough, I must get actual written permission from the blogger. I did that, then was told that they don’t allow quotes from other blogs… WTF?

It really underscores what I already believe: this topic of psychopathy, attracts spaths with masks. As we try to move forward in educating the public, we will see more and more of our educational vehicles being infiltrated. And if “you know who” is who I think it is, well, I agree that it is frightening but not surprising. It takes an up close and personal experience to really GET what we are dealing with.

Studying it in a clinical setting only describes it as a personality disorder, so you know what it sometimes looks like. Living through it, etches it into your gut. It leaves you knowing what evil feels like.

Exactly Sky, exactly. I was left with a very hopeless feeling – while Donna and others out there are trying to educate the “general public” what chance do they have when the very “experts” on the subject can get it so wrong.

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