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Woman charged with murdering her children’s father posts $35 million bail

Tiffany Li (San Mateo County Sheriff's Department)

Tiffany Li (San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department)

Tiffany Li, 31, of Hillsborough, California, is charged in a murder-for-hire scheme in the death of Keith Green, 27, the father of their two young daughters.

Li was released from jail yesterday after posting an unprecedented $35 million in bail. Li comes from a wealthy Chinese family, and her mother, along with family friends and associates, raised $4 million in cash and pledged 15 properties valued at $62 million. (In California, twice the bail amount must be met if property is used in lieu of cash.)

Li and Green were in a custody dispute. Friends of Green said he feared for his life.

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That is some crime. I have relatives who lived in this area.

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