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Woman concocts elaborate cancer scam to stay out of jail

LeAnn Moock of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to four months in prison for stealing money from elderly customers. But before she was supposed to report to prison, she told her attorney and the judge she had life-threatening cancer. The judge finally found out; now she’s locked up for five years. reports:

During her three-year scam, she not only formed a new romantic relationship, but also gave birth to a child, had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, and stole her father’s driver’s license and personal information to obtain more than $56,000 in bank loans for herself.

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Distressed Grandmother

It just blows me away to see how these manipulating minds think and how they seem to get away with it time after time. Five years will not stop this person because they think they are invincible. They do nothing wrong it is always someone else fault. They find a way to blame anyone else but themselves. They take no accountability for what they done. I just finished reading a article from last March Oxy wrote About judging. It is people like this that you have to judge with ones eyes open. It is hard to believe unless you have lived it that a child of yours could turn on you with no conscience and think you are the horrible person after what they done.They judge you for loving them because they do not understand love. They turn your love and caring into something evil. I can not judge them because I do not understand them. I do know what I see though and I do not like it at all. To use,intimidate to rob and steal from your own parents to me is wrong. I am not perfect I made many mistakes but thank God I am able to love and forgive. What I need to learn now is how to deal with the times as a family like reunions funerals and other occasions that come along where you are forced to deal with these heartless people. They just love to create drama.

Ox Drover

Dear Distressed grandmother,

Good to see you are still here at LoveFraud reading and learning. You are right, it is difficult to get your head around how they think.

As for dealing with them at family affairs…funerals and such, I just don’t go. I send a card to the nearest relatives, and or make a donation to whatever charity the person requested memorials be made to…or in some cases I send a check to the family.

The last one I sent wasn’t even acknowledged with a thank you card or a note that said i received your check…

There are times I would like to go to a funeral or a memorial service, or a wedding, but I have opted out of going simply because I find that the emotions I feel are just not worth it so that was my way of dealing with it.

I know you have grandchildren and that may make it worthwhile for you to go so you can at least see them across the room. A friend of mine who had raised her granddaughter from birth to age 8 was not allowed by her son to see the little girl at all, so she would volunteer at the girl’s school so she could at least wave at her across the cafeteria. She would go to the ice rink and watch the girl skate and wave to her.

That little girl is now 16 so she managed to keep contact with her and now has a close relationship with the girl. Though her mother is a borderline drama queen and her father I think is a full blown psychopath the girl seems to have turned out okay and I credit it totally to my friend’s influence on the girl. So don’t give up hope, just do what you have to to keep in touch with the kids even from a distance. Send cards, Birthday and Christmas and that sort of thing and talk to them on the phone if you can.

I know it is difficult when your own family tells lies about you, makes you appear like the crazy one, but as long as YOU know the TRUTH, what they say or think isn’t important. God bless.

Distressed Grandmother

I have a lot of respect for you and your strength! You are an amazing woman I often wished you were my neighbor and could just pop over for tea.I do love my grandchildren from a distance and try not to get them into anymore trouble with there parents as they are used as pawns to hurt us and I know that we are not the only ones getting hurt. The mind games are horrible. I have avoided these games as much as possible but still find myself stuck in one with out me even realizing it. No contact is the best but I had no other choice then to go to my mothers funeral. It was great to see the kids although they are not allowed to talk to me but for every glimpse there is price of some sort they make us pay. I hope my grandsons survive this and we can be close again one day.
God Bless you!!!! xoxoxo

Ox Drover

Dear Grandmother,

Each of us has to make our choices, and you are right there is a price to pay. I understand you wanting to go to your mother’s funeral and to even get a glimpse of them.

It is sad for the kids when their parents are psychopaths, but unfortunately most of the time we aren’t able to do anything about it. Milo has custody of her grandson but even still her P daughter makes life hell for them as much as possible by taking them to court and other shenanagins (how ever that is spelled!) The child is also the one who suffers from that.

I’m no “stronger” than anyone else here on LF, I’ve spent my time curled up on the floor crying my eyes out and wondering if I’d live through the day, or wondering if I cared if I lived or died.

It would be nice if we had LoveFraud neighbors, but we do have the board and I believe it saved my sanity if not my life.

Just try to do good things for yourself…take care of YOU as much as you can and enjoy the things that are there for us if we look for them. It may be as simple as planting some flowers, or cutting some to put on your table. We have to “let go” of the things we cannot change or control, and when it is people we love it is hard, but we can’t let it ruin our lives, we have to go on and make lives and find happiness inside of ourselves. Go to the library and volunteer to read for the kids there…go to a nursing home and comfort someone who has no one. Giving to others helps us as much as it helps those to whom we give. God bless and hang in there. Keep on reading and learning and posting. It does help. ((hugs))

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