Woman convicted of murdering children to spite father

Fiona Donnison of the UK was found guilty of suffocating her three-year-old son and two-year-old daughter after her relationship with their father ended. She may have also killed the couple’s first child as an infant.

Read Woman who smothered her two toddlers in jealous rage may have killed her baby girl years earlier on DailyMail.co.uk.

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h2h, thank you! i was very worried, too. it has really turned around, although i am an emo mess from the antibiotics. i am d
handling stress a bit better today. and this down time has given me a chance to look at other things (besides work) and deal with some things that need dealing with. thanks so much for your care and concern.xo

One Joy,
Ain’t it great when the antibiotics do their job? It truly is like a miracle. I’m so glad it’s working for you.

There is something creepy about the father. His stories have too much detail, “I gave her a kiss and she just wiggled her nose”. It strikes me as a fire and gas relationshit. He, a spath and her a borderline. She killed and he drove her to it.

That’s just how it strikes me. Something is “off” here.


sky, yup! antibiotics are a miraculous invention. not so sure about doctors, though.

Dear One/Joy, Well the guy who finished last in his medical school class is still “doctor ____” and even the guy who finished first isn’t always 100% correct, but you can chalk this down to 1 of your 9 lives used up. That infection would have killed you in the days before antibiotics. NO JOKE.

If you think about it —the chances of living to be even 40 in the days before antibiotics and vaccines were pretty slim, if you add in the problems and deaths with child birth the decks were stacked against women before age 45 when most who survived to that advanced age quit having children, (at that age men FAR outnumbered living women that age) but the men started dying off like flies about that age from heart problems, so by the time they were 60 there was about an equal number of men and women again.

I know of 6 infections that would have killed me pre antibotic days that I’ve had, and who knows how many childhood diseases I might have died from without vaccines? I was also one of the first group to get the Salk polio vaccines. I am really glad that you kicked this thing, One….(head shaking here) I hope you realize how serious this thing could have been! I think you do. Keep up your good work with decreasing stress and increasing mental and physical REST.


oxy – aint’ that the truth: ‘Well the guy who finished last in his medical school class is still “doctor ____” ‘

but it’s not just how good they are at what they are trained to, they are not properly trained, in most schools, to listen and interact with people, not diseases. I have had great doctors – they have been few and far between. if i hadn’t advocated for my mom, she would have died from a brain aneurism.

antibitoics have changed the face of the world, for the most part to the good (although their overuse is causing problems – but again that is the fault of humans), although they almost killed me several times as a child.


Yes, people do react to antibiotics and keel over dead, my egg donor is so allergic to Penicillin that if she drinks milk from a cow that has had it she reacts….I didn’t develop my allergy to PCN until recently (last few years) but I figured I eventually would. But there is no medication of any kind that cannot or does not have some “down side” or “price to pay” for it. You just have to look at the RISK versus BENEFIT RATIO….Any choice we make has a risk and/or a benefit.

I’m fortunate in that my doc finished first in her class and she is a “normal human” who does not think Doctor means “god” and she talks to and listens to patients….me included. She laughs with me and AT ME as well. Which is okay….though when she is RIGHT, I want to slap her off her stool! LOL She missed her calling in stand up comedy. My favorite line was when I was arguing with her that my feet and legs swelling could NOT be my sodium intake and she said “Well, have you ever figured you’ve never been this OLD BEFORE?” Yea, she was right! As badly as I didn’t want her to be right, she was, and her humor made me see it and more importantly ACCEPT IT. Yep, I’ve never been this old before! But I intend to get OLD-ER as well, and in order to do that I have to take better care of myself, my diet, my exercise and my emotional health as well.

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