Woman fakes cancer to gain sympathy and cash

A 23-year-old Canadian woman, Ashley Anne Kirilow, shaved her head and starved herself to make it look like she was undergoing chemotherapy so she could solicit money from music and skateboard fans.

Her parents say they’ve seen the behavior since childhood.

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I would really love to see this “cancer victim” forced to earn all that money back by cleaning toilets or, even better, working in a brothel. My own P did the same thing – she lied pretending to have cancer in order to swindle money out of people and to avoid work. When I found out, I made her life somewhat difficult and she had to leave the country but the damage had already been done. It’s been a year and I still can’t get over the experience. The worst part of it is that I am always feeling scared of losing my loved ones to that damned cancer or something similar. I know it’s not rational but the horror that I felt a year ago is still there. I really hope that she as well as this Ashley die a violent death some time soon. They deserve it.

Dear Stannik.

Your anger is well placed and very understandable….I think anyone who had dealt with a Psychopath has been through most if not all those same feelings. “POX upon them!” “May the fleas of a 1000 camels inhabit their arm pits and the crabs of 100 Ho’s”

Glad you are here at LF and suggest you keep on reading, hanging around, learning and growing with the rest of us. I’m assuming you are a guy, and guys are always welcome (as are gals) but we old gals like having a man’s opinion on a lot of these issues! Gives us more diversity! Again, welcome! God bless.

Dear Oxy,

Thanks a lot, I will definitely hang around for a while. 🙂

I think my ex P used the “cancer story” not to get money but to explain why he didn’t have any. We had been broken up and I had not talked to him in two or three months when I tried to call him regarding some stuff he left at my place.

His cell # was not his anymore so I sent him an email. He got back with me a few weeks later saying he was going through chemotherapy and let his phone bill lapse because he didn’t have enough money because of taking time off work.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt I offered him help as in doing some laundry for him, bringing a meal etc. He absolutly refused and was very vague about his chemo treatment etc. He also didn’t miss an opportunity to take a jab at me saying “going through chemo is less stressful than living with you”.

From what I learned later and no big surprise is that the story was made up just so he wouldn’t lose face about having his cell service shut off…oh brother!

I realize this is am old post and its been quite awhile since I have posted anything however, I just recently went thru this and I am reeling and questioning everything. My ex was in contempt for non payment of child support. he has not paid in 3 years..he has no relationship with my son as he is 7 yrs old now and has not seen him since he was 3 1/2 yrs old. According to my son, he doesn’t have a dad.
The state of California was going after him for contempt and he was taking me to court to reduce his child support which had already been reduced 3 times and he wasn’t paying any way. He was looking at jail time and was getting extensions for bogus reasons on the modification for support. In January he walked in and dropped a bombshell stating he had stage 3 cancer. He was told to get proof of diagnosis and prognosis. I didnt believe him and neither did the court. 3 days prior to the court hearing ha had a fund raiser for his “battle with cancer”. He does not have insurance but has applied for medi-caid and with universal health care he is not being denied any treatment. I questioned what was being done with the money that was raised however, when we went to court I saw a pathetic hollow of a man and all I wanted to do was end, I lowered it to 0 but he would have to pay the back support. There were so many contradictions of hat was said..regarding chemo and everything…I truly believe he is faking this and pocketing the money. I felt good that day walking away from him as it has been a nightmare and I was able to let it go however, I cant help but think what he is doing is so wrong on so many levels. Now, Im questioning if I should have pushed it further thru the courts rather than settling and have his lies come out or if washing my hands and letting nature take its course is truly the best…any feedback would be much appreciated.


just saw your comment and wanted to say something to you…….

karma has a way of coming back and hitting those hard ….what goes around comes around………..if your ex has lied about having cancer in the long term he will have no luck for it……
cancer is such a horrible disease and takes so many of our loved ones away from us…and many suffer and survive the illness thank god…but it is not an illness to play with peoples emotions with……..

its a personal thing whether you want to fight him in the courts but would it be worth it…..yes maybe if he was lying you could prove it and get him to pay the support you need but on the other hand it would mean you would have to see him and involve yourself with him again……you dont want someone like him in your life……

regard the cancer………i have personal experience……if you need definite proof for your own sanity…..instead of questioning it……find the proof you need and walk away…..the truth will set you free…..find out who his doctor is,who his oncologist is……or who he says they are….make the phone calls..what hospital did he have treatment in……..?
if you think he is lying and your intuition tells you something is wrong you need to find out the truth so you can have peace of mind….is there anyone who knows him who can give you information about the cancer he says he has….?

its a terrible thing to doubt someone who says they have cancer………i read the article and was not shocked……….my ex partner who i was married to lied to me about having cancer for 3 years….and we had just gotten married so if you doubt what he is saying ……id tell you start asking questions….

i pray you will find a solution to your problem and find some peace.

Thanks for your reply. He brought papers to court but I didn’t question it like I should have. When I asked about his chemo treatments, he said he had one 2 days prior and he didnt know when the next one was..maybe in 3 weeks. It seemed odd to me. Everything was vague. At that point I chose to walk away and I lowered the support to zero as he want and will not pay anyway. He is a con man, since the day I met him. However, it has been bothering me as I feel as if he is scamming so many people…I do believe Karma will get him and I am trying to let go and let god handle it but its hard when I have this gnawing feeling its all just a lie. He raised about $20,000 dollars at a fundraiser held in his benefit…again, I know its best to rid him of my life and in essence I have as we will not have to go to court again..I just hate the fact he is getting away with it.
I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Its horrible to think someone is capable of such deceit…especially with cancer, of all things. Its interesting, as when he first told us in court..he said he was “anemic” and then within 20 min it turned to stage 4 cancer…it was craziness from the get go….may I ask how your situation turned out…do he ever tell you the truth?

My ex faked that his daughters mother was dying of cancer. He kept it up for months. There were tears, drama, stress, fake telephone calls in front of me.

It was all a lie. She was at home safe and well. Nothing wrong with her.


It sounds like you already know what kind of a person he is … You say he is a con man…. Listen to your gut instinct regard believing anything he says …. Sociopaths are pathological liars and make make you believe black is white and make you feel sorry for them when they tell you they have cancer… You have to look after you now … It will eat you up inside if you keep holding on but all these questions needs answers.Me personally I would want to know the truth and I would make sure when I did I never let myself be lied to like that again .
I hope you find your peace and move on.

Me, well it’s been a painful journey . My ex never admitted to me she didn’t have cancer. I found out myself .My relationship was over a year before I found out the truth. Because I knew my ex had lied about many many things I began to question everything and though I didn’t want to believe it true she could have lied about the cancer I began to doubt and I did my own research and chased information till I found out the truth.. I needed to know for my own peace of mind. The day I found out I was sick inside , felt like my world had been crushed.. The ultimate betrayal . I found out where she was and I went to speak to her. I never said I knew but I said I needed to know the truth about something and I already knew the answer I just needed to hear her say it.. Eventually after much tears she said it. Said she never had the cancer… I told her then I forgave her but I could never understand why she did it…. Now 2 years on those words I forgive u were flippant because I don’t think I ever will… I hate what she did to me .
The story being, we were in a same sex relationship for 16 years. We were married … Alot if lies… I loved her deeply … I gave everything , was the parent in the relationship , the carer , the giver, she took I gave, she spent I gave, one day she told me she had bad news, told me she had cancer , melanoma . Had to have chemo , started to lose hair , asked me to shave it off . I was devasted. An emotionally painful time and sad time in my life , struggled to cope but looked after her as she was sick all the time, she knew all about cancer, all the details , blood counts, oncology , cancer treatments you name it. She wore bandana for 5 months then went into remission … Second cancer hit 2 months later Hodgkin’s lymphoma …again knew all the details and described all her treatments .. This time shaved off hair and again wore bandana , this time I thought I would lose her, she wrote a will, we talked about where she wanted to be buried.. Made her journey through cancer on Video. Every body prayed , people sent cards, family friends . It was a very difficult time as I thought she was going to die and she let me believe it.she cut clumps of her hair for me to find on her pillow in morning, shaved off her own eyebrows…. This cancer lasted another 2 years.. When she went into remission we had a party to celebrate .. She could have won an Oscar for a part well played.
The 3 years of remission before we broke up still she played the cancer survivor ..
Relationship ended for other reasons and then I found out everything she ever told me for 16 years every story every drama everything all lies..has devasted me.
When I found out about the cancer cause I talk about it as if it happened cause I lived it… She told me……… You don’t know how much trouble I went to to research the cancer on line!
Omg I couldn’t believe it.
Anyway my heart is broke over it.
This is what a woman did to another woman so don’t think your ex isn’t capable of lying about cancer.
A pathological liar doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong and if they do they don’t care cause they r not like you and me.
I definitely needed to know the truth cause it has helped me move on.
It has made me realise I didn’t deserve what happened to me and I could never put someone through that.
Finding the truth brings closure and peace cause you see them for what they are and you walk away .

I hope you find the peace and truth you need and I wish you healing and hope for a better day.
God bless you .

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