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Woman fights for millions she gave Internet lover

Catherine Wood of the United Kingdom amassed a fortune through property deals. She divorced, then met Schlomo Add through an online dating site. Now she wants her £6.4 million back.

Read Multi-millionaire divorcee launches legal fight to reclaim £6.4 m she gave Internet lover, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Who on earth would WANT to associate themselves with anyone with a name like “SHLOMO ADD”? The guy even SOUNDS shleazy—oops, I mean “sleazy.”

Ox Drover

Come on Red, we’ve all been scammed, and some were more obvious than others TO OTHERS, but at the time we ate it up hook line and sinker. Im not gonna throw stones, I live in a glass house!


Would it be better if his name was Silky Smooth? Honest John? Jim Jones?


Silky Smooth! LOL!

thanks for the laugh Clair.

Ox Drover

CLAIR!!!! ROTFLMAO SNARK SNARF BRAY!!!! Oh, come on woman, I almost peed my pants….silky smooth!



Denise Guiney

So where is her story, must have been good lies!


I just read the news link. Same story, different amounts of money… I believe she is described as a multimillionaire. My observation being that the perspective of money might be different but that doesn’t change her being duped for 4 years….same story as the rest of us….lets hope it wasn’t’ her life savings. I bet she is a smart cookie like the rest of us who believed in LIES…..

Hey, any opinion on the Christie Brinkley “Today” show. I saw in the other day and wow!!…I was infuriated by the host, Matt Lauer. He badgered her right and left over her divorce/relationship with her ex.

As soon as the interview started, he cut right into her ongoing problems with her ex, and proceeded to cut her off when she tried to explain. He made her sound like she was to blame. I think he sides with her ex…….
but she described her ex as ” a bonified or extreme narcissist” and said the court appointed forensic psychiatrist diagnosed him as such, his words…..Also, she said “just google “divorcing a narcissist” and see the tales of wow, plus all the letters she has received from people going through the same.

She seemed to be trying to explain to this jerk (sorry) what she was going through….then she cried at the end and he said thanks….

Rich, famous, poor, humble, we all can be a victim of an SP….

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