Woman gets 40 years for molesting 14-year-old boy

Shannon Schmieder, a teacher assistant from Georgia, was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison and 20 years probation after pleading guilty to molesting a 14-year-old boy. She was a friend of the boy’s family.

Read: Ex-Teacher Asst.: Parents stunned, realizing woman no stranger, on Times-Herald.com.

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Sky , Well I dont think the old lady was a spath, just pissed at your comment …lmao

you’d have to have been there.

The way you know a spath is this: when you and I hate someone, we will avoid them or we might bitch them out. We might even run them off the road.

When a spath is pissed at someone, they do 180 degrees the opposite. They call you sweetie, give you the Judas kiss, tell you they love you, then they let you have it. That’s the difference. That’s how you know a spath. Albeit a little late.

This woman approached me with a smile and an attitude of helpfulness. She never stopped playing that role, when in fact she just wanted to hurt me. BTW, back then I was so toned, I was all muscle, less than 10% fat. In retrospect, I can see that lots of people were envious. I’m even envious of my past self!

We had an incident with a social studies teacher at our high school three months ago. First, she was put on leave and then she was fired, with a personal lawyer and one from her union involved. We heard next to nothing about what happened, yet two weeks later, when a school bus drove too close to a telephone pole and the side mirror got clipped, we had photos, parents outraged over “the accident,” and quotes from school officials.

Below is the letter that I wrote to our town newspaper, which was published right after the first of this year. Not one word of response. The editor of the town newspaper had been shot down from asking questions and receiving information, which was evident in an editorial that he wrote when the news broke.

What I said…

“This is an ugly topic. I let it wait until after the holidays. Like the proverbial elephant in the living room, the subject is one many would like to ignore.

Earlier in December, an unidentified BHS teacher was fired. How ludicrous is it to keep that information from the public when a school full of students can easily identify which social studies teacher is no longer working there?

At first, an allegation was that this teacher may have struck a student, which the School Administration assured us did not happen. Instead, a deflective tactic was presented, “Sources inside BHS said the teacher worked in the social studies department and may have helped one or more students cheat on a test late last school year.”

On October 25, 2011, the (town newpaper) reported, “(Elementary school) Principal CK had violated standardized testing rules and altered students’ answer sheets. Mr. K resigned his position”,” but when “the (BHS) teacher”is reportedly being represented by a private attorney and the general counsel for the teachers union” and is fired, the community cannot know why?

School Superintendant, Dr. McI, said the teacher “was terminated for good and just cause.” Two lawyers and a firing are very serious and the tax payers, particularly the parents of current BHS students, have the right to know what and who was involved, especially when one persistent rumor is that “she slept with a male student-again.” Our children’s safety is the Town’s first priority? We heard more about a broken bus mirror than we heard about this.

Every week recently, there are news reports about adults accused of being sexually inappropriate with their students. If it involves younger children, the abuse is obvious. Less outrage happens with older children because, I suspect, they look more like adults. The truth is the body matures faster than the brain and the emotions. Statistically, one in four girls and one in seven boys are sexually abused in childhood. It is not OK if it happens to a teen.

What exactly happened? Was it sexual in nature? If so, I understand that the student and parents might want privacy, but I also know that when it comes to pedophiles, their victims are many because the silence and fear of the community enables them to perpetuate their abuse. A former Middle School teacher is now a registered sex offender because that child’s parents spoke up.

We do not need to know the student involved. We most certainly have the right to know who the teacher is and what exactly she did because there are other teens with whom she came into contact. Standards are clear when unacceptable behavior is not tolerated. Anyone working with a vulnerable population has a responsibility to protect the vulnerable.

Let’s talk about this so we know what needs to be addressed. No town official or teacher has the right to leave this town in the dark. Children are our priority and they need to see that we insist on their protection.”

Onejoy and Star,
My heart goes out to you. It is horrible enough being the child victim of a trusted family member or friend, but to have your own mother deny your painful truth is just unfathomable.

You have my admiration for being strong and helping others through the trauma of similar experiences rather than letting it disable you from society.


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