Woman kills her son and her self after CPS refuses to act


Ken Kreuscher told Denver Child Protective Services that his ex-wife was mentally unstable and had threatened to kill their son.

Unlike psychopaths who say this just to take the kids away from their former partners, Ken Kreuscher was right.

On the night of March 5, Sara Atkinson shot her son, Kenny Kreuscher, in the head. Then she killed herself.

Kreuscher had pursued sole custody and sought a restraining order against the mother. According to KDVR in Denver:

Kreuscher said a female child protection services case worker came to visit him after that.

“And she stood in front of me and pointed at my closet and said, ”˜Unless your kid’s being stuck in a closet every day or beaten every day, I’m not going to do anything about it, and if you call back, if I hear back from you about this kind of stuff, I’m going to take him from you and her,” Kreuscher said.

Child protective services agencies really need to learn how to differentiate between parents who are authentically trying to protect their children and parents who, due to either personality disorders or mental illness, seriously harm their children.

Father says he tried to sound alarm before ex-wife killed their 5-year-old son, on KDVR.com.

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OMG…what a tragedy.

It would be good to have more info. Al the news accounts I found contained only the ex husband,s account and there were no details about events leading up to the deaths. No background on the deceased and no friends family coworkers quoted.


Media only tells what is allowed. And thats a shame. We have no news venues today, only political propoganda machines.


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