Woman lured to her death in sick sadomasochistic case

Brittany Killgore, of North County, California, was allegedly lured to her death by a trio of people who practiced bondage and sadomasochism. One of the alleged killers, a woman, then committed suicide. A note was left that said:

“Master I am so sorry I dragged you into this. I thought I was defending the family and it would be simple like Dexter.”

Read Trio lured Marine wife to her death, prosecutors say, on

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The cruelty and evil is mind boggling. Reading stuff like this makes me not even want to leave my house.

If you read the comments to the article, some think that the victim’s husband set the whole thing up.

My heart went out to the woman as she rode in the car and texted, “Help.”

It clearly shows how out of touch with reality that these people were that the woman thought killing the other woman would be easy like it shows on the TV show, Dexter.

I wonder how many people watching programs like that think what they’re seeing is the real thing? It seems that they have no idea of what Hollywood can do.

And, those people are actors. As grisly as the scenes are that they depict, they wash of the makeup, the deaths are all faked, there is no pain, and everybody goes home happy at the end of the day.

But Ps like these people never even stop to consider such things. They just think what they see is as simple as it gets.


Hi everybody, I’ve been away for a year or two now and wanted to see what’s happening here. Wow! The site is so complicated now, with so many experts writing about so many topics.
I think my last topic was actually from a column I write called “The Front Porch Talker.” It was a parody of ‘reality shows,’ but very much my own life as a victim of a sociopath. It was called: “Desperate Meth-lab Operators of Spokane County,” I think.
Well, it’s been a while now and just about every category you offer for “comments” seems enticing. So, of course this one, about “Sick, Sadomasochistic Case,” seemed to lure me back, so to speak, to the horrors of it all.
Like many I’m sure, my “story” fits into any on the blogroll (a blogroll kinda sounds like a new kind of bread)…
Congrats to Donna for your new book!…I am FINALLY going to publish mine, I think.
I started writing “Frontporchtalker” because humor saved my life. Now, I’m finishing my novel too.

I also say “The Serenity Prayer” every day, which is not just from 12-Steps. It goes:
God, grant me the serenity

I know, for sure, that I cannot change a sociopath’s behavior. I’ve tried and nearly died, having lost everything along the way.
And, it’s taken 4 or 5 yrs of being alone to gather enough courage to change myself…
Now, having repeated this pattern enough times in my life, I think I am beginning to have the wisdom to know the difference–between what I can and cannot change.

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