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Woman plots fake rape accusation

Kate Woodhead of the UK was angry at her live-in partner and vowed to take him down. She accused him of rape, had him thrown out of his home, took all his tailored suits and tried to sell his cars. It didn’t work—she was convicted of perverting the course of justice.

Read A twisted ex-girlfriend, her vicious lies and a mission to destroy an innocent man on

Link supplied by two Lovefraud readers.

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Ox Drover

You know, I think the “average reader” of a newspaper or magazine who read about this would think “what a b1atch” that woman was, but not really comprehend the devastation that she left in her wake.

This story reminds me of Donna’s story, and the hundreds of other stories that make the news or maybe not even the news, just show up with the victim coming here to lovefraud to tell their story.

It reminds me of “humpty-dumpty” the egg character in the fairy story, when he feel off the wall, “all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty together again!”

The encounter with a viscious psychopath leaves us shattered like an egg shell with our parts hanging out. How on earth is this poor man going to put his life back together? How much will it cost him in his mental health,, to say nothing of his financial?

I know that at times I have felt like Humpty dumpty at the bottom of the wall, wondering how I would ever gather ujp my inner parts and if I did manage to gather them upo,k what on earth would I put them in—my shell was in a million pieces.

Through the years I have glued and taped and reassembled pieces of my “shell” to hold my innerself together but it has taken a toll on myself and my life. IN some ways I’m stronger, and in other ways, there are still pieces of me that don’t quite fit right, but one thing I can say is that I have a great deal of empathy and understanding for this poor man and I wish him well and pray that he finds peace after this ordeal.

Whatever time she spends in jail it can’t be enough!


I agree. When I watched this news story on Lisa Presley and her marriage to Michael,

I was irritated with the comment that she got out of the marriage without much harm (words to that effect). NO WAY!!!

When you hear her describe her “high” from the love of Michael Jackson, it sounds like the high you get when you get carried away with the “perfect man” who has “chosen ME!!!”, and that is where the narcissism of the man hooks your own narcissism. That’s where knowing your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, helps… that you don’t dismiss red flags early on because you believe so much in the dream, and the man, and the story.

That is the recipe for a tough-to-break betrayal bond. Good for her for having the strength to get out, but we can all imagine the pain she went through….that disillusioned feeling, that cognitive dissonance when you can’t understand how someone who loves you choses to hurt you on purpose, with coldness, etc.


hhm, never again, I think you said something of import to me:

‘it sounds like the high you get when you get carried away with the “perfect man” who has “chosen ME!!!”’

‘perfect ‘ BECAUSE they study us and know what will ensnare us.

i don’t know if it is narcissim on our part – for me it is just a desire to be loved, respected yes, and admired, for what I am.

he was PROJECTED (in my case) as perfect in specific key ways – def not in all.

i am going to think about this – how’ if the narcissism of the dupe fits in, in my case.

thanks 😉

Ox Drover

Dear Never,

I read a quote from her interview with Oprah (didn’t see the show) but she mentioned something along the lines of “if he (MJ) didn’t want you around he could make you GO AWAY even his family.” (or words to that effect)

I was sort of gobsmacked when she married him (of all people) but I have a feeling she had been kept pretty naive in her upbringing…also I think that MJ was at BEST “maximally dysfunctional” and from a “Maximally dysfunctional upbringing”–there are lots of rumors about that family and so who knows what is true and what isn’t, but to me there was too much weirdness there about young children in his bed and pay offs of young children’s parents for there not to have been some pretty hinky kinky things going on there some where.

I don’t think MJ was nearly as “sweet and niceie” as he tried to give the impression of being. Twisted maybe, but sweet and nice….nah!

One, yea—I agree with you totally. They project on to us the feeling that we want to feel–that we are perfect for the perfect one and therefore two perfects have found each other!

Where is the puke emoticon when you need one…I fell look line and sinker for me being the Perfect woman for my perfect BF! Perfect that is if he hadn’t been a psychopath, and perfect for me if I hadn’t been such a naive dreamer! DUH! Yep, perfect victim meets perfect abuser = perfect misery! Way to go Oxy!!!! LOL

Ox Drover

Did anyone see Dateline tonight? It is on at the same time as 20/20 and I tried to watch both (channel surfing) 20/20 had one part on the internet scammers like the creeps that are sucking people like my poor old neighbor “Gramps” dry of their last cents. Huddled up in Costa Rico, but when the law shuts down 1 operation like this and 2 open up!

Dateline was about a guy running from the Law in US went to Panama and killed 6 people for their property and got by with it for a couple of years until he finally killed someone who was missed, but still took MONTHS before anyone listened to the fact that people were disappearing and this guy was “buying” their property—everything left behind by these people who “sold out”

Dateline did an interview in the prison with this guy and he was just like Joran van der Sheet, trying to come off as “not a serial killer” because he didn’t “mean” to or “enjoy” the killing he ONLY DID IT FOR MONEY!

The thing MOST people don’t get, I think, is that whether or not they KILL SOMEONE PHYSICALLY, they RAPE the souls and lives of people….they don’t have to take a GUN to kill, or a club, they kill by GREED that is just unfathomable.

Even here in my community a lifetime friend of mine has been financially raped a couple of times over in the last two years, once by a crooked CPA who took him to the cleaners, and then another guy selling him a piece of property that he didn’t OWN! Of course the second guy was arrested for something else, but the money for the property was up his nose and gone so there will be NO recovery for my friend who is now my age, and what he has worked for his entire life is GONE! Fortunately he still has a job but he is not only financially raped, but emotionally as well because everyone in the area knows what a “chump” he has been.

He is such a great guy, helped out everyone in the community! and Now is SCREWED over by psychopaths and doesn’t even really know what has HIT HIM. Doesn’t realize what kind of people he has been dealing with.

When we TRUST too much and don’t confirm things especially financially, we put ourselves in a position of being screwed over.

It isn’t the guy you don’t know, the stranger who gets you, it is the one that you let close to you that has a chance of screwing and financially ripping you off.

I think for every outright, pull a gun and rob someone, there must be 100 scams where people convince you to give them what you have, or to turn your back long enough for them to steal it out from under your nose. Or convince you just to hand it over to them.

The American ex-pat community in Panama (as most ex-pat communities I have known in other countries) is pretty “close knit” and tends to trust too much and not ask too many questions about someone’s background or past. I know that my sperm donor used that to scam other Americans in other countries for his cons. He pretended to own things that he didn’t, in order to present a “rich” appearance. He bought things on credit in this country, then without paying for them, took them out of the country and sold them outside the US…so how is someone going to recoup on that? Track him down in South Africa or Columbia?

People disappeared? Well, where did they go? Who is going to send someone looking for them? Just like the guy in Panama got away with it for so long…and no real fear of being discovered even. Just like Van der sheet, he laughed and posed for the cameras, enjoying the attention.

So Donna’s James Montgomery didn’t kill anyone (that we know of) but ONLY did financial and emotional “murder,” does that mean he is LESS dangerous or less evil than the guy in Panama that has confessed to SIX murders? But thinks himself “not a serial killer”????

Personally, I wasn’t moved when he “cried” for his poor wife that he said was “innocent” and how pitiful it was for HIM to have to spend his ENTIRE LIFE IN A PRISON IN PANAMA? I personally can’t think of a better place for a psychopath to spend the next 50 years than a prison in Panama, or maybe in Peru! Even prison in Louisiana, Mississippi or Texas is a cake walk compared to Panama or [email protected] I guess that’s my rant for today!!!


I’ll catch it when it comes on.
I like Dateline AND 20/20.

I had a nice chat with a local cop today about TPO’s.
This one was a ‘newbie’…..cute as hell…..he wanted to know all about spathy.
So I shared…..the whole story.

He was impressed with my follow through…..and we talked guns. He reminded me that I DO have a right to protect myself. I agreed and assured him I would and will when necessary…..and this sociopath will NOT get away with anytihing further!
We also talked about the ‘spath dictionary’ and the doublespeak. He was well aware of this ‘dictionary’ and what the ‘public’ assumes vs. what is meant by a spath.
Interesting speaking with him today.
Gotta chat up those cops…..especially the cute ones.


Something in this story really made sense in the respect that it’s very typical with disfunctional spaths. Kate Woodhead came home after filing a ‘fake police rape report’ and was visibly happy, giddy. This is how spath acts when he thinks he can pin his problems on me.

There was one night where I saw him happier than I had seen him in awhile because he thought he had conviced the psychologist that I was crazy as a bat. This was at the clinic for sexual issues (part of the University program) and spath said “Will you listen to Dr. S. if he finds something wrong with you? Because the only time I think about sex is when we go up to the bedroom, you seem to have the problem. Will you listen to the doctor?” OMG!!! That is a whole lot of crazy making.

He was giddy that night, don’t know how he thought the doctor would think I had a sex addiction problem, but his thinking is disordered. Anyway, he was so happy that night. We were going through a painful process and he was happy. I’m getting pretty angry just thinking about it. Like the woman in this story and her lies to ruin this mans life, they get happy about it.

Blue Eyes talks about some of the signs, about how he should have recognized some of the clues to the sick nature of these creeps. One way to pick ’em out is if they are happy to have someone they profess to love take the fall for their crap. Yep, they even get giddy.

Ox Drover

Dear EB

That was a wonderful TEACHABLE OPPORTUNITY, and we need to continue to look for those opportunities. That young man will be a cop who NEEDS that information in his job from here out. He NEEDS to be able to recognize the Ps and distinguish them from others, so that he is able to do his job much better.

People in the helping professions who are NOT Ps need to know how to spot the people who ARE Ps. He will meet other cops who are Ps, and attorneys and so on, as well as criminals he arrests.

The attorney that I hired to work for me on the P-son’s parole (to prevent it) knows what a psychopath is, and that is a BIG help. Just the fact that he KNOWS what one is and therefore what to expect. He also recognizes that my P-son is not just an “ordinary” garden variety psychopath but an EXTREMELY dangerous one.

I like Dateline too, the first hour was about a plane wreck in Alaska and how 4 people survived (out of 9) The second hour was about the US guy in Panama that killed all those Americans for their property. He got away with the first 5 because no one missed them or raised a cry that they were missing. The 6th was his big mistake because she had close family.

Are you following that little girl that is “missing” but her prosthetic leg was still at her house, and her step mother is in jail for writing a “ransom” note—mom sounds like a psychopath but the girl (cutest thing in the world with a big smile and freckles) and she had been missing for “a while” before she was turned in as missing by her father—relatives knew the kid was being abused by the step mother but didn’t do anything about it.

That is why WE must NOT SIT SILENTLY BY when we see something that is “off” we need to GET INVOLVED. BTW the step mother had apparently met and married this father over the internet. She had a long history as well of not showing up in court unless brought there by the law. The child survived bone cancer but not her evil step-mother and the father’s relatives that didn’t want to become involved.

Cadaver dogs have “alerted” in the mother’s car and also the father’s car, but there has been no body surface yet. It just gets weirder and weirder.


Yes….it’s sickening! We MUST get involved when alerts go off in our guts! Education about the disordered personalites we live amongst is KEY!
I think if more people ‘got involved’…..the law couldn’t over look the penalties.
I heard they were searching the landfill for the leg……
Did you hear the recording of the father calling 911 with that cockamamie story of the ‘ransom’ note (for his ‘boss’) and he suposes his daughter is gone……must have takend the wrong child.??? WTF?
Hellooo Pops…..don’t cha know where your d is?

All these sick, sick parents.

Ox Drover

EB, No, I didn’t hear the 911 call, but I have felt all along that he was involved in the disappearance or he would have “NOTICED” she was gone! DUH!

What got me so rared up was the father’s family who knew the girl was being beaten by the step mother and DIDN’T CALL or do anything about it! Then they had the balls to get on TV and say they didn’t! Don’t they GET IT!!! Yea, I know, I know….

The mother setting the brush pile on fire and calling the fire department…and oh, yea, the kid disappeared sometime…but I found this ransom note for my boss’s kid on my car windshield. The cadaver dogs alerting on both the father’s car and the mother’s car…these people are not only EVIL they are MORONS as well.

They sound like that Anthony b1atch in Florida! Or that creep-o that either killed or gave her baby Gabriel away to keep him from going to his father. I’ve got to quit reading the news it is raising my blood pressure! Nothing I can do from this distance after the fact except FUME! Think I’ll give the news a break for a while.


I am glad they finally got this right, and jailed this person? But it is too bad the man had to be arrested, lose his job, his reputation and all his possessions first. As it stands now all women have to do is cry rape, sexual harassment or other, and the man loses way before any real investigation takes place. Usually the women are free to do this over and over even gaining financially along the way, or in a juicy settlement at the end. Thanks for publishing this story as this story line is just as familiar as the male abuser. This story is also lovefraud; a story of a sociopathic loser/ liar who probably has done this many times in the past. And would have continued if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Oh sorry Scooby Doo flashback.

Ox Drover

Dear Teacher,

There is another case going on, not quite this cut and dried, in Missouri where a woman says she was held a “sex slave” for 7 or 8 years (Like Jaycee Dugard) ….and tortured etc….the man and his wife that she lived with have both been arrested…the way the thing seems to be coming down now is that the woman is not real bright, but apparently was willingly living with this couple, engaging in S&M and S&M prostitution—apparently the whole bunch were into seriously sadistic S&M and would also qualify as “trash” under just about anyone’s definition of how they lived their lives, but because the woman went to the hospital for some injuries suffered during some of the S&M sessions, and didn’t want to own up to the life style she was living to her relatives, concocted the story of the “slavery” as a way to cover up a consensual life style.

There is a woman who is on trial now (for re-sentencing) for stabbing her husband over 200+ times while he was tied down for an S&M experience. She defends her actions as he abused her before she killed him.

So–what’s the “truth”? Can anyone tell? What was voluntary and what was forced?

The only thing I know for sure is that if there is any kind of an intimate relationship with anyone who is a psychopath there will be chaos, pain and physical and/or emotional injury from associating with a psychopath. When two psychopaths get together, the injury can spiral out of sight!

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