Woman plots fake rape accusation

Kate Woodhead of the UK was angry at her live-in partner and vowed to take him down. She accused him of rape, had him thrown out of his home, took all his tailored suits and tried to sell his cars. It didn’t work—she was convicted of perverting the course of justice.

Read A twisted ex-girlfriend, her vicious lies and a mission to destroy an innocent man on

Link supplied by two Lovefraud readers.

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I am glad they finally got this right, and jailed this person? But it is too bad the man had to be arrested, lose his job, his reputation and all his possessions first. As it stands now all women have to do is cry rape, sexual harassment or other, and the man loses way before any real investigation takes place. Usually the women are free to do this over and over even gaining financially along the way, or in a juicy settlement at the end. Thanks for publishing this story as this story line is just as familiar as the male abuser. This story is also lovefraud; a story of a sociopathic loser/ liar who probably has done this many times in the past. And would have continued if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Oh sorry Scooby Doo flashback.

Ox Drover

Dear Teacher,

There is another case going on, not quite this cut and dried, in Missouri where a woman says she was held a “sex slave” for 7 or 8 years (Like Jaycee Dugard) ….and tortured etc….the man and his wife that she lived with have both been arrested…the way the thing seems to be coming down now is that the woman is not real bright, but apparently was willingly living with this couple, engaging in S&M and S&M prostitution—apparently the whole bunch were into seriously sadistic S&M and would also qualify as “trash” under just about anyone’s definition of how they lived their lives, but because the woman went to the hospital for some injuries suffered during some of the S&M sessions, and didn’t want to own up to the life style she was living to her relatives, concocted the story of the “slavery” as a way to cover up a consensual life style.

There is a woman who is on trial now (for re-sentencing) for stabbing her husband over 200+ times while he was tied down for an S&M experience. She defends her actions as he abused her before she killed him.

So–what’s the “truth”? Can anyone tell? What was voluntary and what was forced?

The only thing I know for sure is that if there is any kind of an intimate relationship with anyone who is a psychopath there will be chaos, pain and physical and/or emotional injury from associating with a psychopath. When two psychopaths get together, the injury can spiral out of sight!

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