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Woman predicts her death and her prediction comes true

Kerry Smith of the United Kingdom told a friend that her ex-boyfriend, David Palmer, who was released on bail after assaulting her, would kill her. He did.

Read: Father jailed for brutal killing of ex-girlfriend which she chillingly predicted after he was bailed for harassment, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Susan Powell thought the possibility that her husband might murder her was high enough that she took the precaution of writing a note and storing it in her bank.

I let one of my closest friends know that if anything ever happens to me to make sure the police are aware of my P sister.

I’ve seen her (my P sister) flip out when she thought people weren’t paying enough attention to her or things weren’t going her way and pick up something and slam it down. She didn’t hurt anybody at those times, but violence is progressive. One of these days it’s going to be a human that she goes after violently.

She’s already gone after me psychologically and legally, attempting to harm me on every level that she could short of actual violence.

She’s stalking us, in particular my son. We tried to get restaining orders against her, my mother, and her daughter in January, but the judge thought that three people were “just too much.”

We submitted an 8 page affidavit for me and a 6 page affidavit for my son to the court listing what they have done, including driving my son to suicidal ideation twice that required hospitalizations. I put in a table, based on a stalking expert’s research, showing how their stalking is escalating. They’re at the brink of crossing over from the phony, “we care so much” messages to getting really ugly and violent. No blood drawn yet, though. Guess we can’t be in that much danger.

The judge said that the law in our state permits a restraining order only when there is an actual physical threat. Not true. We got a permanent restraining order on her, until my son reached his 18th birthday, when she legally attacked us before. Apart from my son being hospitalized for suicidal ideation, there were no threats of violence. I honestly think the judge felt we were the crazy ones and that she was blowing us off.

My P sister has a fascination with guns. She bragged to me about a paper body target, which she had shot at a gun range, that she posted outside her cube at work as a warning to others not to bother her too much. She laughed about it. She thought it was funny.

Unfortunately, she was working for a privately-held company at that time which didn’t put any more money into Human Resources activities and policies beyond the absolute minimum requirements. At many companies, what my P sister did would be grounds for firing.

Her daughter is married to an ex-con and dated a number of them before she married this guy. My sister explained, “Ex-cons need love, too.”

My sister doesn’t come across like a criminal. She’s charming, intelligent, and funny. She had a MBA, has been a college professor, and has earned over six figures for years. She has the house and cars all paid for and she drips jewelry. Obviously, she has what it takes to be a success. What she did to me and my son has been repeatedly trivialized as “a family dispute,” in part, I’m convinced, because we don’t have the financial status that she has achieved.

She points to her first ex-husband’s brother-in-law as the crazy/dangerous one. He’s already served time for manslaughter. He strangled his girlfriend to death. He was also picked up as the prime suspect of the slaying of one woman who was found in the woods with her eyes and mouth stapled shut. The authorities think he might be responsible for about 5 or 6 other murders with the same MO in the state and are looking at him as a possible serial killer. I have no reason to believe that this isn’t true, but she’s using the information as smoke and mirrors to make her look saintly.

I even took the Mosaic Threat Assessment test on Gavin de Becker’s website to assess the potential of violence against me by her. I am at medium risk.

I have long predicted that her daughter, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, would be lucky to reach the age of 30. Either she is going to blow a number of people away or she’ll get murdered herself.

These people are time bombs. And nobody pays attention until after the fact, until after there is a body. Then all the “Oh, mys” and “Tsk, tsk, tsks” come out.

Know what I really despise seeing in the press? “Why didn’t anybody know? Why didn’t anybody see this coming? Why didn’t they get any help?”

We’ve tried. Nobody listens.

Ox Drover

G1S, I happen to know EXACTLY how you feel, and my son HAS already murdered someone, a girl named Jessica Witt in 1992 in Ft. worth Texas….and he sent a pedophile ex convict to kill me and make it look like a suicide….fortunately for me a friend found a listing for this man on the Texas sex offenders list and sent it to me when she recognized him. He had rented a house from me as a way to infiltrate our family.

What the physical risk to you and your son is only you can know. I wish I could give you something, some words of wisdom that would make you feel safer. I have finally come to the point I live with CAUTION but not TERROR the hyper vigilant state is a miserable way to live. My son C was still as jumpy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs 18 months after his wife and the Trojan Horse psychopath tried to kill him. Any loud noise would send him through the roof.

I DO have fire arms and I can and would use them to protect myself, but if you are not proficient and comfortable with fire arms I suggest that you get either BEAR SPRAY or that you keep a can of WASP spray on every flat surface in your house. It is cheap and shoots a spray about 20 feet and I guarantee if you get it in their face, they won’t be shooting at you, they’ll be looking for water to wash it out of their eyes.

Most of the time a murderer gets close to the victim, so keeping anyone that you might fear at a DISTANCE is a good practice….as well as if someone comes up to you in a parking lot with a gun and says “get in the car” DO NOT do it…run, you have a much better chance of getting away alive.

Get an alarm system for your house if you don’t have one, and dead bolts. Park your car inside if possible, but be careful if not, at least a locking gas cap.

My guess is though that even with a restraining order she wouldn’t respect it. They think they are too smart and can get around “rules.” One woman I know has a program where she has endangered women/men record a video DVD of why you are in danger. In the case of your mom and sister, I think I would send them a copy, to let them know you are on to them. Mention that the daughter’s husband is an ex con and mention the other men who are involved with them and possible serial killers. It might not bring you back but it would at least give the cops some clues.


Thanks, Oxy.

I wouldn’t send anything to the Ps. I want to “gray rock” them.

If I ever saw them near my house, I’d call the police to get them off my property. I would never speak with them face-to-face.

The video DVD thing sounds like a good idea to give to somebody else though.

I did send copies of the court papers to a few select relatives so they could see in her own words and handwriting what she did and what the court determined. That doesn’t mean that they’d step forward.

I can give that information to my attorney to keep in my file. That would work.

I’m unclear – do you have two sons? One tried to kill the other?

Sorry about your son who did murder. I tried to find information on the name and place that you gave, but nothing came up. I tried Dallas and I found a heartbreaking note from her mother.

Ox Drover

G1S “HEARTBREAKING NOTE FROM HER MOTHER” ????Where? I need a copy of that for my petition to the parole board….I have googled until my fingers are numb and can’t find much in the news papers…one small article with a photo of her….

I have 2 biological sons Patrick age 41 (just turned) and C age 42, and son D who is adopted. son c is the one whose wife tried to kill him. She was having an affair with the Trojan Horse ex convict my son Patrick sent here to kill me….when I disappeared and they couldn’t find me, they decided to rip off my egg donor which they did, but then the DIL wanted to kill her husband—funny thing is if they had just taken off and not tried to kill c they could have gotten away scot free with 2 paid for vehicles and $50,000 that my egg donor had put in my DILs hands “for safe keeping” LOL

What a mess, but it worked out in the end. C is free of her and she ended up with nothing but the clothes on her back the day she was arrested. She’s working at a mcDonald’s now and living with some creep she met off the internet on an S&M site. LOL I’ve actually seen them a time or two at an auction I go to.

The last time she was there though I stared her down and she left, I haven’t seen her back there since.

Lat parole hearing for Patrick I had a 100+ page file of information and his letters to the trojan horse and some of his medical file where he was called ASPD and the police report which was DAMNING and the news article with the photo of her. I have some other photos of her too that Patrick had in his things I have here (I didn’t realize who they were until recently)

I am having trouble with my computer and getting to my G mail account so if I don’t answer you promptly let me know. I really do need a copy of anything like that you turned up.


Reading this article assures me I am doing the right thing by leaving. My realtor was going to wait until I leave the state to list my condo, but ufortunately, there was some confusion among the staff in his office and my place was listed for a 24 hour period.

The good news is that he is talking to a man who is making a cash offer, and they are negotiating on the side while I pack up and get things in order. The bad news is that I just received a Facebook friend request from Spathy’s N mother. I indicated I did not know this person, so she will not be able to initiate another friend request. I couldn’t block her, something is wrong with that option on the site today. Trust me, I keep going back on to try to block it. Don’t know if it is a coincidence or if she got wind that I listed the condo. At any rate, I’m not going to give her any supply by even sending a “do not contact me” message. I’m just gonna pretend they don’t exist anymore.

At any rate, my original relocation plans fell through, and I will end up around my family of origin for now. It’s not an ideal choice, with the N mom and all of the characters in the family, but it’s safer than being at risk with a S who has admitted to killing before. I don’t want to end up like this poor mother. And I think my ex is capable of it.

I don’t know what’s stopping me from making my flight… After reading that article and seeing the dialouge between Oxy and G1S, I’ve decided to get off LF for now and start researching flights. Wish me luck, and I hope everyone has a great Easter holiday. (((HUGS to the LF community)))

Ox Drover


Get gone girlfriend! If you even suspect he is capable of hurting you or the baby, GET GONE leave everything if you have to, just BE SAFE! ((hugs))) and my prayers for your safety!


It’s been an ‘interesting week!”.
Spath update.
Jr got a restraining order yesterday.
Not sure if spath was served or not……court is closed today!
Got home to several calls from clients and community members……spath has been paying visits to them…..
He’s made some mistakes and hes changed. He’s getting married soon……and he does yoga and follows the ‘spirit’. He’s looking for work.
His Gaga has girls and they want to move to the tropics or here……but the schools are better here.
He’s patched things up with his Jr’s…..and all is good in his life.
Okay……the real story…..
He’s jumped gates to ambush my clients, catch them off guard. Change?
He’s got a new dupe he can hide behind.
He wants to flaunt her in our town.
Our life wasnt’ ‘so’ bad…..he wants it back, with a replacement wife/kids.
UH Sorry……I kept my life and removed you….and this town ain’t big enough for all of us!!!
He told clients he changed with Yoga and follows the spirit.
They laughed.
He patched things up with the Jr’s? Um…..clients asked WTH?? They know my kids…..
I said, well…..if you consider Jr attained another EOP on him yesterday as a patch…..well….okay!
I also informed them that he recently met his prospective gaga……..a month ago…..
They laughed!

I am so pleased that these folks contacted me. They were a bit skepticle in calling, and didn’t want to upset me, but thought I should know what he was up to.
They said, we are friends EB…..and we want you and kids safe.
Thank God for that!!!!


Don’t rethink your gut!!!!!!!! Please…..
You’ll have plenty of time to heal…..DO NOT SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!!!!
You have taken the steps……now JUMP!

Ox Drover

EB glad you are getting the order of protection updated!

I am also glad that your clients are getting it and not buying into his “change” LOL ROTFLMAO

Well Lady Ga ga may find out that he is not the prince charming she thinks he is…or she may be under the spell, or she may be so desperate for a man she is easily put under the spell. I was in that shape –where I was so needy I was easily conned, it was (in retrospect) funny!

Well, keep your friend handy and Holly well fed!


Yoga? Enlightenment?

Do an Internet search on “John Friend” and “yoga sex scandal” or just click on below to get started.

This guy wasn’t just about sex. He had people delivering illegal drugs to him and he did a number on the company’s pension fund.


Unfortunately, he’s not the first and I’m sure won’t be the last yoga teacher to cheat with students. UGH!

Rodney Yee cheated on his wife, then divorced her to marry the student. They teach together all over the place!

It’s a disgusting practice of taking advantage of his position to get sex.

There is another woman in FL running a yoga cult and she has ULTIMATE power over the people there. One person I know that left them got the crap beaten out of him for trying to leave! They didn’t break any bones, but they clobbered him good.

Money, sex, power. Spathy, yes?


Ah, here she is. The Jewish housewife from Brooklyn turned cult leader. What a story!

Ox Drover

Any time you have a guru you have the emotional control and sometimes it becomes physical control as well….look at Jonestown.

Cultism is toxic any way you slice it.


I read on another P-victim site about a family nudist colony, “loving, open, and welcoming all,” ended up with a pedophile in their midst because he got to have nude children sit on his lap whenever he wanted. He must have thought he was let loose in a pervert’s candy shop.

When he touched a girl who didn’t like the touch when she went to VISIT HIM IN HIS CABIN one day and she told, then he was found out.

People think there is something admirable to “welcoming all,” but how many are endangered because they are not using their common sense?

We don’t emphasize anymore that trust is not an automatic, it needs to be built, and it takes a long time to build it.

We see it all the time with politicians, i.e., “You can trust me! Don’t trust the other guy.” Yuck.


G1S, exactly!!! Trust is to be earned, not freely given. And, this was probably the most easy tell to a spath for me to be a perfect target. I would openly assert that someone had to “do something” for me to not trust them. Today, I trust NOBODY until they’ve earned it. At least, I hope I’ve come that far, at least. 😀

Ox Drover

Giving out trust like it is easter candy is foolish but that seems to be the way our society as a whole expects people to behave. To trust someone until they do something to destroy that trust…but then given them another chance “because everyone deserves a second chance”—or a third.

I am with G1S and Truthspeak, trust must be EARNED not given until the person proves untrustworthy.


There is a message often sent that if you don’t automatically and immediately trust somebody, there must be something wrong with you.

For example, the person not immediately trusting another person is seen or even called outright a small person, not loving, not kind, unspiritual, seeing bad when there is no evidence of it etc.

I think this all comes back to the misconception that everybody is born good and that everybody has good motives.

Al-Anon, within the past few years, unofficially adopted a stance of “presume good will.” There are those of us who pushed back against that because not everybody enters something out of good will, but also because of the manipulation and control involved. “Presuming good will” blocks concerns and reasonable objections. There is no discussion.

What are people supposed to do? Sit there with smiles pasted on their faces and accept anything and everything that anyone presents?

I understand that some people got fed up with people making an issue out of every little thing, but at the same time, sometimes it’s the little thing that eventually leads to the ulterior motive.

You would have thought that society would have learned something from the people who volunteered to become scout leaders or coaches and turned out to be pedophiles, but apparently not.

If the Internet has done anything, it’s opened people eyes to what others are capable of doing.

More and more people aren’t buying the spins anymore, but nobody is really stepping forward with the alternatives so people revert back to what is known even if it being shown as being unrealistic.


you missed one: “paranoid”

There was one red flag I learned as a teenager, even before I knew what a spath was:When someone says, “Trust me”, run like the wind.


Oh man, I didn’t want that rejection from the group. Being seen as small and petty, and not ‘open’ and welcoming to anyone who came along.

I got this message loud and clear from my narcissistic family…..let grandpa molest you, let mom neglect you, let your cousins abuse you…..and love them all. Accept them, welcome them, do not criticize them, and think of them as your good and loving family.

Took this right out into the world….the spaths LOVED it!


i’ve been up against some pretty slick sociopaths & they specialize in making you look like you’re the crazy, in these little situations where the more you protest the worse you look, the first female one i was up against at work, specialized in these comments where she would say very very nice things about me but the person listening would clearly get the message that i was soo bad….and that made her look even better for being so forgiving of me…there was absolutely nothing i could do it became so crazy that i finally threatened to beat her ass (which is the opposite of the kind of person i am and always have been) and surprisingly, that actually worked….i saw fear clearly in her eyes. so i made it very clear she would leave me and my name alone entirely- no comments about me period or else. then i cut off all contact workwise with her. absolutely, made it clear to the entire management staff to keep her away from me. and that had an impact, that i stood up to her, as others were beginning to be likewise treated by her. i wound up winning that battle, but the damage was done to my reputation and my career. and she actually tried to kill me, at an office party where she mickey’d what she thought was my drink, but was my husbands….i weighed around 95 pounds, he weighed around 200…put him in the hospital with an overdose that almost killed him. they are very dangerous people.


I’m starting to see a pattern here.
It sounds like most of us either are very skinny or we were very skinny when the spaths latched on to us…

This is very interesting. Considering the epidemic of obesity, there seems to be a high proportion of thin people on LF.

Spaths envy. But they don’t know what to envy unless it’s pointed out to them. Our society is obsessed with skinniness as the epitome of how to be. could it be that we attracted their attention because of our thinness?

I’ve been very thin most of my life and now I’m quite overweight. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I’m treated by both men and women depending on my weight. Since I was thin as a young person, I had few female friends and women were never very nice to me. Men were always nice though.

Now that I’m fat, women will talk to me kindly, do nice things, offer their help and just be friendly in general. Men ignore me for the most part! LOL!

There is quite a difference and I can only put it down to envy. Since spaths are the most envious creatures around, maybe our skinniness is what triggers them.

Even male spaths would get triggered because it’s not the skinniness that they are envious of. Instead, what being thin symbolizes (in their stupid minds) and the attention that a thin person gets (in their stupid minds) is what they envy.


No, Sky. I’m big. It’s “protection” from the spaths. Never worked with them. I’ve heard about how I look like a whale – yuck, yuck, yuck, isn’t that so funny?

Seriously, they’ve done studies that indicate that there is a strong correlation between obesity and people who have been abused (or still are being abused.)

Carriesguns – “she would say very very nice things about me but the person listening would clearly get the message that i was soo bad”.and that made her look even better for being so forgiving of me”” Oh, I hear that one loud and clear.


Hi Sky & G1S,
So, it really doesn’t matter if you are skinny or overweight. That just proves spaths with abuse anyone.

I was thin when I met spath and she was just starting to gain. She always talked about how much she used to exercise, but never exercised that I saw. Now, she is quite large after a couple of more years of not exercising and probably just talking about it.

Since the spath I have gained wieght. I’m not considered fat but I don’t consider myself thin either.


Ana and G1S,
you both had other qualities that made your spaths envious. Also you both had female spaths.

I’m not saying that you have to be skinny to attract a spath, I just wonder if it isn’t just another thing that makes us look “shiny” to them. They all want arm candy to complete their masks.

As much as I would rather not be overweight because I feel unhealthy, I don’t really feel that it “defines” who I am. Yet my spath was really concerned about it. He hated it when I gained weight. He cared more than I did. And it’s not like we were having sex. I didn’t have sex with him for the last 15 years. (that’s probably why I didn’t care about being fat. lol.)





I know that I was more attractive that my P sister when I was thin. That contributed to her jealousy.

I honestly think it was the non-ending stress, the attacks, and the antidepressants that packed on the weight, not to mention the chemo for the cancer. The cancer developed, I think, as a stress reaction to the Ps.

Even my S mother once said to me (consider the source,) “I can’t understand why you’re as heavy as you are. I’ve watched you eat. You’re not a trencher. How come you’re packing on so much weight?”


After I threw mine out I spoke to someone who commented how well I looked. I replied that I’d lost 13 stone!! He said Wow!! How did I manage that? I replied I threw him out!!! LOL LOL

Seriously I lost about 2 stone after I threw him out. I’ve now put on a lot more weight, but thats due to other things


omg, carriesguns!!


LPmarie you can block a person on fb if you do the following:

1) go to yours
2) click on home in the blue upper menu bar, to the right
3) select privacy settings
4) scroll down and you’ll see the option “blocked people and apps” and a blue link to the right of it saying “manage blocking”
5) click the blue link “manage blocking” and type in the name in the name field and click “block” button.

If you search their profiles the search won’t find them, and they can’t find you. If they type your name on google and the facebook link shows on the google page and they click on it, facebook will say that your page doesn’t exist.



Thank you! I did finally get to block her from another computer. But I appreciate you taking the time to assist me.

I have HUGE news, LF friends!!! After reading this article on Friday and with some prompting with the comments from the caring people here on this site, I made the big jump I’ve been so afraid to make. I finalized relocation plans and started execution.

I listed my car on Craigslist and found a buyer (written agreement, deposit, and all) willing to wait till the end of the month when I can transfer it to him.

I made flight reservations. My plans to move in with my auntie and uncle fell through, but I’m in the works at developing others. I do have to return to my dysfunctional family of origin with my N mother nearby, but it’s not as toxic as what’s going on here. Besides, nobody says we have to stay there forever. My sisters are a good support, and I have a good friend there who is considering having me stay with her till I get on my feet again.

My realtor is sitting on my paperwork, ready to list my apartment as soon as I get outta here. He and his wife are some of the most caring people I have met in my life. His wife looked terrified when I mentioned that my ex might be stalking me. She told me to pack what I want to take with me, leave the rest behind, and she would garage sale it for me and get my apartment cleaned with the money made. She also offered me a ride to the airport. There really are good people out there who care. I’m willing to trust in that concept again, just slowly, carefully, and with people I choose to add into my life, not those who try to aggressively insert themselves into it!

My last day of work is this Friday. My boss took me aside when I resigned and said that when he hired me he thought he was going to enrich my life, but I ended up enriching his. We both cried. I’ve been through hell while working here, and this man always had my back, no matter what happened. He was the one who pushed me to get a restraining order in the first place, and never considered getting rid of me with all the drama going on. Always had an ear, a shoulder, and no funny stuff. I’ll miss him.

My Spathy ex called the visitation center to schedule for May. I can’t WAIT to call back when we are safely out of here and cancel these appointments. The notes kept by the visitation center are admissible in court, so I’m wondering if I should say relocation out of state to cover my butt in case he ever does track us down and somehow drag me to court, or do I not even tell them why? Part of me would like to let him show up and sit there for all the times he disappeared on me, but I will not lower myself to his behavior and return evil with evil. But I do want to be safe.

I’m scared, but now that I am in execution mode and my plans are taking shape, I feel like 1000’s of pounds are one by one being lifted from my shoulders. I’m starting to feel excited about my life again. Spath free!



Yay!!! So glad to hear of this wonderful news!! Keep going full speed ahead!!!

Ox Drover

Dear dear Marie!

TOWANDA for you sweetie! Keeping yourself SAFE and that baby safe are the prime directives fo ryou right now!

MAKING the decision is always the hardest part, and once it is made then the doing it is all down hill easy! It will be an “adventure” I am sure with a little one, but you do have some help and that is good.

Right now, not having utilities in your name is a good thing…as that is an easy way for someone to trace you if they are looking for you. So make sure that your FB does not tell where you are in case he gets someone else to hack it…..get a post office box at once of the mail things and have your mail forwarded there not to the address you are going. If you can get someoen else to forward it to you lilke a friend in the town you are living in now, have your mail forwarded to her and then have her forward it to you. That leaves no trace where you are (what state etc) and the harder you make it for him the better and easier on you. Hopefully if he can’t find you for a year or so he will give up. god bless!


Louise and Ox,

Thanks! I appreciate the support. Full speed ahead, indeed!



Best of luck to you. Don’t forget – new cell phone – different number. There are people that advertise on the internet that they can trace what tower a cell phone is pinging on (just like the police) Safety First

I know things will fall into place for you.


Thanks, MiLo! We are defintely on our way toward new adventures 🙂


I don’t want to be alarmist, but I think my spath is targeting me again. He has stalked me online and at work.

I keep an eye on his activity from a distance. All the signs are there. I am terrified.

He’s buying weaponry.
He is disengaging from society.
He is reading books, planning to kill.
It is an anniversary of something bad that happened to him.

I am working very hard to listen to my intuition, since I failed to do so years ago, and my spidey sense says SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG.

He has stalked me at work.

GIS, I tried to take the mosaic assessment but they won’t let me use it for workplace violence.

I don’t know what to do aside from being vigilent. If I file a police complaint, they will serve him papers which will only make him angry.

I don’t really know what I expect from talking about this.

I already told my husband, he is angry at me saying I am just being alarmist. I would rather him focus his energy on helping me find a good defense instead of being angry at me.

I have to get to work, I have to get home.



I don’t understand what you mean about not being able to use the Mosaic thing for workplace violence. Your ex is not a co-worker, correct? That’s what that test is for, as far as I know. Danger from co-workers. Why would you use the workplace violence test?

Take the test for domestic violence/male.

HOW has he stalked you at work? What exactly has he done?

Check out this resource.

This one below has Safety Plan Guidelines. Start there.

Try to calm down so you can make level-headed decisions.

That is a shame about your husband. Research the above. Maybe you will find something in there to convince your husband.

Even if he says that you’re an alarmist, trust your gut.

Make your safety plans anyway. They might help sink the message into your husband’s head.

When is the anniversary of the bad thing that happened to your stalker? Can you be out of town or the state that week?



Bravo for taking such positive, affirming action.

You are so lucky to have such caring people willing to help you.



This Handbook for Stalking Victims is lengthy (78 pages.) Maybe they’ll let you print it out at work. That’s what I did. 😉

Anyway, why don’t you go through it, highlight what you feel relates to your situation, and then go over it with your husband? Maybe that will help.


I am sorry you are going through this! It’s horrid.

You have all these facts lined up about him and your husband is angry? WHY? You might ask him to be more supportive because YOU FEEL your life is at stake.

Try the best you can to stay safe.



Yes, PLEASE be safe! On another note, I didn’t know you were married? I must have missed that in your story.

Ox Drover


TRUST YOUR GUT! Listen to G1S her suggestions are good.

Also do call the police and make a report, tell them what you know and it is important that you let them know what is going on. The police can’t help you unless they know what is going on. they don’t have to contact him in order to help you.

Don’t let your husband’s anger keep you from protecting yourself. Other people’s opinions are only that, and even though you care about him, take care of yourself inspite of his ideas. (((hugs))) and God bless.


Louise, yes, I am married. I met the spath when my husband and I were separated. We are now back together and he’s angry about the spath.

GIS, thank you, I will print out the piece on stalking. My spath typically doesn’t come to my home but he has come to my workplace several times. The mosaic thing is for when you’re stalked at your workplace. I notified the building, the office and stuff today.

I do appreciate the links. I am going there now.

Yes, it is unfortunate that my husband is angry and doesn’t want to do anything. HR is here now, I gotta run.

Send this to a friend