Woman predicts her death and her prediction comes true

Kerry Smith of the United Kingdom told a friend that her ex-boyfriend, David Palmer, who was released on bail after assaulting her, would kill her. He did.

Read: Father jailed for brutal killing of ex-girlfriend which she chillingly predicted after he was bailed for harassment, on

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I am sorry you are going through this! It’s horrid.

You have all these facts lined up about him and your husband is angry? WHY? You might ask him to be more supportive because YOU FEEL your life is at stake.

Try the best you can to stay safe.


Yes, PLEASE be safe! On another note, I didn’t know you were married? I must have missed that in your story.


TRUST YOUR GUT! Listen to G1S her suggestions are good.

Also do call the police and make a report, tell them what you know and it is important that you let them know what is going on. The police can’t help you unless they know what is going on. they don’t have to contact him in order to help you.

Don’t let your husband’s anger keep you from protecting yourself. Other people’s opinions are only that, and even though you care about him, take care of yourself inspite of his ideas. (((hugs))) and God bless.

Louise, yes, I am married. I met the spath when my husband and I were separated. We are now back together and he’s angry about the spath.

GIS, thank you, I will print out the piece on stalking. My spath typically doesn’t come to my home but he has come to my workplace several times. The mosaic thing is for when you’re stalked at your workplace. I notified the building, the office and stuff today.

I do appreciate the links. I am going there now.

Yes, it is unfortunate that my husband is angry and doesn’t want to do anything. HR is here now, I gotta run.

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