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Woman sentenced for raping, beating and starving her four grandchildren

Edwina Louis, 53, of Wheelersburg, Ohio, was sentenced to four consecutive life terms without parole for severely abusing her four grandchildren.

Judge William T. Marshall said he had never seen anyone more evil in his 19 years on the bench.

The three girls and a boy were rarely fed and were kept tied up for long periods of time.

The children’s biological mother and her boyfriend were also sentenced.

Woman sent to jail for the rest of her life after raping her four grandchildren is described as the ‘most evil person’ the judge has ever seen, on

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This is truly horrible, but which is worse? Parents who give you plenty of everything (food being Number #1) but no love or respect?

We had plenty of ‘stuff’. Two beautiful homes but so many distortions and put-downs (and unrealistic strictness that did not allow you to breathe in any direction). When I saw ‘we’, I refer to the more vulnerable children in the family. There were two undisputed Golden Children. They remain pains in the butt who feel and act entitled.

To be socially and psychologically (and in fact, spiritually deprived) wrecks its own havoc. I remain unable to socialize properly or keep a job. Many fingers have been pointed at me, castigating me, but I am now able to tell the finger-pointers that there are 3 (three) fingers pointing back at them.


All child abuse is despicable and I cannot believe that we still allow it to go in here in America in any way shape or form. Psychological abuse can be much worse than physical abuse and it is almost ignored by the “law”. Rape is still treated like a misdemeanor or the woman is blamed. We were making such progress and now the savages are getting off again. Crimes against children can only be committed by psychopaths and if they ever get out of jail they will do it again and again. They require the death penalty on first offence to protect children and society. I believe humanity is on a down swing due to too much pity for the offenders and too little respect for the victims. Rehabilitation is a lie. If anything criminals learn to be more violent in jail.


Why did the others get off so easily. They should all get the death penalty. Psychopaths or illegal aliens. Welcome to America.

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