Woman sentenced to 20 years in plot to murder husband

Mike Dippolito met a woman, Dalia, through an escort service. They married, and six months later, Dalia Dippolito tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband. The police found out and set up an elaborate sting to catch her. She was convicted in May, and yesterday sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Watch coverage on ABCNews. A series of videos will cycle through—first an interview with Mike Dippolito, then news coverage of the conviction.

Newlywed Dalia Dippolito gets 20 years in murder sting; judge calls her ‘pure evil’

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Redwald – GREAT spath speak in your post.

(how do you code that indentation and line?)

“I took off her hat and veil and could see no blood, and afterwards removed her cloak, and still saw no blood.” If there was any truth in that (which I doubt), he couldn’t have been looking very hard!

answer: he shot her in the neck and didn’t remove her scarf!

this is really humorous, and i am sure this is what my spath’s petition looks like (she is being sued by a former dupe). one of her statements was that since SHE knew her characters were fictions, she was not responsible if others believed they were real. oh yah.


peace out all. i have just spent the whole night online, and need to get off the puter and get to sleep.

Hi one/joy,

Oh boy, is that an excuse! “But everybody should have KNOWN I was telling lies!”

As for the line and indent, you can get those with HTML. What you do is to put


at the beginning of the quotation, and at the end of it you cancel the “blockquote” mode with the same directive, except that it has a forward slash in front of it, like this:


I usually put my own quotes in boldface as well. You don’t have to do that, but I noticed on this board that when you “blockquote” a piece of text it comes out looking a bit faded and harder to read, like this:

This text looks a bit faded compared with normal.

So I put quotes in boldface to counteract that and make them more legible, like this:

This text looks a little clearer.

The way you do that is to put


before the text, and


after it. So for instance:

<blockquote><b>There was a young man from Darjeeling
Who traveled from London to Ealing
A notice he saw
So he carefully spat on the ceiling.</b></blockquote>

comes out looking like this:

There was a young man from Darjeeling
Who traveled from London to Ealing
A notice he saw
So he carefully spat on the ceiling.

Happy quoting! 🙂


The case of Paula Bonhomme v. Janna St James has expanded expanded the fraud tort:

“A woman who allegedly assumed multiple identities as part of a “massive charade” can be sued for making false representations, a divided Illinois appeals court has ruled in expanding the reach of a tort that is normally reserved for business disputes. ”

If Ms. Bonhomme wins this case there will be a precedent set in Illinois. This bodes well for people defrauded by spaths.


Wow, I can’t believe how twisted your spath is. So many layers of lies and extreme ones. It’s funny how different but similar the spaths are.

My spath was a very very bad liar. He threw obvious contradictions to his lies in my face. He wanted me to know he was lying. EIther that, or he thought he was above being caught.

I thought he was smart.

But he wasn’t so smart after all.


I knew there was more to the story:
Michael Dippolito met Dalia Dippolito in 2008 when he called an escort service while his wife was out of town. When his wife returned to town he told her to move out and that he wanted a divorce. Five days after the divorce was finalized he and Dalia got married not long after that the $225,000 townhouse was transferred into Dalias name. Ok fastforward a bit, Dalia hires a hitman to kill her husband and the entire scene is caught on tape, it is a ruse. But Dalia does not know this and thinks she is really hiring someone to kill her husband. So obviously she gets arrested with a great deal of evidence against her. …..
It serves Michael Dippolito right, he is a convicted felon, he has trafficked drugs on several occasions, stolen large sums of money in ponzi schemes and has an addiction to prostitutes and escorts. My issue is you deserved it Michael Dippolito.

There is more to this, story, I can smell it.

and more…

Sky, thanks for digging out the rest of the story…..when I read that he had met her as an “escort” (read prostitute) I figured that he wasn’t a “Mr. Goodie Two-Shoes”—-

Again, like we have talked about before here on LF—if you FISH IN A SEWER YOU CATCH TURDS.

This guy was obviously fishing in a sewer….

It is NOT UNCOMMON for two psychopaths to “hook up” and then they prey on each other. One being the victim today and the other one being the abuser, and then they change roles,, just like musical chairs. It is the old “gasoline and fire” relation-SHIT.

Now, he presents himself as the “innocent victim” of his wife trying to have him killed….and in fact, he had VICTIMIZED his previous wife by going with “escorts”—-so in this case, he became the victim instead of the abuser. Some people do this over and over and over.

If she had not victimized him (this time) he would have eventually victimized her… is all the psychopaths’ games.

When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. So this time is no exception. Both of these people are psychopaths. At least no one actually got killed though.

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