Woman sentenced to prison for arranging husband’s murder

Stacey Schoeck lured her fifth husband, Richard, to a park in Georgia, on Valentine’s Day 2010, so they could “exchange cards.” Instead, he was shot by a man she had hired to kill him.

Valentine’s Day murder: The death of Richard Schoeck, on

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From the article:

““Richard was a fine man, a Boy Scout leader, a very community-minded, compassionate person,” Darragh said. “He was a busy, well-liked person.”

If something was broken or someone needed help, Richard Schoeck was there, his family said. He could fix anything and was the ultimate problem-solver.

“He was always there,” Fillingim said. “He would help anybody do anything.” ”

Yep. She had to TAKE that away from him. Probably couldn’t stand the thought of such a person walking the earth and ‘stealing’ sunshine from herself. Obviously to her, men were all targets of opportunity – to be destroyed.
I imagine that there are quite a few women also out there that she tried to destroy.

Reminds me of a couple of things my s’path ex-gf said.
There were guys that she had dated that she wanted to ‘machine gun’.

And, she asked me if I had ever ‘killed’ anyone. Seriously.
Weird. I wonder now if that was a ‘tell’ or if she was trying to recruit me to whack someone.

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