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Woman sentenced to prison for arranging husband’s murder

Stacey Schoeck lured her fifth husband, Richard, to a park in Georgia, on Valentine’s Day 2010, so they could “exchange cards.” Instead, he was shot by a man she had hired to kill him.

Valentine’s Day murder: The death of Richard Schoeck, on

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Ox Drover

This woman is so “typical” I think of psychopaths! No reason in the world to kill this man, but she just had to “win” over him at all costs.


Did you see her eyes? Wow.


Poor man …’s so sad and such a waste




For Stacey Schoeck, Richard was her FIFTH husband. If I were one of his family member’s, I’d be questioning why this woman had so many husbands, what’s happened to all of her ex’s. He sounded like he was a gem of a man, winding up with a piece of rubbish. Stacey claimed that Richard was killed because she believed he was molesting her children, which turned out to be a lie. In the end, Stacey belongs where she’s at, in PRISON.


I did notice her eyes – they look like they don’t blink, they just stare.

Ox Drover

One of the “signs” of a psychopath on the PCL-R is “Many short term marital relationships” To me, anyone with 3 or more “long term relationships” (3-5 years) especially if they got married is suspect…why are they picking bad relationships? OR why are they being dumped by good people?

I know a gal who just married a guy and she is #4 wife. And from what I know about him, he is NO winner.

The first thing that jumped out at me as I read this article was that Richard was Stacey Shoeck’s fifth husband!I also kept looking at Stacey’s eyes and noting that they were ‘unblinking’.And her excuse of child molestion….C’MON!!!
You take those suspicions to the proper authorities-you don’t kill!



Also, I read that Stacey Schoeck was having an affair (at the time that she had her hubby killed). Why did she bother to get married – it certainly wasn’t important to her, keeping her vows that is. The woman doesn’t look like she’s that old, already having been married five times. Amazing.

Ox Drover

Bluejay, I think part of the “why?” is that we cannot see a real “motive” for what they do, it isn’t something that we would do at all so it is hard for us to figure out WHY ON EARTH someone would do whatever it is they have done.


What a loss – a good, decent guy.


From the article:

““Richard was a fine man, a Boy Scout leader, a very community-minded, compassionate person,” Darragh said. “He was a busy, well-liked person.”

If something was broken or someone needed help, Richard Schoeck was there, his family said. He could fix anything and was the ultimate problem-solver.

“He was always there,” Fillingim said. “He would help anybody do anything.” ”

Yep. She had to TAKE that away from him. Probably couldn’t stand the thought of such a person walking the earth and ‘stealing’ sunshine from herself. Obviously to her, men were all targets of opportunity – to be destroyed.
I imagine that there are quite a few women also out there that she tried to destroy.

Reminds me of a couple of things my s’path ex-gf said.
There were guys that she had dated that she wanted to ‘machine gun’.

And, she asked me if I had ever ‘killed’ anyone. Seriously.
Weird. I wonder now if that was a ‘tell’ or if she was trying to recruit me to whack someone.

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