Woman sues after date assaults her

Mary Kay Beckman of Las Vegas met Wade Ridley on Eight days later, she broke up with him. Four months after that, Ridley allegedly tried to kill her, stabbing her 10 times and stomping on her head.

Mary Kay Beckman sues after Wade Ridley allegedly tried to murder her, on

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OxD, if I dared to actually engage in a “Happy Dance,” I’m fearful that I would pass gas and faint in my current medical state. So, it boils down to a “Happy Arm Flap,” here.

Arms flapping happily here, Truthy. Congrats and TOWANDA.

CONGRATS Truthy!!!! Good news.

A very nice song to dance on for celebration:
Sorry wrong “think”… it should be this one:

Congrats Truthy, you’re freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Dearest Truthy,

Hooray today is your day!! Zipa dee doo dah!!

Hugs SW

seems weird to be so happy that a marriage has been severed but that is the norm when it was a union with a personality disorder.

i wish you the sweet release from bondage, a lifting of oppression, and an unimpeded path to the light where love and opportunity and joy awaits, a future that was NEVER possible as long as the spath weighted you with dragon claws.

i keep thinking i am doing well with my recovery, only to find after time has passed that i find new recovery, new inspirations and insights. i TOTALLY underestimated the emotional relief when my divorce was final… so as wonderful as today is? There’s MORE JOY TO COME! it’s been just over a year and wow, the difference of feeling the freedom is truly lifeaffirming.

Congrats Truthspeaks. Breathe FREE. It is SO Sweet.

Thank you all so very, very much. Without this site and the strong encouragement, support, understanding, and guidance, I would have caved in a long, long time ago.

KatyDid, I used to believe in the sentiment of a romantic marriage – partners for life, and all of that. And, I do know that there are healthy marriages out there, and I’m grateful for that. But, I also have learned that marriage is reduced to a legal, binding contract, especially in a “No Fault” State. As long as “No Fault” divorce exists, then people will be allowed and even encouraged to behave in the most depraved and heinous ways without facing punitive consequences for the damages that they inflict.

I just began a very interesting book, “The Emotional Rape Syndrome,” by Michael Fox, Ph.D. It is an interesting look at the aftermath of VICTIMS of sociopathic entanglements and more research, study, and remedies for survivors of predatory partners needs to be undertaken.

I am, indeed, free. Free of lies, deceit, robbery, and toxicity.

Darwinsmom, thanks so much for the Aretha link – I LOVE that song, and I love the Queen Of Soul…….

Again, my deepest and most sincere thanks to my dear LoveFraud community. Brightest and most fervent blessings upon each and every one of you in recovery.

Much, much love……much love

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