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Woman swindles elderly man for $2.2 million

Norman Butler of Washington worked all his life as an optometrist and managed his money carefully. When he and his wife, Mary, retired, they were financially comfortable. Mary died in 2004, and the next year, Norman met a widow online.

Except Shea Saenger wasn’t a widow. She was married con artist, who was also a convicted murderer. As Butler developed Alzheimer’s disease, she swindled him for $2.2 million.

Doug Butler, a Lovefraud reader and Norman Butler’s son, sent a link to his story.

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167 Comments on "Woman swindles elderly man for $2.2 million"

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Not what you hoped for, but still a nice sum of money. I hope you can recover a big chunk out of it.

It sounds to me that this family is altogether lacking in values and morals, and probably dysfunctional all over. My guess is that they want you to fight them in court instead of settling, because they feel entitled and forcing you to work for it, plus the drama of course. 🙁

I have not posted here for a long time so I thought it was time for an update. After four and a half years all of the lawsuits I filed on behalf of my father are resolved. 6 civil suits, a bankruptcy and the mail fraud criminal case plus a variety of counter suits all spread out over 4 states. At one time I was paying 6 attorneys in 4 states.

A couple of years ago I had thought that if after fees and costs we managed to recover 10% that was as good as it would get. Today I think we will do better and wind up with as much as 15%. I now own a house in Arkansas which is on the market and a house in Washington which I cannot sell yet for a variety of reasons. And the US Attorneys Office has been sitting on over $80,000 since July 2012 which will come back to dad someday.

Finally Shea Saenger inmate 41449086 is still in Federal prison. At the moment she is in Carswell FMC in Fort Worth TX with a scheduled release date of October 6, 2015


Thanks for the update, and it’s good to hear that things have potentially turned out a bit better than you anticipated. I wish they would throw away the key and keep this one forever, sigh….

A quick update on Shea Saenger.

Saenger pled guilty back in 2011 to mail fraud and was sentenced to 46 months. On April 15 2015 she was released from federal prison in Waseca MN and moved to a halfway house in Portland OR. Her final release date is supposed to be October 6, 2015 but it may be earlier.

On April 21, 2015 I was able to sell the last piece of property that I recovered through a multitude of civil suits against Saenger and her family. All told there were 6 civil suits, the mail fraud criminal case, a bankruptcy and a variety of counter suits against me. Just to keep my life simple the suits were in Washington, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. I was able to recover about one third of what Saenger stole from my father but it was at a terrible cost. Still, even after all the expenses we have enough money to pay for my father’s care. Dad is now in an Alzheimer’s facility and his care runs about $75,000 a year.

There is not much activity anymore but I still keep up the web site at

5 years ago Shea Saenger was sentenced to 46 months in prison for mail fraud. Even though her sentence officially ended October 6, 2015 she is still in a halfway house in Portland, Oregon. With the time she has spent in jail for contempt she has only been let loose on the world for about 4 months since January 10, 2011. She had been released on December 31, 2015 but that ended when she threatened to kill and gut the people in the house where was living. She hasn’t been out since. According to my calculations her next potential release date is next week, January 13, 2017

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