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Woman with restraining order was arrested when ex violated it

The Denver City Council voted to pay $175,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a woman who was wrongfully arrested.

In February 2006, Amy Shroff had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. When the man violated it, Shroff went to the police station for help. She was arrested instead.

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Ox Drover

I hate to say this, but if that had been Erin Brock (the lovefraud poster) I think they would have been GLAD to settle for TEN TIMES that amount AND FIRE the jerk cop!

I swear I quit watching news casts because it made me so MAD and now I think I am going to have to quit reading news as well, my blood pressure may go through my brain!

If this don’t take the freaking cake!


OXY: you bet your sweet ars they would! 🙂
You crack me up.

Right is right and wrong is wrong….that is just that.
What is the preface of a protection order…..
Uh….helllllooooo PROTECTION! The protectee can’t be blocked in at a police station because ex didn’t appreciate her actions of photographing him drinking or hanging at a bar against their child protective order….
Classic controlling behavior! If he didn’t want his car taken a photo of as documentation…..well he should have WALKED or stayed home if his kid was important to him.

I will tell you….I am not surprised by this….IN THE LEAST! Some of the contacts I have had with Police have been less than stellar….with ME educating them and demanding a superior to INTERPRET these orders.
Spath stalked kids at ski resort on a run in the middle of the forest… one but kids friends (all minors)around. (Minors don’t make good witnesses according to police).
Since there were SPECIFIC places listed in the order…..the officers decided to convolute the order and say that I specifically hadn’t said THIS ski resort.
I said…..Okay…i’ll give that to you…..but the very FIRST PAGE of the order said…..NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER!!!
Define that Mr. COP.
I can’t list every bus, every restaurant, shop, car, that myself and my kids will be at/on.
So if I list bus 7 and kids take bus 9…..i’ts NOT a violation if spath gets on and harasses kids………
He can follow us to Oklahoma, but NOT Arizona….wtf…..

I’ve discussed this with many clerks and judges and all agree…..the authority involved in enforecing these orders MUST have training on how.
Many times, as in this Denver case…..cops who hold a grudge will take one for the ‘male team’…..and NOT do as the law allows.

GOOD FOR HER for taking it to the bank. Although i’m sure it will happen again……unfortunately!



The only thing worse than the story are the many comments rationalizing her being arrested.


And the police officer wasn’t fired or even disciplined. Shocking stuff.

Glad I don’t live in Denver.


This is how the settlement broke down, according to

Even MORE shocking, as far as I am concerned….

“The settlement proposal that the Denver City Council will consider approving Monday would pay Shroff $94,238. The law firm that represented her, Killmer, Lane & Newman LLP, would receive $80,761.”

The lawyers are getting almost half of the victim’s settlement.
I’m speechless.
I knew the lawyers took their piece of the pie, but I did not realize it was that much.

And, Officer Spellman seems to have come through all of this unscathed.
Apparently he testified that he believed the boyfriend, Kruse, who said that Shroff was stalking HIM.


She was on a contingency….sounds like this firm is the ‘police’ of the Denver cops.

Ox Drover

Not suprised about how much the land sharks got, but that’s the only way to get CIVIL JUSTICE in the good old USof A unless you are very wealthy to start with.

The COP should have been FIRED though!

Ox Drover

Maybe if I CUSS enough %$$##E#$#@ I will get a signal! Gosh I hate AT&T!!!!! Worst part is I can see the first few words of posts I’d like to read and CAN’T EVEN READ EM!!! UHG!!! Oh, well, keeps me off of the NY Times website too! LOL

Oh, well, Thursday isn’t too far away (go back to town to have the hearing aids adjusted)

Did anyone see the “Mind Games” program on ABC about the guy who is the guru of “Laws of Attraction?” thingie James Ray? He is under indictment for being a swindler and several people dying at his “retreats”—what was amaziing to me though was some of the people who had been there saw their friend die, paid $10,000 for the priviledge would pay it again because even though they thought HE IN PARTICULAR was a swindler, but that the “Law of Attraction” was valid. Some of those people had given him EVERY DOLLAR THEY HAD to teach them how to “attract money” and they were dead broke.

Kind of reminds me of me! The Stockholm syndrome we all were trapped in at one time or another—the still trying to believe in spite of all the EVIDENCE that we had been swindled. My egg donor still holding on to the fantasy that P-son is gonna get out and come make her last days happy!

(Head shaking here) Yea, I like living back in the hole in the woods, and the more I see of the rest of the world and the more news I see or read, the better this hole in the woods gets. Gosh I love my dogs! LOL G’nite!


Make sure those hearing aids don’t affect your brain….and ya lose your purse again….goofy!


Plus….with Oxy not on LF….we can talk about you more! HA!


I went to the link and read the story. This is stupid, pure and simple stupidity. I am so glad this woman didn’t let this go. I’m glad that she fought it and at the same time brought to others attention how an officer SHOULD act in these cases. And he wasn’t even disciplined? Aaarrrggh!
Hey, I’m willing to give classes to officers on HOW to read a restraining order. Hey, I’ll do it for free! It wouldn’t be the first time I called it on an officer for not doing their job.


Ox, I wanted you to know I ALMOST switched to AT&T. I’ve seen your postings on here and they changed my mind. I’ll stick with what I’ve got. Hang in there, girl!

Ox Drover

Dear Cat,

We got the air card nearly 3 years ago when we had to go on the run so we could get internet in the RV. Reception was OK and is UNLIMITED in how much you can down load which some of the others aren’t unlimited amounts. The service was usually adequate except during storms. The last 2-3 weeks though even when the weather is okay, the service is 1 or 2 bars of signal and I can get on line, but JUST BARELY and ikf a big e mail comes in it will dump it and I have to stgart over.

Lately we had been getting 1 bar of 3G which is FINE and pretty fast (faster than 3 bars of regular) but then all of a sudden can’t get 3 G and if it does pop up, it is for a short time and then goes away (and I lose my post) Son C hjad his jown verizon card with a 3 gig limit to play games on line and never used more than 1 or 2 so was adequate and VERY FAST.

SO if son D wants to down load some honking big lprogram he can go to a free wi fi spot when we go to town and do it.

I can’t get DSL here so dial up (which sucks) would be the only other option.


oxy – have you tried writing your posts in word and then cutting and pasting them? I often write a document first, ’cause this tiny little freaking box is sometimes not big enough.

Ox Drover

Yea, that is an idea I hadn’t thought of. Thanks.

On the otgher thread where you posted the link to Anna’s blog: yes, I’ve seen her blog and she has some good ideas, but again the TERMS “malignant narcissist” hawk back to Sam Vaknin. There’s a lot of “pop psychology” out there too, but she isn’t TOTALLY off base.

I figure this way, if anyone is saying “set boundaries, these people (whatever you call them) are TOXIC” then the ultimate end is a + direction.

Many people, it seems to me though, take the ACON role as an excuse for whatever dysfunctions they have hung on to, rather than as a reason to change how they make decisions. Just MHO.

The thing is though, and we need to I think keep this in mind, even a BLIND PIG GETS AN ACORN EVERY NOW AND THEN. Also, keep in mind that RAT POISON is 99% pure corn meal. So something can be almost right and still be toxic.

Psychopathy is such a broad subject in any case, so many variables, etc. thatl no one is going to know everything about it and be 100% right! (heck not even me! LOL ROTFLMAO) But if we are headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION then we are going o get some benefit out of what we are learning.

“No one is perfect except me and thee, and frankly, I’m wondering about thee.” LOL ROTFLMAO

Elizabeth Conley

We want to trust police, and for the most part we can.

Not always. What kind of people are attracted to police work? I’ve noticed that many of them are the kind of people who seek conflict. They look for an excuse to fight.

For this reason, it behooves the average citizen to be extra mild during traffic stops. We should also avoid crime scenes. We really don’t want to get a police officer excited about engaging us in conflict. Normal people aren’t looking for a fight. In fact, most people shy away from high conflict people and situations. This means being extra cautious with cops.

Sure, cops want to think of themselves as the good guys. They pride themselves on being on the side of right. Trouble is, many of them are itching for a fight so badly that they’ll start that fight with someone who wants no part of it, then justify their aggression later.


Elizabeth Conley:

Good to see you online.

Agree with your comment about cops. I am the first top admit cops have a tough job. That said, I have, over the course of my career, had a lot of exposure to cops. And there are some seriously screwed up people who are drawn to that career. The common characteristic? A need to control. Sound familiar?

Elizabeth Conley

P.S. The reason why so many posters are wondering why the Lady was “stalking” her Ex is because the article is badly written. It poses more questions than it answers.

Why was simply being at this bar a violation of their child custody agreement? How did the guy learn that his ex wife was headed to the police department with proof of the violation. Why was she following him around taking photos of his truck?

These are pretty good questions. I’m giving the lady the benefit of the doubt, but the journalist is a moron.

Elizabeth Conley

Hi Matt,

“The common characteristic? A need to control. Sound familiar? ”

Yes, it does. They may wrap their psych issues up in pretty linen, but a lot of cops get aggressive and downright nasty with meek, mild-mannered, law-abiding citizens.

That’s frustrating. As parents, we’d love to tell our children that the police are their friends. Unfortunately by the time they’re teens, most kids have seen a police officer acting out atrociously. It’s hard to tell kids who’ve seen police act nasty at a routine traffic stop or chance encounter on the street that the police are their friends.

Ox Drover

Dear EC, Great to see you here! Your comments are as usual very to the point! I agree that the journalist was a moron, but it is also (giving her the benefit of the doubt) that her husband might have been on some kind of “no alcohol” prohibition (at least she DID have to prove to a court he was a danger) and maybe she did go a bit overboard watching him to get photographs of him going in or out of a bar, but at the same time—SHE was the one with the protection order, so I’ll give her that.

I agree that there are too many “macho” control-freak cops, and basic thing is that it is a low paying job, dealing with nasty dangerous individuals most of the time, so isn’t going to attract the highest caliber in many instances. Very attractive job to people who are anxious for “authority” (i.e. Psychopaths).

In 2008 there were 14 MILLION ARRESTS in US (not counting traffic arrests) –and 594,000 of them were for VIOLENT CRIMES (rape, murder, armed robbery etc). Actually, almost all forms of crime statistics are going DOWN in the last few years. Interestingly enough, I think the LONGER TOUGHER sentences are keeping enough of the REALLY BAD GUYS in prison that over all crime is decreased.

Unfortunately, we could seriously UNcrowd the prisons and maybe even work on rehabilitating some of the NON-psychopaths if we’d just keep the 25% of the inmate population that are psychopaths—and do 80% of the crime—in prison for the rest of their UN-NATURAL LIVES.

But What works isn’t politically correct, and what is politically correct doesn’t work!


The anti-social personalities know beforehand that the police won’t do anything to them. It’s their word against the victim’s. The Spaths know this and so do the cops.

When I filed my ID theft against my EX, the original officer of the case cared. Because he cared, he was immediately transferred, and about a year after his transfer, he retired. The new officers that took over my case kept dropping the ball on purpose. It was so ridiculous how they ignored me, refused to return my calls that my sister and best friend constantly hounded them. My sister pretended she was me and the cop told her … “that he spoke with John (my ex) and was told that what I accused him of stealing were gifts to him”. When my sister informed me of the cops answer, I told her to tell him that we have a Bridge in Brooklyn to sell him.

Bottom line, the majority of police DO NOT CARE and the ones that do care, get transferred off your case. In my situation, my sell out attorney for my lawsuit is now city counselor of the city I live in which oversees the police department I filed my ID theft at.

The good news. Our city’s mayor was convicted of 5 felonies 2 weeks ago. Last week the felon resigned as Mayor … and I pray that the sell out attorney that was suppose to represent me gets to be booted out as well.

God is good. We just have to wait for God’s justice to occur, it’s all on His time, not ours.



Ox, Hang in there! I certainly understand why you chose to go this route and I have used a phone modem, which is slower than molasses. I’ve tried the swearing thing! It doesn’t work because if it did, I would have a computer that worked at warp speed!

Elizabeth, I REALLY liked your comments here. I want to like and trust the police too. But I don’t. And where I live, the police are not fond of me at all. I have a report on file against me because I didn’t press charges for grand theft auto. He had taken my car, which is now history, and had been gone for almost 48 hours, doing drugs, lending my car out, etc..
When I took it to the station to have it inspected so that there was nothing in there I could be charged for later on, I got my butt reamed by the desk sargent who did the inspection. I received a 10 minute screaming tirade from this person because it was interrupting his day.
So the moral of the story is..if you call the police, be ready to press charges. If you don’t, they will NOT be happy with you and they will not take you seriously. When I did press charges, this changed to some degree but there is no love lost between the police and myself.

Matt, agree! There are some VERY screwed up people in this profession like any other. And control is a big trip for them. I’ve seen it in action.

Good comments on here!


While that is bad for the woman, and I am glad that they paid her money, I feel it is even worse when the police do arrest the violator — and then the judge will do absolutely nothing. I have commented on this in previous posts as it was exactly what happened to me. My ex violated 3 restraining orders during her 2.5 years of (abusive & lying) behavior.

Each time the judge would yawn, act annoyed and refuse to do anything about the restraining orders being violated! Nothing. Ever.

He did threaten to throw me and my (female) attorney in jail for questioning why he would not punish my (psychopathic) ex wife.

Frank Lee Speaking

This kind of thing is happening all over the world. Police forces which once had standards are now looking for the biggest morons and halfwits they can find and making them cops. These are the most easy to control and they won’t question anything. The whole powertrip of a uniform goes to their heads too.

I know there are many wonderful and professional cops out there, but they are getting more rare with each passing year. I would wager that decent and professional cops who do their job because they want to help the public are rooted out of the forces as they are too smart to blindly follow dumb or immoral orders from above.


Yes, it’s called the New World Order … everyone employed by the government as they do nothing for their paychecks, keeping chaos flourishing, stroking egos, getting the phony titles and promotions for being a better halfwit than the last … Does the numbers 666 ring a bell to anyone? Call any government office and you get a recording that spins you in a circle never getting to a destination … then you get the final hang up.

The emperor has no clothes.

Ox Drover

Wini, how could you say the emperor is naked! What are you, some kind of nut job? LOL Don’t you know “we are the government and we are here to help you?” is the mantra of the day! LOL ROTFLMAO and “I must be honest, I got elected to be governor of Illinois” LOL ROTFLMAO


Oxy, I was reading some of the crapola they had in our state for the morons that work in the system …

One quote from an employee that did the work “I didn’t know such stupid people could get jobs” … That’s an understatement.

Just in case you folks though I was kidding … one link is worse than the next, one pervert worse than the next.

Ox Drover

I’m following the news on Bloggo and I hope they throw away the key, but my bet is he doesn’t do much time. That family court judge who was taking BRIBES and was a woman hater only got about 18 months—poor baby, they let him out in time for Christmas with his family!

I was actually suprised they gave Madoff as much time as they did.


Oxy, they gave our Gov a few months. A few months for stealing all the money in the state budget and all the illegal activities he conducted from the time he and his cronies got in office. It was because of him that my situation happened. Anyway, he’s now a felon still working for government and tells everyone he’s a born again. Yup, I’m buying that one, NOT!

They protect their own because they all know they are guilty of something themselves. Isn’t politics fun?


Re: Blagojevich

Chicago Politics…..As far as I am concerned, it’s borderline Mafia in there.

Honestly, in my opinion, what Blagojevich allegedly did is not that big of a deal, in terms of “Chicago Politics”.

The fact that Obama is from Chicago has put the national spotlight on Chicago, and the way business is conducted there.

It’s unfortunate for Blagojevich, because he just happened to get caught when everyone was looking.

If President Obama was not from Chicago, I doubt this story would be as big as it is.
Just a hunch.

But, corruption has been running fast and furious in Chicago for decades, literally.

It’s one of the most corrupt cities in the nation as far as politics goes, my opinion.


Rosa, All the Northern states regarding their slimy politics are perverted. They think perversion is NORMAL. That’s how sick they are. It’s not what you know, but who you bl–!


Rosa, speaking of Obama, his nomination of the judge that sold me out is being scrutinized by Senator Hatch. Because of this judge, I’m out of my job, out of $250,000 of my money, had to pay slime ball attorneys that were in the politicians back pockets. They trashed my reputation, trashed my perfect credit history and now Obama wants this judge on his 2nd district. All because I refused to be a bimbo working for them.

Give me a break with all the big ego perverts running this country in the toilet.


I can definitely relate to this. I had a PO on the SP once; he violated many times, but stupid me, only had him arrested twice. The second time when he violated it was a phone call he made to me. The police didn’t even want to arrest him for that. The remark made to me was, what’s one phone call?” Another time I called the police on him because he threatened to kill me and my senior citizen neighbor who was trying to help me and yelling at the SP to get away from my door and leave me alone. The police arrived; I told them what he did and that I wanted him arrested. He was arrested for “breach of peace” only. They arrested me too for failure to appear in court the year before. This was already nollied ? spelling, because I was in the hospital and the time, it was dropped. Well because they didn’t have it in their pc yet, they arrested me too. GET THIS: They took me to the police station in my pajamas on a winter night. Then they drove to his apt. (there were two cars). I waited in that car about 30 minutes with hot heat blasting on me, sick to my stomach, while they went to take the SP out. Both officers came out of his apt WITHOUT HIM!!! HE WON AGAIN!!! So I pitched a fit and wanted to know why he wasn’t coming to the station too,, etc.The sergeant in charge yelled at me so loudly, he scared me to the point that I almost went to the bathroom in my pants. He yelled at me, “Don’t tell us how to do our job…if you don’t shut up, I’ll put you in that cell until Monday when you have to go to court. I was upset because this was totally unfair and they treated me like the criminal AGAIN!!! As of today; I’ve been dealing with the same police department for 6 years. Not only did they arrest me, but they took mug shots, fingerprints, HANDCUFFED me to a table, flung a book at me across the table. I didn’t know what was happening. I had never been arrested until I got involved with this SP and it was because of lies he told them, and now this time, because their computer data wasn’t up to date. I didn’t know what the book was for so I asked, and they told me to “pick out a bails bond.” I didn’t even know what to do, how to pick one out, etc. Of course, they were no help at all. Finally, I picked somebody’s name and called him; I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. Then my 84-year-old neighbor who tried to help me and was threatened by the SP too walked across the street to the police station (right across the street) to see if I was okay. They wouldn’t let him see me. He was so upset because of the way they were treating me. He tried to explain that I had serious medical problems and I needed to take my meds. Plus I knew that if I didn’t take any meds, I would not only get physically sick, but I would start having panic attacks, and believe me, I was panicking. Finally, I got out of there. They didn’t even give us a ride. We walked in the middle of the night in the snow and ice. He did not appear in court that Monday, but HE DID NOT GET ARRESTED FOR FTA. My niece, who is a detective in another town, unfortunately, took me to court. I was petrified. I could go on and on about the terrible experiences I’ve had with the police over the past 6 years, but I won’t, for your sake and mine, I get so angry and frustrated, helpless, hopeless, depressed and sick to my stomach. I’ll end with this: About three weeks ago, I asked for copies of all police reports for the past two years only that had to do with the SP and me. It costs me a lot of money. Talk about getting sick to my stomach and getting very, very angry!!! Out of 36 reports, only 4 of them were correct (4)!!! There are so many lies on there about me; I am NOT lying. I know this sounds so crazy and far-fetched and probably like I am the SP, but I SWEAR TO YOU THAT I AM NOT LYING!!! The four were from one female police officer who helped me twice, another female police officer who helped me once, and a male officer. There were reports missing because some of them were not filed, especially the one where one police officer threatened to take me to the psych hospital if I called the police on the SP AGAIN!!! One time he stalked me, followed me to my apt, put his whole body against my door so I couldn’t get in, threatening me, etc…I ran to a neighbor’s and called the police. They didn’t arrest him that day either. They didn’t even go talk to him, and, get this one, the officer wrote on the report that “I walked by his house, he invited me in for a piece of cake, I didn’t want to go, so that is why I called the police!!!” That NEVER HAPPENED. I am so angry about all these lies and the way they have treated me all these years. One of them called me a whore. I was assaulted last month by the SP’s friend for no reason at all, threatened by his brother and yelled at by his girlfriend with the most disgusting language and phrases that shocked me. I am not a prude, but I can’t believe that a woman would say the most disgusting things she said. So now, I don’t know what to do. I need help – a lawyer – that I cannot afford. It’s me against the police department. I wrote to my state rep, she forwarded theletter to the Chief – nothing, except being called a whore and not arrestting his friends for assaulting me, etc. (after the letter). I want justice. I want all those reports changed. What I, my family, friends, neighbors, etc. do NOT understand if that almost every single cop who I’ve dealt with, and had witnesses, said, “we hate him, there is not one officer who likes him, we all hate his guts, he’s crazy, he is a loser, he’s this, he”s that, he’s dangerous, stay away from him, take out restraining orders, protective orders, etc………………,”all of which I did, BUT WHY DON”T THEY ARREST HIM ALL THE TIMES HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND WHY DO THEY TREAT ME LIKE A NUTCASE CRIMINAL, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, SP THAT HE IS?? NOBODY GETS IT!!! I’ve tried to move for the past four years, believe me, but I haven’t found a place I can afford, and there is nowhere for me to go as far as family members. I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do, as far as legally, if I can change these records, does LF know lawyers who help victims pro bono or at a low fee; I want justice. I and others believe that I am entitled to money for duress from the SP and the POLICE for all the mental, emotional, and verbal abuse, the stress overload, the discrimination, persecution, cruelty, which caused me to become more anxious, more depressed, and more physically ill, and had to go in the hospital numerous times, etc…I will use the money to get out of here and donate the rest to charity; I don’t care; I just do not want to let this go because it is not fair and I can help other women too. Domestic Violence in a town near me told me that the police department in my town is ONE OF THE WORST when it comes to dealing with the victims. That was one of the things a police officer said to me the day I was assaulted, “stop acting like the victim here.” I said, “I am the victim,” But no arrest for the person who assaulted me for no reason at all while the SP sat in his chair in front of his apt at his picnic and watched the whole thing happen. I was entering the office building to do my laundry. It was later said by him that “nobody tried to choke me or push me and nobody threatened me or slandered me.” There’s the GASLIGHTING again. Help if you can. Sorry for the long posting. Never mean to do so, but somehow I end up long-winded. I could write a book about the past 6 years, but I won’t; all I want to do is get out of here and forget about everything and not have to see his ugly face one more day or still allow him to have power over me at times. I despise him so much. I find it so hard to believe that I loved this man once and he “loved” me or acted as he did! I can’t believe I even went out with such a monster or stayed with him or kept going back, and sometimes, I still have these feelings that I miss him, and I feel just as sick as he is and then I hate myself for having the feelings. We haven’t been together for 1 1/2 years, the longest we’ve ever been apart, not that he ever stopped bothering me or we stopped fighting, etc., but this is the longest, and that is one thing I’m very glad about. I came close a few times, and I wanted to so badly a few times, but I see him in a totally different view now and he is a disgusting monster who I never ever want to be with AGAIN or see his face. I don’t know what was wrong with me. He was a totally different person in the beginning, as you all have experienced that. IT’S SICK!!! Thanks AGAIN from my heart. I appreciate your feedback and any advice you can give me about the legal stuff.

Ox Drover

Dear Alicia,

I can here the frustratin and anger in your posting, the fact that YOU get called names and HE skates for actually breaking the law. Unfortunately the “criminal justice system” is more criminal than just!

I’m so sorry you’ve had such horrible experiences, but you have landed in a place here at Lovefraud where people WILL believe you, and just because your story is incredible doesn’t mean we won’t believe it–all of us have also lived this CRAZY carp ourselves and understand how insane they can make us feel when we are the ONLY ones NOT lying!

I’m glad you found your way here, this is a great place to help you recover. We can’t change them, but we can make ourselves stronger! Again, welcome! God bless.

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