Woman’s new online romance is really her ex with a fake identity

Three months after her divorce, a woman from West St. Paul, Minnesota, met a new man online. She revealed her struggles with her ex-husband. Except the guy was her ex-husband, Brian Matthew Cornelius.

Woman’s online boyfriend turns out to be ex-husband, who now faces stalking charges, on TwinCities.com.

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I used to know a woman who did this very same behavior. She belonged to an online dating service, but she generated a false ID for herself, including posting much younger pictures of herself to get dates. If a guy responded and asked her out but either wouldn’t go through with the initial date or didn’t ask her out for a second time, she would harass the guy by creating a new false ID and cyber-stalking him.

This woman (a friend from childhood) seemed to get a big kick out of this kind of creepy revenge behavior; she shared this with me like she was proud of herself & clever for thinking it up.

When I eventually broke off our friendship, she subjected me to similar cyber-stalking for over two years. It took me about six months to figure out that the odd posts I’d get from people I didn’t know (that expressed hostility and oblique references to my life history) were actually from this ex-friend. The only thing that worked for me was to completely ignore all attempts at communication by anyone whose ID was unfamiliar, but still it took her another couple of years to give up.

I’m pretty sure that this ex-friend had narcissistic pd, if not full-blown psychopathy.

Hi Babs, It seems that when online, it is a good idea to meet the person sooner rather than later. I’m glad you figured this “friend” out.

She sounds unstable and disordered Babs that’s for sure. As great as the connectivity the internet makes possible can be, it’s a stalker’s playground.


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