Women gang up on crooked Casanova

Bill Sullivan of  Colorado was convicted of stealing nearly $1 million from his employer in 1999. He served two years in prison. When he was released, he’d meet women, admit that he’d been in jail, explain that he was trying to turn his life around, go to church with them and ask for their help (read: money).

Did we mention that Sullivan did this to a lot of women? Two weeks ago, the Westword News of Denver published an expansive story about the escapades of this con artist. The story involved three wives, seven named girlfriends, and a bevy of unnamed women.

A group of the named girlfriends decided to warn other women that Sullivan tried to snare. They called their efforts “Operation Cock Block.” Sullivan, of course, says they’re nothing but “scorned women.”

Read Operation Cock Block tries to protect women’s hearts and pocketbooks from this crooked Casanova on

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader, who happens to be one of the women in the story.

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hey silver – i want to read that book libelle mentioned; sounds really interesting. there hasn’t been anything critiquing that whole movement, no way to really engage and think through the efficacy of the idea.

lazy morning. about to go to the job centre to work on this appl. i need to get out of the house (face going numb, don’t cha just love chemicals!) and i need the inspiration of the boy who works there. he has been a big help. it’s sometimes hard – because my business writing is sophisticated people think i don’t need some editorial help and some encouragement – but i need both. when i rewrote my writing c.v. a couple of weeks ago i really thought about my character as a writer and what i have to offer – and one thing is collaborative writing; i really love to work with others. i love the bounding back and forth of ideas and the making of a thing that i myself could not make alone, and the other, could not make alone. writing relationships are like lover relationships – we produce a third thing. this is one of the reasons i miss the fake boy – and actually what i was largely referring to last night in my post. sooooo, i have started putting it out there into the universe: i want to write with others. you see how fast i am when we partay here – i can keep a number of threads going at the same time. i had that with the spath – who, regardless of the horribleness of her being is really freakin quick and funny – well, the boy character was. she is not so funny. i also had this sort or writing relationship with the N ex. now, this is a bit scarey….2 of these, both s/p/n. BUT there will be other writers.

i might have become a working visual artist if i could have worked with others…but back then i didn’t really ‘get’ that i could work with others. i remember this fellow i knew, we both sat on the board of an artist’s run center – he had his own dance company – was in his 40’s. i was in my early 30’s and was just finishing art school. i currated a massive show and created a ton of public programming. was a very controversial show and it brought big healing tot he queer community. after it was over he told me he always pictured me as a director. i love that energy. i want to make films; videos; i want to collaborate; i wan to write; i want have another piece of paper that will get me thorugh the next 20 years of work; i want to clown again; i want o work with adults with intellectual disabilities again.

so, that’s how i am.

able to speak again.

able to dream again.


Hi, One step. I used to write prose poetry, and then recite it on open mike night all over the city I live in.

I haven’t written in ions, though….it interferred with my addictions. LOL

This AM, I was listening to, and watching some old Jackson Browne videos that I loved in my youth, and felt inspired for the first time in years. I want to write something to/for/about Jackson Browne….I always felt he was a kindred spirit.

If you want to colaborate on something, I’d love to give it a try.

Here’s a great Jewel song for ya.

Stray thought One and Kim…
It takes three strand to weave a braid and I think that the story of our expeienced weave the fabric of emotions that define the spath experience.

Lets write a poem and publish it as a way of celebrating that we have thus far, not only survived but begun to emerge from the experience wiser, stronger and more real than anyone who hasn’t learned what we, now know….

Just a stray thought…..

I have to wonder if the recent ex girlfriend and the friend who defended him feel the same way after reading the article?

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