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Woody Allen’s adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow writes open letter on abuse allegations

Woody Allen As the Hollywood award season is in full swing, one particular plot is thickening. It contains scandal, intrigue, guilt, lies, he said/she said, accusations of child molestation, a vengeful lover, a scarred child, and a steadfast judge. It’s a Woody Allen production but it’s not a movie … it’s his real life.

Just as the Hollywood Foreign Press honored Woody Allen with a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes, Dylan Farrow, Allen’s adopted daughter with ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow, wrote an open letter which was published by the New York Times, revealing in her own words, for the first time, her side of the 21 year-old sexual molestation story.

As was the case in 1993, Allen denies any guilt.

The Onion website, known for satire and parody, published a post supposedly written by Allen, admitting that he put his fans in a tough spot as to whether to believe and support him and his work, or to believe Farrow. It is unknown whether the post reflects Allen’s true views.

The story continues …

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow, from the NY Times

Woody Allen’s lawyer blames ‘vengeful lover’ for child molestation controversy, from CNN

Boy, I’ve Really Put You In A Tough Spot, Haven’t I? from The Onion


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Just an FYI: “The Onion” is a parody site. Woody Allen did not write that letter. Although it certainly sounds like the defense he would make for himself.


Not one of “The Onion’s” better pieces. The real Woody would be far better at the humor. Satire has to be over-the-top to work, y’know, like “Tina Turner burns down legs for insurance money.” They couldn’t do any better than this?

Thanks RevJanice!


Woody Allen is a pig. To this day he continues to make comments in the media that it was a stroke of good luck Mia Farrow found he had taken nude photographs of Farrow’s other daughter Soon-Yi. It sickens me that Hollywood and Broadway have continued bankrolling a predator for the last 22 years, and that his contemporaries chose to believe his denials in the face of real evidence because he’s oh-so-brilliant. It was a FACT that he escaped prosecution for molesting Dylan Farrow, not because there was no evidence, but because this person was too fragile to make it through a trial at the time.

I can only hope there is justice in the afterlife, because he will never face it in this life.

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