World financial leader accused of raping hotel maid is freed

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund, was accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in New York City six weeks ago. Today, prosecutors revealed problems with the maid’s credibility. The case may collapse, and Strauss-Kahn has been released from house arrest.

It’s a cautionary tale about rushing to judgment. Read Dominique Strauss-Kahn freed from house arrest on CBSNews.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Dear Motherofsociopath,

I am so sorry to read your heart rending story. I’m also sorry I don’t have any words of wisdom, except to let you know you are among friends here, and you will get lots of support. I consider myself very lucky not to have had children with the awful man who came into my life, caused so much pain and left, cleaning me out and leaving me wondering what had hit me.

However, there are lots of people here who have experiences with children who have the same disorder as your son, and they will be able to help you more than me.

It must break your heart to have to live with this nightmare, but I’m sure you will find some comfort here.

(((((((((sending you hugs)))))))))))))

mother of a sociopath,
You must go NC for your own safety and that of your family.
You’ve done all you could by giving this child the best upbringing that you could.

Continue to read and learn about spaths because it is a valuable lesson you had about what they do and how to recognize them. you need to heal yourself and your daughter and husband. You already have the wisdom in you, from your life experience. Maybe you’ll be able to share it and help save others. There are so many of them and their numbers seem to be increasing.


What I suggest is keep your son at a distance (preferably No Contact) and focus on yourself, your husband, and your daughter, giving yourselves the opportunity to heal, recover from your traumatic experiences (courtesy of the sociopath). Your son will not get better over time, seeing “the light,” becoming your regular, average person (someone with a brain and a heart). I know how hard it is – you have hope that the person can change (for the better), but it’s not likely to occur – the disorder is part of them – they will act out how they’re wired. The best thing that we can do is distance ourselves (or go totally No Contact) from them because sociopaths are human wrecking balls, causing much heartache, destruction, and pain to anyone who crosses their path. Last year, I heard a psychiatrist say on Larry King Live that “a healthy brain equals healthy behaviors,” something that a sociopath lacks – he will misbehave because his brain is unhealthy.

If I were you, I would be interested in knowing more about his biological parents, basically, if either one of them had the disorder too, finding out if sociopathy is in his blood line.

motherofsociopath – How very sad. You adopted this child and ended up with a monster. He was born this way. You cannot change him. No matter how much love you shower him with, he will NEVER change. If you allow him into your life he will destroy you like a virus he will eat away at you and your family.

Many on LF have parented spath children and they will be better placed to advise. Coming across this site, and the help you will receive here, is the start of your recovery. Good luck.

Dear Motherofasociopath,

Welcome to my world. Unfortunately, many of my ancestors and my P-sperm donor were psychopaths—some quite dangerous. My very bright youngest son “morphed” at puberty into a full blown psychopath and he is in prison now (for the last 20+ years) for a cold blooded murder and other crimes. A few years ago when he found out I had cut him “out of the will” he sent one of his ex convict buddies to kill me and most likely both is brothers and probably his grandmother to “write himself back into the will” so to speak.

Whatever you do, don’t continue to have “hope” that your son will “see the light” or “reform”-=–he is INCAPABLE OF LOVING YOU, or bonding to you, you are just a source of “supply” for his needs and he will have no conscience to tell him what he does to you is “wrong”-=–he knows it is wrong, he just does NOT CARE.

Learn all you can about them, but work on healing yourself, first by NC (NO contact) at all, none, zip, zero, nada, absolutely NONE. It hurts but in the end it will hurt less because it will eventually heal and it will be the LAST WOUND. ((((Hugs))) and God bless. This was NOTHING that you did wrong, he just got the genes, and is fairly common in adopted kids because people who are even HALF WAY “NORMAL” SELDOM IF EVER give up an infant.

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