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World financial leader accused of raping hotel maid is freed

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund, was accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in New York City six weeks ago. Today, prosecutors revealed problems with the maid’s credibility. The case may collapse, and Strauss-Kahn has been released from house arrest.

It’s a cautionary tale about rushing to judgment. Read Dominique Strauss-Kahn freed from house arrest on

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did anyone really think that a hotel maid would get justice from a crime perpetrated by one of the most powerful men in the world? anyone who heard who she was knew she was illegal and that would be used to discredit her. guess her being illegal means it was consentual.

and another spath gets away with it. again….

let’s remember. justice is rare. justice against an spath is as likely as aliens living on a base on the dark side of the moon.

Ox Drover


I agree that he is a slimeball, but apparently there is some evidence that she was doing extortion and other crimes, and was not what she was pretending to be….remember that case with the Duke La Crosse players where the woman accused them of raping her? the DA jumped on it and prosecuted the guys and then BAM! It turned out that there never had been a rape, and now she is in jail for knifing her boy friend, she was LYING.

I think this is gonna turn out the same way….okay, the guy is a slimeball, but I think she is as well….there are several articles about what all she has been involved in and the more than $100,000 that has been deposited in her checking account over a period of time in CASH.


well. if she was pulling this other illegal stuff and she was in the country illegally, then it was stupid to look to the law for justice.

me thinks there’s more to the story.

Ox Drover

Here is more information about the case and about her lies….and her taped phone conversation with a man in jail for drugs….

Personally I think they are BOTH SLIME BALLS.

Twice Betrayed

I think these hoes target these rich/famous P males that can’t keep their zipper closed. Here’s that birds of a feather again…funny how they all turn on each other.

Ox Drover

TB it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it wasn’t a shake down….and he is such a scumbag he would screw anything which he has proven over and over again…so he would be the perfect one to try to extort….it is much easier to cheat a crook in that kind of sting than an honest guy. Cause an honest guy wouldn’t have been involved with her in the first place. Sheesh!

Twice Betrayed

Ox: yeah, so true. Like my X said when I busted him cheating again and asked him if he thought it was ok to just use people. He replied, “Yeah, as long as it’s mutual.”

Ox Drover


Twice Betrayed

Oxy: LOLOLOLOLOL! He saw my expression when he said that and started sputtering, which was hard to make him do. LOL!



No kidding! They get away with everything!


They do get away with everything. Rape is never ok no matter what the maid is doing and I sincerely hope she isn’t lying about it.


well, the International Monetary funded is busy raping the world, so he lives in the right culture to feel comfortable with this sort of behavior. Lots of possibilities in this one – i suspect there was consensual sex. whether or not she was trying to shake him down or she was a political instrument of a spathy system, i don’t know.

i somehow doubt that she was assaulted by him.

it’s funny, not until the last 2 days did i really GET that people do lie about being abused. i think my sister lied about my dad. but good feminist that i was i couldn’t reconcile all my thoughts and feelings – but now i recognize that she could in fact have lied. she’s an n and she didn’t get her way.

this isn’t to say that con artists and narcs aren’t raped, i just don’t get the feeling that it is true in this court case or my sisters.


So Nafissatou Diallo turns out to be another Crystal Gail Mangum, only worse.

Attempted extortion is not the only possible explanation of this woman’s accusations—or of the money in her bank account. The theory has already been touted, especially in France, that the whole thing was a setup by political opponents to destroy Strauss-Kahn’s chance at the presidency. A poll taken at one point revealed that over half of the French people believed that.

I’m not saying I myself believe somebody paid this woman to make her accusations. I’m not saying she wasn’t assaulted against her will. I frankly don’t know. But all the defense has to do is create reasonable doubt, and they can kiss goodbye to any hope of a conviction.

I couldn’t help chuckling at the crassness of a New York Post headline I found on the Web. It was in the early days of this case, when Strauss-Kahn was released on bail. The front page had a picture of him with the caption Indicted, but he will go free today. The headline underneath read FROG LEGS IT.




KatyDid, you crack me up:

“…let’s remember. justice is rare. justice against an spath is as likely as aliens living on a base on the dark side of the moon.”


I hear ya though. They always seem to fly under the radar; don’t they? Do you think that’s luck or extreme skill at what they do? Hmmm? Interesting notion.

Thanks for the smile…


Ox Drover

From the NYTimes article: For Strauss-Kahn Prosecutors, Accuser’s Phone Call Was Alarming Revelation

A series of troubling statements, fabrications and associations unraveled the case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn and upended prosecutors’ view of the hotel housekeeper at the center of the ordeal.

In the latest revelation, investigators with the Manhattan district attorney’s office finished translating a recording of a phone call between the housekeeper and a boyfriend in an immigration jail in Arizona.

“She says words to the effect of, ’Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing,’ ” a well-placed law enforcement official said. (end quote of news paper)

She was apparently caught explaining to her BF that the whole thing was a scam….and was doing it in a language other than English. She may very well end up the one in jail and then get a free ride back to her native country…especially since she lied on her application to stay in the US in the first place.

I have no doubt that the man is a creep, but even creeps don’t deserve to be accused of a crime he did not commit and this woman is apparently well invested in petty crime of various kinds.


I have been quite intrigued by this escapade, and have delved deeply into the goings on, of the Housekeeper and all of her antics. Based on all that I have read, the Housekeeper is pure P, IMOHO.

TB, The P I was duped by, said the exact same thing to me. The problem with that is, it was mutual, based solely on his lies, facade and the illusion.

Have a terrific 4th of July weekend, All!

Much Love,

Ox Drover

Today’s news about this DSK case, I thought a very good opinion piece on this case.


There is justice here. The wold knows both are slime, one rich and one poor.

Ox Drover

This guy sort of reminds me of Bernie Madoff. That smirk I guess is what does it. Just the “entitlement” and the arrogance of the two men seems the same.


Has anyone heard this yet? Chris Hansen who hosts “To Catch a Predator” was caught on tape cheating on his wife. You know what makes me upset about it? Every one of the comments from readers say that he is human and all married men cheat…that he is doing so much good getting these creeps off the street who are preying on minors that we need him; he can’t be fired. They said that cheating isn’t illegal and he was doing it with a consenting adult…yeah, that much is true. She is 20 years younger than him.


I hadn’t heard of that, but it’s not surprising. The spaths are hypocrites first and foremost: someone who speaks one way and acts another. It’s the nature of their game. So you will find them pretending to be 180degrees the opposite of what they really are. That’s what differentiates them from all other toxic people in the world: You can’t easily tell what they are at first. They come across as the GOOD GUY. But they are really a shallow mirror. If they acted like they think, NONE OF US WOULD BE HERE, LAMENTING THE LOSSES WE’VE BORNE.

My spath was the master manipulator. He pretended to be a really good and sensitive musician who cared about the rights of women. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Alll he loves is to destroy sensitive people and most of those are women and children. Christians are HIGH on his list of targets. Everyone who knows him will tell you what an amazing, interesting and LOVABLE guy he is. I was just talking to BF about it, and he kept saying, “that’s sad.” Spath has burned few bridges. When he murders, it is done in stealth. Nobody suspects him. I’m the only one who has watched him closely for 25 years. And the only reason I figured him out is because I survived his stealth attack. That’s not how he planned it.

Spaths are never going to represent themselves to be the evil entities that they are. They are like lucifer, the most beautiful of all the angels, until you feel the knife going in your back.

super chic

I did not hear about that either. I’ll have to go look it up!
The people leaving the comments on the Chris Hansen article
sound like idiots.


Shabbylicious ~ !!! Merry 4th of Hot July to everyone…..


Hey SuperChic, nice to see you.

super chic

hi skylar 🙂 my offspring is here visiting! Is that vague enough? lol

hi hens! Happy 4th to all!! I already got to see fireworks at an amusement park!

it’s dang hot here too… i don’t like it


Your gorgeous daughter?! How awesome is that? How is she doing? I hope things are going good for her – and you.
Tell her I said, “Hi” and that the weather up here is PERFECT!
Actually it rained, but the forecast is for a week of sunshine.
Up here we LIVE ALL YEAR for the summer. Because the rest of the year is so depressing. 🙂

Ox Drover

CHRIS HANSEN??????NO!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! I am heart broken, damn it….I’m about to decide that Henry is the only decent man in the world….and he’s gay! So, where does that leave me when I can’t even trust Chris Hansen? BUMMER!!!!!!

super chic

I’ll tell her! At least the heat here is a “dry heat” and we don’t
have to deal with the humidity… actually cools off a bit in the evenings.

super chic

Oxy, I know, I felt disappointed when I read that about Chris Hansen…
like he was a friend, well, I let him in my living room, lol

Ox Drover

Well here are two articles about him being caught. Darn it!!!! Yea, I felt like he was a “good guy” but I guess it goes to show you that what you see on TV isn’t always What’s “real”—and I know that intellectually but I got nailed again! LOL


Yeah, isn’t it a HUGE bummer about Chris Hansen? And the mistress looks so much like his wife. I have no faith whatsoever in men anymore. None.



Oh, dear…you are so, so correct about the spaths being like a shallow mirror. This was mine to a “T.” Master manipulator and the OW was really a master manipulator. That’s what I used to call her before I even found this site. She uses her faith to make people believe she is trustworthy. It is sickening. At least the spath was a little more out in the open about it. In my opinion, that is what made him an spath…he was out there and very blatant and still cunning at the same time…it was a work of art.



Right on. My x-spath’s online profiles are 180 degrees opposite of the impression he gave me.

I never really watched the predator show but am I not at all surprised at this story. Perhaps this is because I believe that at the very least, every celebrity is a Narcissist or an Egotist — it is almost a prerequisite for such success.


After 10 yrs of marriage and trying to conceive, my husband and I decided to adopt. 3 years later we finally got that most wonderous call – it was a boyl Thrilled, we brought him home with such joy and love in our hearts. Unbelievably one month later, I conceived our daughter. So here we were so happy after waiting so many years and now parents of a son and a daughter all within 10 months. At the age of 3 son stole for the first time. It wasn’t anyting small either, it was his grandmother’s $10,000 diamond ring. He denied it and never said sorry though we told him to say it. By age 4 I was the mom all the other kids were standing in line in front of saying “Mrs. B he threw sand in my face” Mrs. B. he took my toy” Mrs. B he hit me”. Boys will be boys, I thought. At the end of 1st grade his teacher thought it would be beneficial for him to repeat 1st grade. By 3rd grade – he may have ADD, so after much research, decided to use ritalin. by 6th grade we decided the ritalin was really making any difference. Church every Sunday, Boyscouts, any sport he wanted to play; trying to find something, anything he would stick with. By 7th grade, puberty hit and then the really big touble started. Counseling, psychiatrists, maybe it’s bi-polar; medication, more counseling; destroyed all of his own possessions, including bedroom furniture; fire, police, 302’d to psychiatric – oh he’s fine, you can take him home – more police; truant; more counseling; tutoring; then DRUGS; stealing from family members – every cent of birthday or Christmas money his sister got mysteriously disappeared; deny to the death; “why do you always blame me” – Guilt, confusion, lots and lots of tears – not from his eyes. As a High School junior, he joined the army – we thought ok good maybe this is what he needs, military disipline. Did well in bootcamp; sr year of HS; 1 yr in Iraq. We were very proud of him for serving his country. What were we thinking? Wasn’t back 48 hrs and he was back to his old tricks. More Drugs; baby; another baby; marriage; divorce; jail; lost all custody rights for children. Can’t hold job; more stealing from friends – people who care for him – then don’t after he screws them over. Stress levels so high, depression, so many tears, My marriage splits.

Then my daughter, who began suffering from anxiety disorder – so unfair to her. Her psychiatrist says “your brother sounds like a sociopath”. Looked up signs – BINGO. He had 18 out of 20 behavioral traits.

I can believe why it took till he was 25 yrs old to diagnosis; he played all the counselors and psychologists his whole life; of course, along with playing his father and I like a fiddle. He knows every single one of our “buttons” and when to push them to get what he wants. I remember saying at some point that I felt like the parents in an old Twilight Zone episode where the young boy had powers; like removing his sister’s mouth. When he came home from school the parents were all over him, giving him his every wish – cartoons on TV, candy for supper, all the while telling him how much they loved him; so that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt them.

After watching so much of the Casey Anthony trial, I bet George and Cindy must have felt just like those Twilight Zone parents – trying not to upset Casey so she wouldn’t take their beloved Caylee away. I’ll bet that Casey used to threaten them all the time (probably from the time she found out she was pregnant) with … “if you don’t give me this, you’ll never see your grandchild again”. I know this because it is what I got from my son as soon as he found out he was going to be a father. He knew my buttons for sure. He, of course, has no buttons, because he just plain doesn’t care about anyone but himself. For 25 years I did not have 7 days in a row of peace. I know that my son would throw me under the bus without hesitation, just as Casey threw her father under the bus during her trial.

All of the articles I read on sociopathic behavior says the same thing. Stay as far away from these people as you can. It’s very hard to do when that sociopath is your son. Every time I think “he can’t make me cry any more” – I cry.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me?


Dear Motherofsociopath,

I am so sorry to read your heart rending story. I’m also sorry I don’t have any words of wisdom, except to let you know you are among friends here, and you will get lots of support. I consider myself very lucky not to have had children with the awful man who came into my life, caused so much pain and left, cleaning me out and leaving me wondering what had hit me.

However, there are lots of people here who have experiences with children who have the same disorder as your son, and they will be able to help you more than me.

It must break your heart to have to live with this nightmare, but I’m sure you will find some comfort here.

(((((((((sending you hugs)))))))))))))


mother of a sociopath,
You must go NC for your own safety and that of your family.
You’ve done all you could by giving this child the best upbringing that you could.

Continue to read and learn about spaths because it is a valuable lesson you had about what they do and how to recognize them. you need to heal yourself and your daughter and husband. You already have the wisdom in you, from your life experience. Maybe you’ll be able to share it and help save others. There are so many of them and their numbers seem to be increasing.



What I suggest is keep your son at a distance (preferably No Contact) and focus on yourself, your husband, and your daughter, giving yourselves the opportunity to heal, recover from your traumatic experiences (courtesy of the sociopath). Your son will not get better over time, seeing “the light,” becoming your regular, average person (someone with a brain and a heart). I know how hard it is – you have hope that the person can change (for the better), but it’s not likely to occur – the disorder is part of them – they will act out how they’re wired. The best thing that we can do is distance ourselves (or go totally No Contact) from them because sociopaths are human wrecking balls, causing much heartache, destruction, and pain to anyone who crosses their path. Last year, I heard a psychiatrist say on Larry King Live that “a healthy brain equals healthy behaviors,” something that a sociopath lacks – he will misbehave because his brain is unhealthy.

If I were you, I would be interested in knowing more about his biological parents, basically, if either one of them had the disorder too, finding out if sociopathy is in his blood line.


motherofsociopath – How very sad. You adopted this child and ended up with a monster. He was born this way. You cannot change him. No matter how much love you shower him with, he will NEVER change. If you allow him into your life he will destroy you like a virus he will eat away at you and your family.

Many on LF have parented spath children and they will be better placed to advise. Coming across this site, and the help you will receive here, is the start of your recovery. Good luck.

Ox Drover

Dear Motherofasociopath,

Welcome to my world. Unfortunately, many of my ancestors and my P-sperm donor were psychopaths—some quite dangerous. My very bright youngest son “morphed” at puberty into a full blown psychopath and he is in prison now (for the last 20+ years) for a cold blooded murder and other crimes. A few years ago when he found out I had cut him “out of the will” he sent one of his ex convict buddies to kill me and most likely both is brothers and probably his grandmother to “write himself back into the will” so to speak.

Whatever you do, don’t continue to have “hope” that your son will “see the light” or “reform”-=–he is INCAPABLE OF LOVING YOU, or bonding to you, you are just a source of “supply” for his needs and he will have no conscience to tell him what he does to you is “wrong”-=–he knows it is wrong, he just does NOT CARE.

Learn all you can about them, but work on healing yourself, first by NC (NO contact) at all, none, zip, zero, nada, absolutely NONE. It hurts but in the end it will hurt less because it will eventually heal and it will be the LAST WOUND. ((((Hugs))) and God bless. This was NOTHING that you did wrong, he just got the genes, and is fairly common in adopted kids because people who are even HALF WAY “NORMAL” SELDOM IF EVER give up an infant.

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