Wow! Child custody, parental alienation and narcissistic personality disorder in the news

Alex Jones, radio broadcaster and founder of, and his former wife, Kelly Jones, were in court recently in a child custody battle.

Their three children had been living with Alex Jones. But the court awarded Kelly Jones joint custody with the right to make her home the children’s primary residence.

What surprised me about this story was that the reporting included the parties’ claims of parental alienation, brainwashing, emotional dysregulation and narcissistic personality disorder. These are all the issues that typically come up in custody battles with sociopaths — but that rarely get any attention.

Also — this was actually a jury trial. That is highly unusual in a custody case.

Read for yourself:

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This is quite a story but I didn’t see the term narcissist used. Did I miss it?

Definitely step in the right direction. Judges have 0 knowledge of those terms. Sadly they often chose to side with the manipulator. I think jury trials on matters like that would make a huge difference.

When you tell the stories of what the disordered parent is doing and saying it is hard for people to believe or understand. It sounds so unreal and confusing. Plus there are disordered custody evaluators, guardian ad litems, etc. It is hard for the nondisordered parent to get justice. Anyone involved with family court must be trained on Cluster B disorders and they should be tested for a disorder as well. I am thankful to see this is in the news. But, I recall thinking about couples some very ignorant thoughts like, “Well, she married the guy,” or “Why can’t they work this out for the kids?” Education is key — thank you Lovefraud for your part in educating! I’d like to see you write some articles in mainstream media Donna. HuffPo, NYT…

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