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Yahoo Boys swindle $12.7 million from Hong Kong women in four months

Photo by Refracted Moments

The Yahoo Boys of Africa are expanding their romance scam empires. At least two crime syndicates from Africa are preying on women in Hong Kong. In the first four months of this year, 159 Hongkongers lost US$12.7 million (HK$100 million) in romance scams. The number of fraud causes is up 200%.

The biggest loser was a 56-year-old woman living in public housing who lost US$3.4 million (HK$26.4 million) in 18 months.

Police believe the African gangs recruit local residents in Asian countries to open bank accounts, collect payments and find online targets.

Romance scams triple in Hong Kong as African masterminds recruit in Asia, on


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How can the 56 year old “biggest loser” who lost US$3.4 million live in public housing, where in the US, to live in public housing, you must be low income or very low income, with a savings of no more than US$2,000? Seems like she was doing some scamming herself or the public housing rules are very different in Hong Kong!


Maybe what they meant was that the poor lady was reduced to living in public housing after she lost her life savings to this scum!


Redwald, WELL SAID! Didn’t think of that!! LOL!

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