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Young girl kills even younger girl

Alyssa Bustamante pleaded guilty to murdering 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten in 2009. At the time, Bustamante was 15. She admitted that the committed the murder because she wanted to know what it felt like. Read:

Mo. teen Alyssa Bustamante pleads guilty to killing 9-year-old girl, on

Check out the pictures in the Alyssa Bustamante photo gallery on

For more background, read Alyssa Bustamante and the murder of Elizabeth Olten on

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Tell me that this is a joke. Jeez, I remember hearing another story about a child killer wanting to see “what it felt like” but I didn’t realize how common it is becoming. In fact, I don’t even find it shocking when a 15 year-old kills somebody now. In thirty years I wonder if we’ll have 4 year-old kids killing people. 🙁

This is awful, for both families involved. It’s too bad too. A waste of a life, the end of another life, and the destruction of multiple other lives.

Oh, and she was wearing an Invader Zim shirt in one of those photos, so at least that was good. It’s an awesome cartoon, although a little dark. In fact, she looked like a character from that show because of her hair. The girl in the cartoon was also cold and ruthless. I’m looking too much into this, but I still found it odd.

Ox Drover

I read this article the other day….and it is so sad…and as Near said, BOTH families are “ruined” due to this event….both the family of the victim and the family of the perp. I know that at the time Patrick murdered the girl he killed, I would have gladly traded places with the mother of the victim instead of being the mother of the perp…I still would trade places with jessica’s mother.


Ox Drover: What? Are you saying you’d rather your child be the victim than the killer? I’ve never even thought of which is worse, but the parents of a monster have it much worse, in my opinion. The victim’s parents have an innocent child and great memories. The monster’s parents have to live on with the fact that their child is a killer, and that will taint some memories, or at least add a bitter twist to them. Aw. 🙁

Ox Drover

Dear Near,

Yes, I’d rather be the mother of the victim than be the mother of the murderer, but I had no choice in the matter…my son is the monster who killed a 17 year old girl, point blank, cold blooded and pre-planned.

When your child is murdered the police come to you and very sweetly and compassionately tell you what happened….when your child is the killer, they call you and blame you for what your son did. When your child is killed the neighbors bring casserole dishes and console you, and you get to have a funeral and memorialize your child…when your child is the killer, you get calls from them telling you that they are innocent, and you want to believe that, but you can’t quite do it…you just aren’t sure. Your child’s picture is in the paper, and you lock your self in the house, and don’t answer the door or the phone.

You go and visit your child in the lock up…and you look through a glass brick into the cell and you see him there in that godforsaken place, and the guards treat you like you are guilty of the crime. You want to hold on to hope that your child is innocent, that he will get out, yet you fear he is guilty and will spend his life in prison. You wish he was dead and she was in jail. At least you would know he was not suffering, being gang raped, or beaten.

The parents of the victim have a memorial to visit…I don’t even have that any more. My son is as dead to me as their daughter is to them, but he doesn’t have the courtesy to climb into the grave and stay there…he keeps rising up like some sort of vampire or the UN-dead and I still have to fear him. Try to keep him incarcerated, but I know he will eventually get out.


Oxy ~ I don’t know what to say and I know you are not the kind of person that wants to hear this, but my heart bleeds for you.


This is why I hate hearing that mental health professionals have issues with diagnosing people under 18 with psychopathy. I mean really, are you serious? How many more giant, neon flares do you need to see?

donna dixon

Dear Oxy,

I CANNOT begin to imagine the pain you have and probably continue to endure. Thank you for giving us the “flip side” to consider.

When George Anthony was being torn apart and lied about by Casey Anthony and her attorney I am sure he knows first hand
where you are coming from.

You are such an amazing person and give so much to all of us with your warm heart and wisdom.


Ox Drover

Thank you very much MiLo, but the bleeding stopped a while ago…frankly, it did nearly bleed me to death, but fortunately, I staunched the flow before it was a done deal. Personally, I would NOT trade places with YOU! I think what you are going through and still going through is as tough or tougher than anything I have ever had happen. Not only did you “lose” your daughter, as I lost my son, but she has gifted you with a child to love, and try to protect from her. THAT is what I admire in you and the strength you have shown in fighting her.

Had a wonderful day today, helped a friend kill and skin yesterday and cut up meat today! Was a good time to visit as well as work, came home with nearly 50 pounds of tenderloin and sirloin for the freezer, tired and feeling I accomplished something, which is a good feeling. Even brought home bones for the doggies and the piggies.

Doesn’t get any better than this!


Oh, yes it does Oxy ~ I have been running back and forth to the barn awaiting the arrival of two (maybe three) baby goats. If it doesn’t happen tonight, vet gets called. Everytime I look at the poor mommie goat my belly hurts LOL

Ox Drover

Thanks, Donna Dixon. I appreciate that….there IS A FLIP SIDE to the criminals in this country….Travis Vining is another example of a person who is the child of a psychopath who barely escaped himself.

Every criminal psychopath has family that is not psychopathic and who are wounded by the criminal activities that they do…many have children, parents, siblings, friends, who are wounded by what the psychopath does. To say nothing about the innocent victims of their direct crimes.

The thing that is frustrating to me as well is that “the system” encourages the families “not to give up” on the criminal, to take them back into your home over and over again….that way the system doesn’t have to provide a place for them to parole to, or counseling, or watch them closely …..they get the families to do that….get the families to be the next repeat victims to these people.

“He’s your son, you can’t give up on him.” WRONG! I can give up on him because there is NO HOPE he is going to reform! Only 40% of criminals on parole finish out their parole without committing a new crime. Sure, there ARE criminals who reform, who turn their lives around, but for the vast majority who do NOT reform (the AVERAGE PCL-R score of all inmates is 22, and 25% are fully card carrying psychopaths with a score of 30 or more!)

Right now there are 2 million inmates and 5 million Americans on probation/parole, and there are 14 million PARENTS OF these people, if every family has 2.1 children then there are also over 14 million sibs of these criminals. So that makes 7 million criminals CURRENTLY on parole/probation/inmates, 14 million parents of and 14+ million sibs of….and if only half are married, then 3.5 million spouses, and Who knows how many kids they have…so look at just how many millions and millions of folks are touched by CRIME by their family members. Sort of mind bending isn’t it?

Ox Drover

MiLo, she’ll go into labor, watch the drop in the tail area, on either side of the tail itself…and the mucus plug…don’t get in a rush! LOL

Oh, me, I’ve delivered 4 at 2 a.m. in -10 degree weather! LOL What a mess, always at the hardest possible time under the worst conditions! GOATS! You gotta love them.

Well, my FURNACE just went out on the coldest day of the year so far! LOL I smelled “burning hair” and went from room to room, and then realized something was going on….well will get the back up stove in here tomorrow and then call the furnace guy for the central heat unit!


Has anybody been reading up on the PARDONS granted by the governor of MISSISSIPPI. What gives? Is the govn’r himself a spath? Who would DO THAT?


PS – Oxy – sorry to hear about your furnace! Doesn’t it figure?

Ox Drover


Almost every president and outgoing governor give a list of pardons (check up on each president when they go out) to various “special interest” criminals….and because they are outgoing and usually do it the last day of their terms, there is nothing anyone can do about it except cuss….this guy just did a bunch of them and some newsie picked it up, but they ALL do it. POLITICIANS ARE ALL CROOKS!

One governor here in Arkansas pardoned a rapist who hadn’t been out a month when he raped and killed another woman. So much for governors and their pardons. Nothing new.


Athena-since I am a neighbor to Mississippi, we hear a ton about this, but I had never heard a lot about Gov. Barbour. I am seriously wondering what this is about. I heard comments that he ran the state like Boss Hogg and also that now the pardons are somehow being challenged as unconstitutional and may go go court?


This story really caught my attention, because it’s so odd. Looking at the photos, she just comes off as some Emo kid. Nothing struck me as “murderous” in her presentation. I’ve seen much more dramatic, wannabe gory photos of kids on myspace and facebook over the years, and I am sure they weren’t psychopaths that eventually killed someone or ever will!!!

I kept looking at those photos. Looking for the SIGN that this was a murderer. Nada. Just a crazy teen, which we’re so used to seeing that maybe we’ve become desensitized to the signs when something is off.

She was seeing a shrink, but she was behaving more like a Borderline with her suicide attempt. I bet that sent the shrink on a hunt down the wrong crumb trail. Spaths aren’t usually the suicidal type (unless they are using this as a method of control or have another disorder embedded or….one day suddenly grow a conscience and realize what evil demons they are)

I was thinking the same thing as I read this. HER poor parents! Unless they were monsters themselves, this must be so hard on them. I’m assuming they’re just your average American family that did their best, albeit with a few errors I’m sure, to raise a normal child. Then, BAM, they get a murdering psychopath. Wonderful.

My sister was 10 years old when she died.

If this had been the way….she died….

I can’t stop thinking about that. When I read the story, I just saw my little sister walking home from school. This crazy f**king b**ch attacking her like that…..

What would be true justice? I don’t think I’d be able to rest again for the rest of my life until I knew this little evil brat was dead herself.

Does that make me crazy too? I’m freaking myself out…I just keep seeing Christen, my sister, and this crazy creature doing all those things to her.

The family of that little girl must be in hell.

And that psychopath went and chose a victim that was smaller and couldn’t even put up a fair fight! She’s evil and a major coward on so many levels!!!!!

Ox Drover

Panther, glad to see you back on LF, and yes, the parents if they are normal are in hell….both sets of parents. The parents of the murdered baby and the parents of the murdering biatch that killed her just to see her die.

The thing is that the community doesn’t come to comfort the parents of the beast that murdered the kid, they just blame them. Friends turn their backs.

At least the parents of the murdered child have some comfort from the community, and their friends.

Hi Ox,

Nice to see you too. I’ve been away for awhile. I find that I need periods of time when I don’t even need to hear or think of the word sociopath. I only want to deal with this in small doses, because otherwise a part of me feels like it’s still happening, and the goal was to have it be out of me, out of my life. Take the lessons, leave the junk, ya know?

I noticed a correlation between days spent thinking about things related to my sociopathic exes and/or pscyhopathic father and a return of many PTSD symptoms.

I learned so much from all that, but I’m really wanting to put my energy in places that are not marked with “them” having tattooed my existence with disordered experiences.

And Ox I actually thought of her parents even before the parents of the victim, probably because their situation strikes me as being the more unusual one. I am terribly distraught to think of the victim’s parents, but I think the parents of that murdering evil brat are victims too.

Ox, I wouldn’t have turned my back on you. Real friends don’t do that shiat. If people turned their backs on you, then they weren’t ever good friends to begin with. We don’t choose a lot of the crap that happens to us in life, especially if our kids are born with a time bomb in them that will go off no matter what we do. For ANYONE to turn away from a parent who got dealt that harsh hand is, to me, inhuman. Maybe they are afraid of empathizing with something they cannot understand. Maybe they just are afraid of things in life that are truly deep. Most people like their fairy tales.

I’m going to finish watching my Nikita tv show now 🙂 She’s an assassin. Haha.

I hope you’re well Ox. All’s okay on my end. Still NC and spath/narc/P free! Living the life!!!! (like waking up from a long nightmare)




Hi folks,
This article upset me so much. The husband beat the hell out of his wife three months ago. He used two baseball bats. It showed the bloody bathroom/baseball clubs on the news.

She wrote a letter to the judge to say not to put him in jail (trauma bonded) cause he needs to spend time with their ten year old son.

Last night he shot the now 15 year old son with a shot gun! The son is expected to live, but he is in ICU. The father is also in the hospital…ugh

Ox Drover

Panther, I am glad that you are doing well and are P FREE, and I pray that you will ALWAYS stay P-free! (((hugs)))

Ana, yep, it upsets me too when I read articles like this….and when a DV victim covers up or fails to prosecute sometimes the situation becomes even worse. (((hugs))


I wonder if THAT will finally wake up the woman from her denial. It took a life and death situation for me to wake up (my own life). It’s just so difficult to believe that anyone could pretend to love you when they actually despise you. It makes no sense at all.


Oxy & Skylar,
Yes, maybe this time she’ll have no choice but to prosecute him. I hope he goes to jail. I hope the son and mother get therapy. Geez, she must of been terrible trama bonded or else he threatened to kill her if she pressed charges.

Yes, Skylar denial sure took over there I think. It does not make sense at all.

Ox Drover

Ana, I’ve had patients like that back when I was in a public rural health clinic…I’ve counseled the victims and they stayed. I used to do office visits for the women and children at the DV shelter who had no insurance, usually they would have a kid on each hip and both kids would have snotty noses and ear infections (at the least) so I got the clinic to let me see them pro bono, but so many of them went back to the abuser….I only remember a FEW who did NOT go back. It is a revolving door with that kind of relationships.

There are three kinds in my opinion. One is where there is a trauma bond and the victim is so bonded that he/she will almost never leave unless the abuser is in prison and then there is a small chance they will abandon the abuser, but most even hang on if the abuser is in prison. The second type is when the “victim” is actually as much an abuser as his/her abuser, it is a MUTUAL ABUSING relationship where the “loser” in any particular fight will go to the cops or the DV shelter and present as a VICTIM, and of course they go back…but next time the other party in the relationship gets the worst of the fight and presents as the VICTIM. (two PDs in a relationship) The third type is where the person is NOT trauma bonded yet, and they are ANXIOUS to get out and WILL get out (though they may go back a time or two first) but they are READY to get out. We see mostly (at least those who post here) people who are about to get out, or are already out, so I think we see here more a group in the third category who are or nearly are ready to get out.

So I think really the people we see posting here at LF are almost entirely made up of the “category 3” group of people so we are NOT seeing many if any of the first or second types, though sometimes the what I call “fake victim” people do come here for validation on how badly the meanie psychopath was to them…when in fact, it was a tit for tat relationship. Or in some cases, I think it was the normal person who got out of the relationship with the psychopath and the psychopath is so rabidly mad at the person who “got away” from them that they have to visualize themselves as the victim when in fact, they were NC’d by the normal empathetic person. It is difficult to “get” this on line though, because we have to take the word of the person who is posting of what happened and we aren’t hearing from the other side.

I remember one person who came here, a man, who posted that he had done everything in the world for his GF and she was NC with him, and she was a psychopath, but he wanted to get her back because he loved her. So he wanted us to help him write a letter that he EVENTUALLY said was “so he could control her.” LOL I am not sure if that was one of the trolls playing pranks with us, or what, but it was actually kind of funny and I do think it was legitimate that a controlling man whose GF went NC with him, wanted to brand her a P for leaving him, and get her back so he could control her. LOL It is funny though. I’m glad the woman was NC and stayed that way. At least she got it, even if he didn’t.

Ox Drover

Yea, this girl seemed to “enjoy” and get a “real thrill” out of killing someone according to her diary…..some of her past behavior though sounds pretty borderline personality disorder (the self harming etc) but that doesn’t mean she isn’t PD or that the symptoms of BPD and PPD do not widely over lap….but this girl is a piece of work for sure. I hope she does not get out of prison in time to breed.

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