Young girl kills even younger girl

Alyssa Bustamante pleaded guilty to murdering 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten in 2009. At the time, Bustamante was 15. She admitted that the committed the murder because she wanted to know what it felt like. Read:

Mo. teen Alyssa Bustamante pleads guilty to killing 9-year-old girl, on

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I wonder if THAT will finally wake up the woman from her denial. It took a life and death situation for me to wake up (my own life). It’s just so difficult to believe that anyone could pretend to love you when they actually despise you. It makes no sense at all.

Oxy & Skylar,
Yes, maybe this time she’ll have no choice but to prosecute him. I hope he goes to jail. I hope the son and mother get therapy. Geez, she must of been terrible trama bonded or else he threatened to kill her if she pressed charges.

Yes, Skylar denial sure took over there I think. It does not make sense at all.

Ana, I’ve had patients like that back when I was in a public rural health clinic…I’ve counseled the victims and they stayed. I used to do office visits for the women and children at the DV shelter who had no insurance, usually they would have a kid on each hip and both kids would have snotty noses and ear infections (at the least) so I got the clinic to let me see them pro bono, but so many of them went back to the abuser….I only remember a FEW who did NOT go back. It is a revolving door with that kind of relationships.

There are three kinds in my opinion. One is where there is a trauma bond and the victim is so bonded that he/she will almost never leave unless the abuser is in prison and then there is a small chance they will abandon the abuser, but most even hang on if the abuser is in prison. The second type is when the “victim” is actually as much an abuser as his/her abuser, it is a MUTUAL ABUSING relationship where the “loser” in any particular fight will go to the cops or the DV shelter and present as a VICTIM, and of course they go back…but next time the other party in the relationship gets the worst of the fight and presents as the VICTIM. (two PDs in a relationship) The third type is where the person is NOT trauma bonded yet, and they are ANXIOUS to get out and WILL get out (though they may go back a time or two first) but they are READY to get out. We see mostly (at least those who post here) people who are about to get out, or are already out, so I think we see here more a group in the third category who are or nearly are ready to get out.

So I think really the people we see posting here at LF are almost entirely made up of the “category 3” group of people so we are NOT seeing many if any of the first or second types, though sometimes the what I call “fake victim” people do come here for validation on how badly the meanie psychopath was to them…when in fact, it was a tit for tat relationship. Or in some cases, I think it was the normal person who got out of the relationship with the psychopath and the psychopath is so rabidly mad at the person who “got away” from them that they have to visualize themselves as the victim when in fact, they were NC’d by the normal empathetic person. It is difficult to “get” this on line though, because we have to take the word of the person who is posting of what happened and we aren’t hearing from the other side.

I remember one person who came here, a man, who posted that he had done everything in the world for his GF and she was NC with him, and she was a psychopath, but he wanted to get her back because he loved her. So he wanted us to help him write a letter that he EVENTUALLY said was “so he could control her.” LOL I am not sure if that was one of the trolls playing pranks with us, or what, but it was actually kind of funny and I do think it was legitimate that a controlling man whose GF went NC with him, wanted to brand her a P for leaving him, and get her back so he could control her. LOL It is funny though. I’m glad the woman was NC and stayed that way. At least she got it, even if he didn’t.

Yea, this girl seemed to “enjoy” and get a “real thrill” out of killing someone according to her diary…..some of her past behavior though sounds pretty borderline personality disorder (the self harming etc) but that doesn’t mean she isn’t PD or that the symptoms of BPD and PPD do not widely over lap….but this girl is a piece of work for sure. I hope she does not get out of prison in time to breed.

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